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WR: I am here to say sorry, here to write a formal apology letter. In the name of me; the monkey + 5 leader, my teammates and substitute players of the team. A formal apology to all of our supporters and fans.

Sorry for giving you hope and believes, sorry for stealing them away from you in our most incredible run. A special apology goes out Ringo for having so much faith in us. Most importantly oJ for no longer being able to farm frag clips on ponche and geroge. It has been an incredible journey and I am glad I managed to put together this team without any players having skills that exceed what's perceived as acceptable. I owe another special apology to ponche for making him lose his first two ETF2L officials ever. I want to say thanks to all the ETF2L admins for all their work they've put into this league and how much they've put up with my questions.

Season 25 of ETF2L has been an incredibly fun season, I've learned a lot during the few months together from our one and only strat master Lil "Owner of Shit PC" Cute.

Thank you Lil'Cute for the input and knowledge you've given me over the entire course of the season and for being the main caretaker for our monkey.
Aph for being our monkey and just like his older brother Harambe and his hopes shot to death. With a smile in his final moments knowing he has done what he could and that he would have no regrets.
Ponche for opening my eyes to what I didn’t think was possible, to all the new strategies I never imagined, for making the mumble atmosphere filled with baguettes of the finest quality.
Guitar Geroge for knowing all the chords and all the humble scrim highlights of him suiciding, taunting on last and getting airshot.
Yman for being a mermaid and circumcising everyone in the team with Jewish superpowers.
Sdsfx or Luke if you prefer for standing in as our monkey co-caretaker in our most dire moments, putting a leash on our wildest beast.
Walters for all the shit-posting and cheering in our match pages.
Charlie for being a lad.

Finally as someone that values good sportsmanship I want to say good game to Belastend, good luck to you in the rest of the Open playoffs as well as your Highlander tournament.

This will most likely be my last season of competitive Team Fortress 2 so that I can focus on less important matters than winning Open in TF2 such as studies. Sadly I have no plans for making a return to play full time in the foreseeable future but who knows? Life is full of surprises.
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