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The "Low-Prioritisation" punishment system is unforgiving. Crash your pc twice because of overheating (which can happen often in the summer) and you'll find yourself having to play 2-5 Single Draft matches with the most toxic team mates to imagine. And dare to crash your PC once during those low-pri matches ... youll get another 4 low pri matches.

Liked the game, was going to spend more time with it again, but this senselessly harsh punishment system is a tormentation !
Posted May 24, 2018.
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So this game is amazing, but still, I wont play it anymore ...

The reason are those :
If you're into playing compettetive, which is the most important part of the game *in my opinion*, you will have to show a lot of durability and strengh. Because after 100 hours *or mabe less* you will be able to rage 60 % of the time playing this game.
The one and only reason for this is the matchmaking, because it the only thing in the game, which makes it unfair. "In Dota 2 it takes 5 minnutes to find a match, in CS:GO only 15 seconds, thats amazing :D" are the thoughts I and I guess a lot of other people had, but thats ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t. Because of that there are often differences about the ranks ... and in my opinion r*ping the enemy or getting r*ped by him isnt that funny.
Another point, created by the matchmaking system is that you often play with player from other countrys ... I really dont want to show any hatred against some countrys, so I will explain it a bit ... nicer :)
For me, who I live in eastern Germany it appears often, that in my team there are 3 polish or ukrainish or russian players.
Sometimes, the decide to talk english, bot more often they talk polish or russian, and they rage polish or russian ... at least i think its raging. Therefore the tactical teambased gameplay is destroyed. Ofcourse, it is a cool thing to talk to people from other nations, but in this case its tiring and exhausting ... and ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t. For the polands and the russian, but also me, as a german it would be the best to have a longer matchmaking duration, but with players from the own country.

Well, the consequences of this problems for me, are that I rage the most time playing this game. If you have 4 friends you can play with, thats pretty awesome for you, and still ... this game offers a huge amount of possibilities, to play it tactical ... its a masterpiece, and it diserves it great reviews. And If you live in western europe or somewhere else, its probably a cool thing to meet player from other countrys. But in my case, its the reason, I stopped playing this game.

I just wanted to express my feelings about the matchmaking of the game. As I said, I really dont want to hate and insult other nations and their people, but I would be better for the polish, the russians and me, to play with our own players.
Posted October 24, 2015.
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This game is the worst -___-
The combat system is way less developted than in Civ V, u dont understandt the tech-tree, the aliens are just anyoing and its impossible to capture a enemy city because the city regenerates instantly, and the enemy just needs 1 unit to destroy all our artellery units.
In general it is a very undevelopted game, way worse than Civ V ... which was a rly cool game
Posted January 17, 2015.
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This Game ? ...
ITS SO ♥♥♥♥♥♥ NICE :D
After 1800 hours of playing ... it is still my favorite Game, the Style of the graphics, the balance System, the waepons and also the maps are just great for rookies and pros.
The Comp. System is way better than LoL or Dota, and u meet a lot of nice guys there ^^
AAAAAAAAAAAND its free, so just get it :D
Posted August 18, 2011. Last edited December 19, 2014.
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