Jesus drives a Harley, the Devil wears Prada
If God was one of us, he'd prolly drink vodka

Shit down below

NW History:
NA History
18e - Cpl? --- 2014 Nov - 2015 March
21e - Sgt --- 2015 March - 2015 June
PSG - Hlbdr --- 2015 June - 2015 July
4thKGA - Lt --- 2015 July - 2016 March
1stSL - Fwb (Sgt) --- 2016 March - 2016 June
MapleReg - Rgl --- 2016 June - 2016 June
28th - Cpl --- 2016 June - 2016 July
18e NA - SLt --- 2016 July - 2016 August
32e - Cpl-Chef --- 2016 August - 2017 March
3eVolt - SLt --- 2017 March - August
91st - SjtMaj --- 2017 October - 2018 April

EU History:
18e - Whatever Price gives me --- 2014 Nov - Present

Admin/Ref History:
Ref for Dan's many melee tournaments
5v5 Gold League ref
Hosts and refs melee tournaments
Active Referee for Regimental 1v1s and Groupfights (Add me on steam)
Administrator for XIV Corps Linebattle
Administrator for Beans Monday Linebattle
Administrator for Wednesday Line Only Linebattle
Administrator for Tuesday Hardcore Linebattle
Administrator for Midnight's Weekly Friday Limebattle
Administrator for LG's Saturday 2v2 Event
Administrator for Maccle's 2v2 Tournament
Administrator for Matt's Weekly 1v1 Tournament
Administrator for 4thKGA, 1stSL, and 21e Commander battle
Administrator for Countless Regimental Deathmatch Servers
Administrator for NA_Groupfighting
Administrator for NW Public Siege

RP History (With most known character):

The Red Zone (N/A)
AsylumRP (Mickey)
ProphecyRP (Gabriel)

Life is Feudal:
Twitch Dynasty S2 (Liquidas)
Forgotten Chronicles S1 (Liquidas/Draco)
Forgotten Chronicles S2 (Draco)
Forgotten Chronicles S3 (Draco)
Shattered Realms (Bartal)

The Tavern RP (Draco)
RP Haven S1 (Draco)
RP Haven S2 (Draco)

Arma 3 Regiments:
21st Rangers - Pfc
10th Mountain Division - Cpl
11th Armoured Cavalry - SSgt
JANFU - Grunt
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