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This year my Fatherland, Republic of Finland celebrates it's 100th year of independence (Independence Day is Dec 6th). I wish to express my highest appreciation and eternal gratitude to the brave men and women who fought for the freedom of this country against Soviet Union 1939-1944 and managed to retain our independence against overwhelming odds.

My profile background is an artist's depiction of Simo Häyhä a.k.a. White Death, arguably the greatest sniper the world has ever seen, with over 500 kills with his rifle in less than 100 days (in addition to about 200 kills with a submachine gun for a total of over 700) during the Winter War, before being seriously wounded a few days before the war ended. Also remarkably, Häyhä used only iron sights on his Sako M/28-30 rifle, which was hand picked for it's exceptionally good barrel. Otherwise it was just a standard issue infantry rifle in the Finnish Army.

Profile picture depicts Lieutenant (later Captain) Aarne Juutilainen (a.k.a The Terror of Morocco for his service in the French Foreign Legion in the 1930's), commander of 6th Infantry Company (where Häyhä also served) in Regiment JR34 of Finnish 12th Division, responsible of the Kollaa front during the Winter War. Juutilainen was later promoted to Captain and received command of one of the battallions in JR34. The Finnish 12th Division alone was tasked to defend River Kollaa against 4 full Soviet Divisions and one armored brigade, which it successfully did - albeit just barely.

Juutilainen is often credited for creating the "Kollaa spirit", even though the famous phrase itself "Kollaa kestää!" ("Kollaa shall hold!") was in fact first uttered by Lieutenant Martti Uosikkinen on his last legs, after being mortally wounded by a light machine gun burst during a Finnish counter-attack. Already dying, Uosikkinen was being carried to the casualty clearing station when he took one last look at his men and exclaimed "Muistakaa pojat, että Kollaa kestää!" ("Remember boys, Kollaa shall hold!").

Later on, during the most critical moments of the Battle of Kollaa, Commander of the Finnish IV Corps Lieutenant General Woldemar Hägglund asked Juutilainen "Will Kollaa hold?", to which Juutilainen famously responded "Kollaa shall hold, unless the orders are to run away". Kollaa did hold, at a cost of approximately 1500 Finnish casualties dead or wounded, while the Red Army suffered casualties of about 8000 dead or wounded.
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I'm trading my games (Steam game gifts, ROW) for your Steam game gifts (ROW) and/or gems or CS:GO/TF2 keys. Surplus gift links or plain keys can be offered for my gift links and plain keys, but gifts I trade only for gifts or marketables. Mobile authentication enabled, no delays on my side.

I'm looking for games from my wishlist only . I use several sources to track the price histories of the involved games, so please don't bother trying to rip me off but keep it fair.

PLEASE NOTE: When I say price histories, I mean Steam Store and authorized Steam resellers only. I don't acknowledge grey market site prices at all, nor do I want to have anything to do with them or the keys/gifts they sell.

My tradable Steam Gifts at the moment:

Ryse: Son of Rome
Dawn of War II - Retribution + The Last Standalone

If you're interested, send me an offer through the link below, or add me for further bartering. Please keep your profile and inventory public if you wish to add me or wish for me to counteroffer.

My trade link

I also have the following gift links and plain keys (the majority are from bundles, and every single one of them from authorized resellers only) available for trade. Add me to discuss if you're interested in any of the below.

Plague Inc: Evolved
Goat Simulator: GOATY
Steamworld Heist
Planetary Annihilation TITANS
Saints Row 2
Gods Will Be Watching
Galactic Civilizations Ultimate Edition
Galactic Civilizations II: Ultimate Edition
Ice Lakes
Cook, Serve, Delicious! (2 copies)
RollerCoaster Tycoon 2: Triple Thrill Pack
CoH 2 - The Western Front Armies: Oberkommando West
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