Star Killer
Ivar   Norway
No information given.
Favorite Game
Chloe Price Mar 19 @ 5:04pm 
-rep camps for no reason?
Dead Babies Mar 19 @ 4:58pm 
-rep tunnels and nods when theres no toxicity present.. lol
Fengy Mar 17 @ 6:49am 
It's impossible to play without ds, dh, ub etc. because of players like this one. Can't chase the killer more than 10 seconds without dying and also killing others by sandbagging.
Steff. Mar 11 @ 4:42pm 
-rep nurse
TheSaSa Mar 11 @ 9:30am 
little bit mad but ez to handle.
thank you for your respect <3
Jon1 Mar 8 @ 10:25am 
-rep leaver :sacrificed: