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How I deal with this is I usually use a commander and level him up as a General making shure I get all 5 ranged tactics as soon as possible (The +1 range really helps). Early in the game I hire hunters and level them up till they get the "Blinding Shot Promotion". I usually have 2 hunters in my war party with that promotion. When the Phoenixes come or dragons for that matter I just blind them and take them out with other ranged units. While the Phoenixes are still alive I save the hunter/rangers stamina for only making "Blinding Shots". I usually have a monk in my party boosting their stamina as well. Dwarven battle wagons are great for blowing the crap out of blinded Phoenixes/Dragons.. Elven Rangers also get the blinding shot promotion. To be fair I havn't played Imperium since the new balancing changes, but from what I have read you can still get the "Blinding Shot" with hunters and rangers. Hope this helps.
May 13 @ 6:27pm
In topic Unbalanced units
I must agree. The Archer is pretty much a useless T-1 unit. A nice fix for it would be to allow the unit to be promoted or upgraded to say a "Long Bowman" or something like that. Would be really cool!
Once the developers iron out all their bugs Eador Imperium really needs a good DLC to spark player interest and boost sales. In a previous post "New Hero type's would like to see in future upgrades, DLC's or modding if/when possible." I listed 15 different potential heroes that could really add to the game. There is enough content there to make at least 3 DLC's.

The latest hero I have come up with is the Alchemist and described as follows:

The Alchemist is a human that dons common clothing and uses a wand. The Alchemist has the Command Points of a Scout, Magic & Health Points of a Wizard. When a player hires an Alchemist he gets a 10% reduction in the cost of resources. The unique properties of an Alchemist is that their specific form of magic allows them to permanantly mutate units under their command. With the right promotions a unit under an Alchemist's command can receive a total of 6 mutaions. A mutation can only be awarded during a battle. Mutations can be applied to Undead units and normal units but not mechanical units. There are 2 different levels of mutaions as follows:

Level 1 mutations ...................................... Level 2 mutations

Regeneration +1 (Maximum 3)..................Cause Disease

Poison Shot +1 (Maximun 3) .................... Neutral Alignment

Poison Skin +1 (Maximum 3).....................Stone Skin

+5 Hit Points................................................Mithril Armor (+2 defense/ranged defense)

Speed +1 (Maximum 1).............................Mithril Weapons (+2 attack/Ranged attack)

Flight ..........................................................Poison Immunity

Berserker (Maximum 3)............................Vampirism +1 (Maximum 3)

At the start an Alchemist can only do 1 level 1 mutaion per battle. At level 10 the Alchemist is able to perform level 2 mutations on his units. At level 20 the Alchemist can perform a total of 2 mutaions per battle as well as provide his units with a 6th mutaion if desired. Also at level 20 a player having an Alchemist in their employment gets a 50% reduction in the cost of transmutation. Mutated units have additional upkeep costs. They cost 1 gold per level 1 mutations and 2 gold and 1 gem per level 2 mutation. The Alchemist can exchange troops with other heroes providing them with stronger mutated units. Because Alchemists focus
their learning on a specific skill they are only able to achieve the spell masters casting ability which limits them to level 2 spell power, spell duration and Thaumaturgy. The Alchemist has the following promotions available to him:

Wand Mastery of the Wizard, Discipline, Logistics & Leadership (Commander).

Level 1) 1 possible mutation per unit
Level 2) 2 possible mutations per unit
Level 3) 3 possible mutations per unit
Level 4) 4 possible mutations per unit
Level 5) 5 possible mutations per unit

Spell Master

Level 1) +1 Spell Power, +1 Spell Duration
Level 2) +1 Wand Mastery/+1 Ammo
Level 3) +1 Thaumaturgy, +2 Summoning Power
Level 4) +1 Wand Mastery/+1 Ammo
Level 5) +1 Spell Power, +1 Spell Duration, +1 Thaumaturgy

