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Jan 28, 2017 @ 9:17pm
In topic Driving in cali is for the birds
Originally posted by Capt Fuzzy:
Yes, I have seen people asking for mods for FSX that allow dogfighting in FSX, and even a couple of questions regarding whether it would be possible to "arm" a passenger-type aircraft.
I think one was specifically about a model of Air Force One, but I think that one had more to do with it's "anti-aircraft" capabilities more than "offensive" modifications...
But yeah, I've been a member of the Flight Sim community for several years now, and I can tell you that some people really want to turn FSX into a combat flight sim...

Have you reminded them that microsoft already released a combat flight simulator. I mean it's literally called microsoft combat flight simulator (real creative, i know) and the 3rd one actually uses the FSX engine (original one, not the updated versions in gold and steam edition).
Jan 25, 2017 @ 11:32pm
In topic Driving in cali is for the birds
okay i'll respond to this two ways. First as a former irl trucker, you ain't seen anything yet son. Oregon and Washington are worse in real life, both have a 70/60 split speed (cars can go 70 but trucks must stay below 60) and trucks to the right law. I did time driving cali, it's really not that bad (except grapevine, grapevine is a royal ♥♥♥♥♥, thank god the sim auto jakes). Second as a player of the sim, just thank your stars they haven't incorporated real world physics like trailer cheating, cooking brakes, or the accurate effect a fully loaded trailer has on your speed in an uphill or downhill grade. As for stuff you can get a ticket for, remember the jake. Yeah some cities have strict ordinances on using your jakes in certain areas (and that's nation wide), so be glad that's not here either.
Jan 19, 2017 @ 10:09pm
In topic Community Mod Extravaganza
Originally posted by neosuduno:
Originally posted by strider0075:
redownload patches, the no smoke .exe, or both? redownloaded both and am now getting a missing executable error, going to attempt with my backup .exe
Rename the steam_criminal_nosmoke.exe to steam_criminal.exe and you will be fine.

Oh, awesome, thanks. Honestly should have realized that now that i think about it.
Jan 19, 2017 @ 10:04pm
In topic Community Mod Extravaganza
redownload patches, the no smoke .exe, or both? redownloaded both and am now getting a missing executable error, going to attempt with my backup .exe


Just tested with my backup, game now loads and voice mod is functional.
Jan 19, 2017 @ 7:25pm
In topic Community Mod Extravaganza
Originally posted by BattleDonut:
Originally posted by strider0075:
Yeah i noticed that too. Played it first with pink smoke removed and i definitely recall that girls ♥♥♥ wasn't that far off screen. I'd say it's zoomed in about 10 to 20% since installing the voice mod. Only tested with one girl so don't know if it's just her image or all of them.
did you read my post? in case of sako for example you get both zoom levels but in different motivations, I think the zoom levels is just people looking at that YT video and assuming.
I haven't really bothered to experiement with it and check if it's random or just intended that sometimes you're zoomed in sometimes you are not.

Sorry i didn't, i had a 53 post backlog and didn't have time to go through all of them. That said, i have read the recent batch. The random zoom is probably what i'm experiencing (didn't know that was a thing actually), honestly the only constant i didn't maintain was which level motivation i was testing with (first time was the initial 10 cm then the second was the 35 cm one). In hindsight i probably should have just kept a save on the initial motivation for mod testing purposes to insure as many constants were maintained.
Jan 18, 2017 @ 9:27pm
In topic Community Mod Extravaganza
Originally posted by robomagon:
Originally posted by strider0075:

Yeah i noticed that too. Played it first with pink smoke removed and i definitely recall that girls ♥♥♥ wasn't that far off screen. I'd say it's zoomed in about 10 to 20% since installing the voice mod. Only tested with one girl so don't know if it's just her image or all of them.
I wasn't suggesting that the mods did that. It's just hearsay from people about the differences between the original Japanese Vita version and the US Vita/PC versions.

