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Posted: Oct 9 @ 9:07am
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Honest Review---- 78+hrs played. lvl 35 player.

I decided to take it slow, level professions to 100, and not powerlevel/rush to 60.
The game is GOOD at most. It is lacking variety, the fact there is only what it seems 3 types of monsters in the game throughout all zones, Zombie, Wolf and a Zombie with a hat. every zone has the exact same monsters and exact same quests and assets (such as houses, treasure chests/boxes)

it would be nice to have abit of variety going on, because all it seems so far is doing the exact same thing over and over with the same monsters, but higher level. and the fact we have no mount and have to run everywhere makes it even more depressing/boring... would be nice to have some sort of mount or tamable creatures in the wild possibly, or even just buy a mount

It would of been nice to be in a zone, and in each part have different types of enemies/creatures, such as a satyr or demons , giant creatures like spiders i dunno, or tree monsters, evil fruit thats posessed, or literally bandits, anything. but no, its just zombies everywhere, and they all look the exact same too, not even changed to fit the theme of the zone, this game just feels very empty and lazily done which is sad cos it has so much potential, i hope they fix this but for now i'd say its very bare and extremely repetitive, which is a shame,

We should have more dungeons, and dungeons which also fit the theme of the area, or a part of a area, such as a dingy spider nest dungeon, with queen spider, or a dungeon with bandits, based in a bandit area, etc, so far its been 1 dungeon which has ghosts in which we havent even encountered, and would fit more in the ghost zone.

oh and the fact theres only about 5 flowers, 5 types of ore etc in the game.
there needs to be more variety

Weapons and armour needs more design put into them, at the moment they just look like someone changed the colour and not the physical design/look and very plain

And last thing i would add is just they need way more spells or upgraded versions on the spells when you hit higer level, or even could get glyphs for like appearance changes as the spells look abit dull
That last one is more of a future update kinda thing, but the others kinda need addressing as every weapon is identical just like the monster just slightly different colours

TLDR; Game has good potential but extremely lacking variety and content right now
i would still recommend it, as it is good, but just empty.
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