The Alchemist would add great strategic depth to the game and would be a very versatile hero. You can hire him as a stand alone hero that builds his strength slowly, but eventaully when fully equipped with his units at their maximum mutation level a powerful adversary that could challenge the best heroes at their maximun level. You can also use him as a support hero pumping out mutated units for your Commander to enhance even futher or any other hero that needs a boost. With the regeneration and Vampirism mutations it would be possible for other heroes to have undead units in their armies because when they are mutated by an Alchemist it would provide a way for undead units to heal themselves outside of being under a Necromancer. This adds further strategic options in the game. The Alchemist would encourage a lot of unique strategy customization for players to try. Who wouldn't want to try having Archers or even Centaurs with poison shot, stone skin and additional hit points, Flying spearman with Mithril armor and/or extra speed, Ghouls with Stone skin and regenaration capacity, Priest or Sorcerers with a neutral alignment. The possibities are almost endless and left to the imagination of the player to come up with unique strategies. I can only dream that Snowbird would consider making a DLC with a hero like this. The game would receive it's most bang for their buck by adding additional imaginative heroes and definately this being one of them.
Jan 25 @ 10:00am
In topic Feedback / Suggestions
@agnosis.....I agree with you 100% on paying higher for a niche market as well as not needing direct x12 graphics. Good strategy game with depth is all I need.
Jan 21 @ 10:24am
In topic Undead faction [En]
@Odfa'el.......Really cool ideas I like them. Thats what a game like Eador is about....IMAGINATION. This game for me is at an end. I really like the game but am bored of it now. It needs new content and stuff like you posted would work really well. Below is my Idea on how to beef up the indead faction plus add a new hero type.

Re-animator.....There are necromancers, but the most dreaded ones are known as Re-animators. These dark wizards have truly sold their souls and in return they have been given one of the darkerst most vile forms of necromancy known as re-animation. Once a Re-animator reaches level 10 not only can a he raise a zombie from the dead on the battlefield, but the corpses that come back to life retain some of the properties of their living form. These dead that are brought back are hybrids of their formal self and zombies. A fallen archer is brought back as a zombie archer. The re-animator can raise zombie sorcerers that have a magic shot, poisonous zombie spiders, flying zombie harpies anything that once lived and breathed. These creatures in their new form have all the properties of a zombie and are tireless and do not lose moral. When the Re-animator reaches level 20 the zombies that are raised come back at the skill level of their former selves. So a level 5 swordsman will be re-animated to a level 5 zombie swordsman with all his promotions. The Re-animator also has the unique ability to retain these units in his army at a cost in gems similar to how the wizard retains skeltons/zombies etc. Re-animations that rise from slain units strength and hit points are dependent on the hero's promotion level and are randomly re-animated between 25 and 50% hit points of their original strength. The ammo cost for Re-animation is 4 ammo and 4 Stamina per level of unit (Level 2 unit x 4 = 8 stamina/8ammo). The costs of Re-animation can be reduced through the promotion tree. Hiring a Re-animators costs -5 karma. Because re-animators focus their learning on a specific skill they are only able to achieve the spell masters casting ability which limits them to level 2 spell power, spell duration and Thaumaturgy. The Re-animator dons common clothing like the wizard. The Re-animator uses a wand and has available to him the Looting of the Scout, Wand Mastery, Summoning and Necromancy of the Wizard. The Re-animator also has an army and spell composition similar to a Wizard. The unique promotion list would look as follows:


Level 1) Re-animation + 10% rise hit points
Level 2) Re-animation + 10% rise hit points
Level 3) Re-animation + 10% rise hit points
Level 4) Re-animation + 10% rise hit points
Level 5) Re-animation + 10% rise hit points

Level 1) + 2 Ammo
Level 2) -1 Stamina Cost per level of Re-animation
Level 3) +2 Ammo/-1 Ammo Cost per level of Re-animation
Level 4) +2 Ammo
Level 5) -1 Stamina Cost per level of Re-animation

Spell Master

Level 1) +1 Spell Power, +1 Spell Duration
Level 2) +1 Wand Mastery/+1 Ammo
Level 3) +1 Thaumaturgy, +2 Summoning Power
Level 4) +1 Wand Mastery/+1 Ammo
Level 5) +1 Spell Power, +1 Spell Duration, +1 Thaumaturgy

Dec 28, 2017 @ 4:55am
In topic Lizardman Priest - an unfinished unit?
It's not only an unfinished priest the whole lizardmen theme is unfinished with only tier 1 units. Not worth your while to make an alliance with. They need a whole slew of new units to make them a competitive choice. I think their best bet would be to make teir 2, 3 and 4 units with a dinosaur theme like Raptor, Triceratops or Pterodactyl Riders. Maybe the infamous T-rex as a tier 4 unit. Afterall lizardmen are reptiles similar to dinosaurs. Would be so cool.
Dec 13, 2017 @ 7:28pm
In topic Dead lands and chaos lands issue