Ah, my bad i misread (and assumed maybe they used something from another version). But it did seem to zoom in since i installed the voice mod. Just saying.
Jan 18, 2017 @ 9:18pm
In topic Community Mod Extravaganza
Originally posted by robomagon:
Originally posted by Malamasala:
I didn't quite catch the art problem. Wasn't it about needing to replace Live2D scenes between PC and Vita? So why would CG help?
Don't quote me, but I think some of the still CG was zoomed in to cut off some naughty bits (that didn't actually show anything, but...). I don't know how resolution differences between the Vita and PC will affect our ability to fix that.

We'll need some sort of artist at least to change the "Motivation" label on the screen to "Punishment". And the last step would be replacing those same words all throughout the script.

Yeah i noticed that too. Played it first with pink smoke removed and i definitely recall that girls ♥♥♥ wasn't that far off screen. I'd say it's zoomed in about 10 to 20% since installing the voice mod. Only tested with one girl so don't know if it's just her image or all of them.
Jan 15, 2017 @ 10:51pm
In topic Community Mod Extravaganza
Originally posted by Far too got n hoy today!:
Censorship Sucks! We had a huge issue with it in Australia, even after the R18+ was introduced after years of lobbying we still saw stupid censorship. Best of luck with your censorship issues! And keep up this great work to make naughty games stay naughty xD

well honestly that's kind of the thing. This game isn't really naughty. Honestly the censorship has more to do with context than what you see. Both CG and CG2 has the mechanic of girls being assaulted to make them behave and become stronger. From my understanding CG2 is worse in this regard. But neither of them are really in the naughty category in terms of what you actually see. So what has been censored is more the concept that they had to cover up as some parts of the western audience would pitch a fit about the game teaching it's okay to beat women to make them behave. I personally don't feel this way as, hell, i've played alot of NIS's catalogue, ecchi and suggestive concepts are just par for the course with them (same as team ninja forcing jiggle physics into every one of their games). But this is one of the times i do understand the censorship.
Jan 15, 2017 @ 12:32am
In topic Why are you so afraid of the AO rating?
If such were the case (doesn't reduce sales) then why did games like huniepop, sakura dungeon, etc go the same route. Yes online there are more individuals who don't care about the AO rating. But at the same time there are just as many conservative protesters online as in irl. If you think an AO rating or controversy won't hurt sales then look at hatred, now people realize at best it's an average game that wasn't worth the pitch-fit. But when it first came out it had difficulty getting traction because of all the controversy surrounding it, it was only being picked up by (till valve pulled it from steam the first time) those who were morbidly curious. So yes publishers try to avoid the AO rating and controversy like the plague because even online the stats don't lie, you won't meet the initial release sales quotas if you have to bat off that ish. You might (keyword: MIGHT) make it up in the long run but ultimately it's better to avoid it then get put on the infamous ban/AO list and end up eating your dev costs.
Don't know if anyone answered you already but it depends on the country and their laws. Bring up google and type in internet pornography law, then look up the country you're curious about. For instance in the US a game like this (even "uncensored") wouldn't get hit with any pornography violations as drawn media falls outside current laws since (as of 2005) the law states the media MUST depict an ACTUAL human involved in the act. However i do seem to recall our neighbor to the north is a bit more strict on the matter of pornography. Long short, if you're not sure of the legality look up the laws for your region, you should be able to find a summarized version of the laws online.
Aug 5, 2015 @ 9:02pm
In topic not one of these games
not really, doesn't tell me why it's 0. just that now i don't have to worry about stocking up on kleenex. i can still enjoy the journey and focus on the story rather than waiting for that other boot to drop.
Aug 4, 2015 @ 10:36pm
In topic gamepad support?
i know it auto detected and worked with my wired 360 controller so i don't see why it wouldn't work with a ps4 controller. was the controller hooked up when you started the game, i know a few games won't work with the controllers if you hook them up after you start the game.
Aug 4, 2015 @ 10:14pm
In topic not one of these games
I got the game because i was interested in the concept, a post apocalyptic world that isn't filled with things trying to kill you. rather more of a focus on exploring and admiring the world, but i'm about an hour in and i'm already getting the bittersweet/sad game vibe with this one. i'm going to complete it eventually (once i steel my resolve for these kind of stories, still get misty on WD season 1), but i'm already calling that the girl becomes one of the plague victims and the brother must sail on alone.

