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Benvenuti sul mio profilo! Sono un traduttore amatoriale di giochi ma anche un mapper di project zomboid. Qui di seguito potrete dare un'occhiata a ciò che ho realizzato.
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Benvenuti! La traduzione di questo gioco è frutto del durissimo lavoro del gruppo di traduttori amatoriali TWR.
L'attuale versione della traduzione è RC_59.6 v.
Sono stati rilasciati oltre 180 aggiornamenti nel corso di 18 mesi.
L'8 febbraio è stat
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Created by - Woldren
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[New Update 21/01/2022]

In-game map ADDED!
For the news about the update, click here!

Hi survivors!
This is my map "Over the river"
If you liked it, and you
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Created by - Woldren
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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
[PIXEL]-[DOG] May 10 @ 4:38pm 
A hug and keep well
[PIXEL]-[DOG] May 10 @ 4:37pm 
I saw what mods and how many you created... I thought you were random and I'm really sorry for my behavior. I feel very embarrassed and you did a great job creating those mods. I really apologize for acting like this and the idiot is me.
Woldren May 10 @ 4:22pm 
it's because I am busy at work in this period of the year. Am I an idiot for putting my real life before a videogame? Did you think about not using my mods instead of calling me idiot?
Tunca May 2 @ 1:35am 
Hi how can i remove the dead people outside of the hospital in walking dead mod ?
Mike Wazowski Mar 4 @ 2:22am 
would be super awesome if you could update the medieval map for PZ
Woldren Jan 27 @ 10:26am 
hi Artem, not yet