Originally posted by Draufen:
i am afraid chaos /dead lands will never revive, which should be changed by game designers, it s a stupid rule

Yes it is a stupid rule. Also it creates some imbalance issues in the game. When you play and there are deadlands next to you it can be disadvantageous. Firstly the much needed income from the immediate provinces is not there because you have dead lands and then you are faced with the threat of losing more land to invasions from Chaos or undead units. I will only hire guards to protect from deadlands if the province has a resource otherwise it's not really worthwhile protecing against them. My solution was that each dead lands province would have a gates of chaos in it. Once you found and destroyed this the province would revert back to plains, hills or whatever.
I know a lot of us are hoping that the developers put out some additional content even if it's through a new DLC that costs to purchase. I have always felt that Imperium was a DLC for MOTBW. There really was not that much more content plus you lost the popular campaign from MOTBW. I was happy with the new content and low price so there was value there for your money. I did not care for the Imperium theme itself because it seemed out of place in a fantasy setting. I did not like the mini campaigns and I felt that they had no real replay value once you completed them. The new heroes were welcome albeit unbalanced as they were. The big improvement was the larger battlefield which I thought really enhanced the tactical feel of the battles and solved some problems associated with the smaller battlefield. I now mainly play Imperium on the various maps or sandbox mode.

I personally don't know what the costs would be because I have no knowledge of programming or developing games so I am just guessing at some of the efforts required. First of all what would be the minimal amount of new content to qualify as a DLC that someone would pay for. Well the developers can do several things like add more heroes, more spells, more units, more terrain types, more magical items, more events, more locations and more races. So some combination of these would be needed. I personally think you get your biggest bang for buck from the heroes because the hero is the main protagonist and has to interact with everything else where as a new unit is only used on occasion. By my own standards this is what would be enough new content to qualify as a DLC that I would consider paying for.

4 New Hero types
20 new items
10 new units or monsters
A new Race or 2 would be more than welcome
10 new spells or enchantments
6 New events

Although not necessary it would be very welcome if they were to bring back the MOTBW campaign as well as the different worlds (world of rust, world of war, etc.). This shouldn't take a lot of new effort because they have been done already.

I would pay at least $25 for this DLC.
Dec 8, 2017 @ 3:20am
In topic The ability to hire experienced Heroes
Players should be given the option to hire experienced heroes as their 2nd, 3rd and so on choices. There are several reasons why this option would benefit overall game play. Firstly on larger maps (Big +) usually more than 1 hero is required to complete the map and it kind of sucks having to start a level zero hero once the game starts progressing. Secondly in my opinion the Legate and Sorceress are very difficult heroes to start with and have limited use. But as a 2nd hero that can be purchased say up to level 5 for additional funds it might make sense to hire them or at least give them a try. For balance reasons this option could be limited to purchasing only up to level 5. I would suggest an extra 100 gold/5 gems per experience level. So a level 5 hero would cost an additional 500 gold and 25 gems on top of the purchase price. At least with this option a player would have additional functioning heroes in mid and late game play that would offer some interesting choices. Another reason is usually your first hero cleans up the easy dungeons and gains experience from the battles leaving any newly hired heroes basically stuck with exploring hoping to find an easy location to do battle with so they can gain some much needed experience. I don't think this option would be difficult to implement or code into the existing game. Adjustments could easily be made to the AI to compensate for this as well like perhaps boosting the level of the computers heroes to compensate for when a player purchases a hero with more experience. Because Imperium is lacking a good campaign when compared to MOTBW the replay value exists in playing either in sandbox mode or map mode so having an option like this would help improve gameplay in these areas.
Dec 4, 2017 @ 7:03pm
In topic DLC!?


You, myself and a lot of others on this board would like nothing more but to see more content in Imperium. I wish there was some way we could prod the the developers into adding more content. That is exactly what this game needs.

A recent release of Dominion 5 boasts the following:

86 different factions
200 different gods
3000 potentially different units
500 spells
400 rituals

The original 4x Fantasy game and a classic (Hall of Fame)....Masters of Magic.

15 different races
210 spells from 6 schools of magic
14 different Wizards to choose from
350 different units
50 + heroes (I'm guessing).