without spoilers, can anyone who has beaten the game tell on a scale of 1-10 how much should i steel myself (1 being sniffles and 10 being total breakdown).
Apr 14, 2015 @ 9:47pm
In topic The ending to this game was nearly as bad as ME 3

that's kind of subjective, evidently by people still playing says that the endings weren't bad enough to steer people away from the game. but just for the sake of being productive how would you have done the ending in a game about choice and "free will" (free will in quotes since you are still limited to the options built into the game). it's easy to nitpick, difficult to offer a constructive criticism.
Apr 14, 2015 @ 9:23pm
In topic The ending to this game was nearly as bad as ME 3
honestly i feel that the endings in this game and decisions associated with them make them a touch better than ME3. on my last playthrough (and first time beating the game) i was limited to two (i screwed up and didn't rescue sandoval or the boss) but i still had to pause and think over the outcomes (ultimately i said ♥♥♥♥ it and let humanity choose for themselves). ME3 i didn't have that issue since the entire series seemed to push towards the symbiosis ending (universal cooperation and all that).

That said i'm currently working on another playthrough on a harder difficulty and probably will still continue to playthrough in the future regardless of endings, just like i do with ME3 (even though i think the starchild concept was for the birds).

also, sidenote, i think you are drawing the comparison because there are 4 choices at the end. Here's a big difference between ME3 and DX:HR, DX:HR has 12 endings. there are good, neutral, and evil endings for all 4 choices.
Apr 9, 2015 @ 8:55pm
In topic Why bother buying a censored game...
Originally posted by dity:
stop trying to equate general violence to child molestation. you're forgetting that violence against children is also pretty frowned upon in video games. i can't name a game that actually depicts proper violence against children (that is on-screen, and not portrayed as bad when it does happen). i feel pretty uncomfortable knowing i even have to state this.

and yes, i care about glorification. no 'white knight' or 'sjw' is white knighting pixels. you try being a victim of child sexual abuse and have a whole lot of fun reading about people who act like it's awesome (i mean come on, there's people in this forum who think there should be no age of consent - that's not strikly talking '2d' anymore).

honestly, it's partly about the content. it's also partly about the disgusting attitudes of the individuals involved. it doesn't take long browsing the discussion forum to find comments that seem genuinely pedophillic. and yeah yeah i know the whole 'as long as they don't act upon it' line of reasoning, and i agree 100% - but making comments that seem genuinely pedophillic is acting upon their fantasies. even making a pass at ANYTHING '3d' in conversation in regards to lolis/shota is essentially worrisome.

really, i think i'm just going to ignore this community hub to the best of my ability. it's obvious the people complaining about there being no 18+ version here aren't going to go away as they trumpet the fact that they're a lolicon like it's some accomplishment. i'm just going to go and enjoy this cute game and the cute story.

honest opinion, i think you are oversimplifying the issue and as a result generalizing the actions of a whole based on a few. You seem to think anyone who attacks the censorship of this game is a pedo when in fact only a few seem to be wanting to see the loli. the rest are varied, some see it as a repression of expression, some just want to see the game as a complete package vs chopped up. It's like those who prefer the director's cut of the saw movies vs those who prefer the cinematic cut type of deal. the ones who prefer the director's cut generally like it because it was a richer horror experience. similar deal, the ones who want the complete version think they may be missing out on a part of the story because of censorship.

