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Early Access Review
I've been playing Darwin Project since around the first closed tests, its safe to say I have complete faith in the devs to deliver us an amazing Battle Royale game! They're super focused on balancing and creating a solid game.


Small-scale BR game, matches are always pretty quick but at the same time cater to both action-style players as well as the passive types.

Solid PVP - The player can only use an axe and a bow to directly kill others, so timing is everything. Easy to learn but hard to master :P

Cool artstyle and sound effects, it has a fortnight feel to it but without feeling overly "arcadey"

Director mode - A director can help or hinder players in the match, using various powers such as a 1 time nuke or powering up players in need of help. A good director can make the game 10 times more fun!

The environment - The map is covered in snow, so as well as dealing with players trying to kill you, you have to make sure you aren't freezing to death!

Tracking - Almost every action the player takes (looting, crafting etc.) allows others to track them. They can also track your foot prints through the snow!


I play on medium settings and even then I find my fps drops below 30 when there's a lot going on in game on screen, this is an optimisation issue though so I'm sure in future patches this will be sorted.

Teaming - Like any BR game, players team when they shouldn't which leads to frustrating encounters, especially when the director is teaming with a player. This can be stopped though as you can report teamers as well as give the Director a low rating on the match end, if they get too many down votes, their powers are stripped.

Overall this is a really decent game, even if its not your go-to BR game, it makes a nice change of pace from the likes of PUBG and Fortnite!
Posted March 11.
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Early Access Review
I said I wouldn't leave a review on this game as its too early in development, but that made me think about the direction the devs have taken to release the game in this pre-alpha state and as such i feel i have to vote it down.

The game does have potential for sure, but we are still months (if not years) away from the game we were promised. At the moment the games graphics look pretty decent, and the noises the zombies make when they see you are awesome! Unfortunately thats the only good things the game has to offer so far...

The models for both players and zombies are already dated and the animations are worse, the sound of other players walking sounds like an elephant stomping of bubble wrap!
The combat is incredibly clunky, where zombies can hit you without actually touching you, whereas your attacks will sometimes go through the zombie but not register as a hit.

Loot is currently bugged and the unofficial work-around is to logout on a bed, then rejoin the server so it forces loot to spawn in (though this isnt perfect as even relogging is bugged so the game spawns you randomly elsewhere).

The main reason for my negative review though is the core gameplay, EVERY feature that got players excited for the game isnt in yet. There are no vehicles, you cannot barricade buildings, eletricity (i think) is in but in a very limited form and there are no animals to hunt for food. The game is essentially a walking simulator where you occasionally have to run from zombies.

People may hate on this review saying "its pre-alpha etc etc" but that excuse is simply not good enough, at almost £20 on steam, people should be getting a more complete game for their money. I dont know why the devs didnt release this build on their website to backers, we could then play/test the game and help to get it to an actual alpha state, where the core gameplay mechanics at least work in some form.
I've seen other developers say pre-alpha gameplay shouldn't be seen by players, "companies dont like to show that stage" but apparently STN didn't get that memo.

Save your money folks, set a standard for early access games before it gets worse.
Posted December 23, 2017. Last edited December 23, 2017.
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Shadow of War is another solid Middle-earth game, if you enjoyed Shadow of Mordor you will definitely enjoy this!

The story probably won't win any awards but it was good enough to keep me playing, however the combat is where the game is strongest. The Orc captains and warchiefs feel like more of a challenge compared to the first game, sometimes even adapting mid-fight to your stratigies. For example, if you keep vaulting over a captain to back-stab him, he will realise what you're doing and start to block your vault.

The betrayals and surprises from captains also keeps you on your toes, just as it looked like a battle was won, a captain would turn on me because I recently killed his blood-brother! Or when I've been knocked down and the enemy is about to deliver the killing blow, a friendly captain will jump in to save me at the last second.

The end portion of the game is where things take a weird turn however...It took me around 33 hours to complete the entire game (I left some of the collectables), the last 6-7 hours were very grindy BUT I didn't spend a penny of my own money on loot boxes (loot boxes contain "epic" or "legendary" Orc captains to add to your army).
Without spoiling anything, you need to have high-level Orcs in your army, and they need to upgraded a lot to make sure they're good enough to do the job.

I did however buy the basic loot boxes with money you earn in game, I found I had more than enough left over each time to upgrade the next army, but without those loot boxes I honestly would have given up on getting the "true" ending of the game (which you get after completing Act 4).

Overall I really enjoyed the game, if you're a fan of LOTR (or even if you're not) or you like the Batman Arkham series style of combat, I would highly recommend getting the game!
Posted October 25, 2017.
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Based off of mainly the career mode:

40% Loading Screens with the same 10 music tracks playing over and over!
30% Running backstage to talk to someone or leave in your car
30% Actually involved in matches (although the majority of my fights were doing run-ins or getting ambushed!)

The AI is also pretty dumb, I've only tried it on easy and normal mode but they tend to just stand around a lot... And dont get me started on the commentators, they either sound bored or dont make any sense!

This is the first wrestling game I've played in about 10 years, It was an expensive reminder of why I stopped playing them.
Posted October 18, 2017.
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Early Access Review
I was lucky enough to get a free key for this game and played about 4 hours so far, while I was streaming it the main question I was getting was; Is it worth the money? To answer that here, yes!

Its a very cheap game but it does a lot of things well, its by no means perfect, but there are a lot worse early access games out there! But rather than ramble on I'll list why I like and dont like about it so far.


For a day 1 game the servers hold up well, I didn't get any lag whatsoever.
It ran smoothly, I averaged at about 90fps.
You have to worry about more than just bears or getting shot, if you stay cold too long you catch a cold and begin coughing a lot, if you eat or drink something thats bad you will be sick etc.
Shooting AI and/or players seems to work well, I got 3 kills in my first hostile encounter. - Note, the shooting has an arcadey feel to it.
The map is a reasonable size and most buildings seem enterable.
Almost every action has its own animation. (Changing clothes, cooking, eating/drinking, reloading)
Quests - This is more of a Survival MMO rather than "free" survival. Completing quests grants you rewards.


The in-game chat box is huge and pops out whenever someone (anywhere i think) types, although you can get rid of it each time with right ctrl, its still annoying.
The enemy NPC's are a little buggy, sometimes they will vanish in front of you and reappear shooting. They also seem a little TOO accurate, hitting shots that the majority of players would not.
The inventory needs work.

Overall its a pretty enjoyable game and I'll be playing it again over the coming days for sure!

Good job so far devs, I'm looking forward to hopefully seeing frequent updates!
Posted July 20, 2017.
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A fun little side-scroller that reminds me a lot of Limbo. The art style and overall feel of the game is very dark and creepy, I was drawn in within the first minutes! It even made me jump a few times as the game does a great job of building tension and filling you with a feeling of dread!

I dont really have anything bad to say about the game other than the price is a little steep for a short game. If you're used to games like this and puzzle solving you will likely finish it in around 90 minutes, it took me just over 2 hours. So just be warned that if you like to get 10+ hours out of games, you wont here unless its through playing it again.
Posted April 29, 2017.
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PUBG is by far my most played Battle Royale game, I find it a much better game than H1Z1 and Fortnite but thats just personal preference!

My review for this game used to be a positive 1, but unfortunately due to amount of hackers I've encountered recently I'm giving the game a thumbs down!

The devs added a death cam so you can view the person who killed you POV, the majority of my deaths are either totally blatant cheaters who aren't trying to hide that they're hacking OR it looks a little too fishy but harder to tell.
Don't get me wrong, I know a lot of time when I'm killed that it will be a legit kill, but as I said, recently its been really♥♥♥♥♥♥ ( I'm not a butthurt rager that cant accept some players are just better :P )
Posted March 23, 2017. Last edited February 18.
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Early Access Review
(My playtime is very low as its the first time playing since the H1Z1 game split)

I really don't know where to start.. I tried to play for just over an hour, about 15 minutes was actual game play. The game constantly gets stuck on loading screens (entering the game or loading the lobby) and only took me back to menu once after a game, the rest of the time it crashed.

Graphically the newer map does look better but its still nothing amazing and the sounds are mediocre at best.

As for the gameplay, its exactly how I remember it being before the split; Awful. I drove my car at full speed right through a player and he got away without a scratch... Then later on while being chased full speed by a police car, the passenger jumps out (still at full speed) and instantly 1 shot kills me while I'm still driving.

If you want a very arcadey/broken game, buy this. But be warned, you'll want to smash something out of frustration!
Save your money for when PlayerUnknowns BattleGrounds comes out, that game is legit!
Posted December 28, 2016.
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A really good game for RPG fans, great characters and quests (both main story and side quests) with brutal combat! Chopping some drunken bandits head off never gets old!

Also, Gwent!
Posted November 25, 2016.
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What a let down... Before I start I'll say I've not been bothered by crashes or FPS drops, my game crashed once after 4 hours.

Now on to the game, graphically its OK and just that. I feel like they've pulled a Watchdogs on us (dumbing down the graphics) even after I set everything to max I felt like the trailers made it look better. They've done a good job with the sound and music though, there seems to be a tune for whatever you're doing and weapons/flying etc. sound fine... the gameplay overall however is another matter!
After 6 hours it already feels like a grind, go to new planet (that looks slightly different from the last), gather loot and resources, sell it/craft it to make upgrades or parts for your hyper-drive, repeat.

It doesnt ever really feel like your in this massive universe because its more instanced. Each star system has 3 or so planets to see before you move on again.
Planet combat is boring, just hold fire until the thing you want to be dead is a goner. Space combat is pretty much the same although at first it was fun, after 6 hours my mindset was pretty much "I've got a fair amount of stuff on me, I'm probably about to be attacked", "Yep, here they come again..."

The only thing that would make this game have more staying power is multiplayer, I don't care about PVP, just being able to join a friend to explore with would be enough. But if I'm honest, now I've played the game I dont even think that would be enough to keep me playing for long...

What a shame another game that people have been dying to play has turned out so average :(
Posted August 12, 2016.
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