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Early Access Review
This will be a rolling review...as I progress through Alpha:

First Impressions - The graphics are fine. They are not at the Wolcen level, but are a step above POE and nestled in with Diablo III level. This is a Warhammer game so it lends itself to that look & feel. I do love the catherdral ships and the general environment.

Graphics: B/B+

Gameplay - I will adjust this as I progress. RIght now I am on my 3rd character, each around level 6, ilvl 150ish. The one complaint I have is something hard to put my finger on. As an ARPG fan (I think I am running close to 2k in POE) this game seems slow. Your base abilities are based on weapons and not so much "skills" you learn. The Skill Tree simply improves your ability to use said weapons. I read somebody else say the game is favorable to ranged and I highly disagree. The game play is what you make of it. My Inquisitor is a melee in your face character. My other 2 are definately ranged. However you are afforded 2 weapons to swap between so I often use melee and ranged to the utmost advantages. The abilities are pretty hum drum, nothing too exciting, but they work. It just feels a tad ... slow ...

Gamplay: C+/B-

Quest / Adventure system: I have not tried co-op or pvp yet so this will be mission based assessments only. So far I like them. Essentially you use the "bridge" of your ship to go to various locations and implement justice. The maps are quick, but mob density is low. This IS NOT POE or Diablo in that respect. Coupled with the rather slow feeling movement maps take a bit longer than expected. The system for maps breaks down into single missions and mission groups or mini adventures that are timed. I like this, but again, it seems to move at a smlow pace.

Adventure System: B/B+

System Performance:

Excellent. I am running this on a 980Ti with 32GB memory ona 3 monitor setup. I have no issues. There are some quirks when swithcing screens but honestly, that is probably my fault for not checking the settings to make sure the game is running in full screen windowed mode.

System Perf: A

Overall I am giving this a solid B for now. BE AWARE this is ALPHA. All of these things may change and I will be updating this review. I am not going into class specific things just yet. Once I have done a few run throughs I will update this review.

If you are looking for something that feels like a mix of StarCraft style movement with POE/Diablo style ARPG this is up your alley. For now I am recommending this game.

Posted March 26, 2018.
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Early Access Review
I am in love!

Why are you reading this review instead of playing the game!
Posted February 24, 2017.
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First, let me state this game is *NOT FOR EVERYONE*. It requires a level of devotion unlike what would be needed for a T2, D3, or Grim Dawn type of experience.

If you are looking for a quick, button smashing pull fest without any thought - play D3 or T2.

If you are looking for an engaging game that requires thought into your builds and attention to detail...This is right up your alley. When I first started playing I started without guides and specced myself into a dead-end. It took awhile to learn, but that was the whole point and the fun of this beauty of a game.

All roads lead to Rome, but sometimes it is the detours that make the trip wortwhile.

Download this game now. Play it and realize what a true F2P experience is like.
Posted February 20, 2017.
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