That said, yes comparing violence to underage sex is perhaps not the best route. But it is a valid point. "Death comes swiftly and has no regard towards age, race, gender, or creed" i probably butchered that but what i'm saying is does it matter if it's glorification of child murder or glorification of murder in general. murder is still murder and glorification of it regardless of victim still ranks up in a similar vein as child molestation. But moving on to said subject, i'm probably going to get hate from this, but AOC laws are complete and utter tripe. now before you get out your torches and pitchforks let me explain. AOC is just a bloody number based on the idea that at a certain age you're old enough to make rational decisions for yourself. However, NO ONE can agree on what that age actually is. you have the world split almost in 4 directions with minor splinters for local laws to voice their own opinion. In some countries you're old enough at puberty, some at 18, some say it's 15. NO ONE can agree when a person is old enough to give consent.

and there's a reason for that.

No one factors in enviroment, everyone likes to slap a nice safe number and say that that's the age. but it's more complicated than that, some enviroments foster childishness, some cause a person to jump to adulthood, some cause an inbetween point where the individual is working but still has a child like mentality, etc and so forth. Human's are by nature varied, we're a walking talking living breathing enbodiment of chaos. because of that you can't slap a number on something like the age a person can make their own judgements and say that's the proper age when it's based on random chance. Now do i agree with child molest, no, but do i agree with AOC's, again no. i think it should be based on the individuals.

Finally, interest in 2D images really doesn't effect actions on a 3D person, i can't believe I have to say it but there have been a buttload of studies done and NONE of them have been able to come to a consensus on if interaction with 2D media causes an individual to be more prone to real life action. In fact, on this particular topic, a number of studies regarding it have found that individuals are LESS likely to act on the impulse to engage in sexual activity with a minor if they have been utilizing lolicon.

and for those who have read to this point, sorry for the rant just had to get it out of my system.
Apr 4, 2015 @ 9:19pm
In topic Why bother buying a censored game...
actually, oddly enough, just got one of the scenes. it's actually still tastefully done, doesn't show the ero but still the point gets through. basically the game gives you the before and after (in my case it was the catgirl and the after was an image of her sitting naked on the bed). So it is possible to not show the sexy but still get the idea of intimacy across. just look at mass effect.
Apr 4, 2015 @ 3:56pm
In topic Replace steam version with uncensored one.
in this case it's a bit more complicated than that (although i made that joke earlier). i'd say if they could do it while blocking the underage sex stuff then it'd probably pass in america. however the underage stuff could land steam (or whoever makes the patch) in hot water. so in this case

underage sex=/= okay
Apr 4, 2015 @ 2:32pm
In topic I might be asking a silly question, but...
as kilicool said i don't know exact number but i got one about 20 minutes in after teaching the wind spell (can't remember the name) to the pink haired character (again can't remember her name). also there's a character that wears nothing but thin cloth covering the breasts and crotch area (the hot dog angel, seriously she look like a hot dog). soooooo, yeah, if that sort of thing bothers you i'd take a pass. but the story has been pretty good so far (kind of a family project sort of deal where the characters come together mostly through coincidence) and the art is really good. not just the characters, the backgrounds are really well done.
Apr 4, 2015 @ 1:53pm
In topic Why bother buying a censored game...
kind of yes, kind of no. i mean if a company has a rep as selling wholesome family entertainment then yeah it's probably more of a taboo. But it's also more likely that a risk management and cost effectiveness deal. essentially that while a store can be fined for selling, let's say, mature rated games to a minor. they can also easily legalese their way out of the fine (fire the employee, claim that they were unaware of the games content to shift blame to the manufacturer , etc), whereas AO games don't have that kind of legal sidetalk as AO's are predominately pornographic (even the cover art for said games is a bit risque) thus there's no question of guilt if the game is sold to a minor. long short it's more to cover their own sixes than anything else.

that and you have to remember i'm talking of 'merica where horrific deplorable violence is okay as long as no one says naughty words or shows their breasts (or lack thereof in the case of this game) XD
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