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Never really writing reviews so im just gonna start:

The first thing that I have problems with is the graphics (again)
It wouldn't be a problem that the game doesn't work on older PCs but you have no graphic differences between this game and Modern Warfare 2 on the same graphic options. I am able to play the game with about 20 FPS with the worst graphic options (that are medium btw) but MW2 works with medium options with 60 FPS and i can still turn them up to the highest with 60 FPS. Then MW2 looks better then this game.

Then a point that i read in a review earlier: "The devs listen to their community". After Advanced Warfare everyone was complaining about the exo suits. And so the devs listened and BOOM! The next COD that came out was Infinite Warfare. Sorry but I understand something else under "listening to the community". If they would have listened to it they would have done this one earlier.

Another point that i want to mention is that they delete so much improvements of the older games. As I mentioned earlier its good that they took the jumppacks out of the game but why are they taking out stuff like the sliding or the diving head first behind cover. I don't need a exo suit for that. thats a shame that these little things aren't implemented in the game.

Everything that COD WW2 will be is another COD that is only here to make money to the devs. I mean why should they change something that worked over years right?

PS: This are only some of the points that I wanted to point out. There are much more then these things that ♥♥♥♥ me off.
And I'm sorry for grammatical mistakes, English isn't my main language.
Posted September 29, 2017.
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Showing 1-1 of 1 entries