The Eador New Horizons Mod!

I havn't done the numbers on Imperium but it would most likely be a fraction of the above.

You are right about Eador being a gem and it's saddening that the developers are not paying attention to their client base. Eador series (Excluding New Horizons Mod which is rich in content and Free!) is really lagging in the content department which really limits it's replay value. Not only does it need more units, magic but heroes as well.

In one of their previous updates the developers did not think that a DLC would bring them enough money to make it worth their while. Go figure.
Nov 27, 2017 @ 9:11pm
In topic How does it compare with New Horizons?
I wouldn't write off Imperium so quickly. The developers did a phenomenal job with the larger battlefield which really adds to the tactics and is a big improvement over the previous Eador games. Also there is some new content as well as new heroes that are fun doing different things with. There are some really interesting new units and some different tactics to try. For what they are asking it's an excellent deal. I really like New Horizons Mod and all the content makes it an awesome game. I think the developers are planning more content as we go along, but there is a lot there to keep you occupied for quite a while. Also I think Imperium is better balanced than New Horizons. I personally don't care for the campaing in Imperium and I have heard there are some real problems with the New Horizons campaign. To sum it up Imperium is worth at least what they are asking for's not a $70 game.
Nov 11, 2017 @ 6:44am
In topic Thinking of buying... But...
Crashes and bugs are very rare for me as well. I would say it's really worth the money they are asking. It has some really good game play that you cannot find in other tittles. The larger map during battles is a real improvement and there are some new interesting units as well as heroes. My one dissapointment is the campaign lacks. But playing in sandbox mode or just with the maps is good.
I get what you guys are saying about not really needing 2 heros of the same class but with the way they level up the two heroes become much different. Lets take the Warrior for example. One path at level 10 (the slayer) gives him the archery ability and makes him more like an Archer and another path (the dark night) kind of gives him the vampirism ability where he drinks the souls of his opponents. The Warrior can also gain promotions that increase the combat ability of his troops like the Commander and the Commander can also gain the archery ability. So they kind of become much different anyways. I know in most cases it's not practical, but why not just let the player decide on what strategy is best to use during play instead of forcing you through uneconomical means to conform? Part of game play is experimenting with different things like maybe trying two heroes of the same type out.
The developers should consider implementing two improvements to the search function of the game. Tow things should be done. Instead of heroes being the only way of searching provinces in Eador the game should have a function to gradually reveal the contents of the provinces. This is how it would work. Each turn a tiny amount of territory would be revealed automatically in randomly selected province's. Lets just use 1% per turn of every 5th province you control as an example (I am not sure what a good balance here would be I am just throwing numbers out).

Why would this be an improvement?

Well firstly it is very tedious and difficult to search an entire shard and even using a slow gradual revelation of the provincial contents would make the game more interesting by giving players a larger selection of locations to do battle with. Players would receive a message such as “The people of Brigand Shore have discovered a Thieves Guild” or a “Dragon's Den". This could be implement as an event so no hard coding would be needed. The function of gradually revealing the contents of provinces is not meant to replace searching but a supplement to it. Also with a low level setting of this function only a small percentage of the total provincial locations would be explored/revealed which I think would improve game play.

Secondly any province containing a hero in it would get searched automatically (if the hero is not engaged in another activity) by the search % now used. Basically whenever a hero is in a province they are automatically set to search as a default (no command or mouse clicking necessary). Also the heroes experience level will continually increase as if they are searching. Again the increase in experience would only occur if they were not engaged in another activity such as clearing out a location or involved in a battle defending the province and so on. This would save some unnecessary mouse clicking, help keep the player focused on what is fun in the game and potentially reduce the amount of code needed. No need for a search function or a reminder that your hero has not been assigned. Less code, less bugs, quicker compile times, happier customers.
@sjpaladin.....Yes I have used the Scout as well as a Warrior at times for my second hero because of the facts you mentioned. I personally am a Commander type player and enjoy that particular play style. On larger shards I like the Wizard as my second hero. It seems between the two of them there is no army or dungeon I can't get through. Back to the post question what I am trying to get at is that by eliminating the high cost of a second hero of the same type you can increase the replay value by giving the players another option in their strategy. And the added replay value is not only needed in this series it would not take much coding to implement so you can get a lot for a little. Even if the strategy of using two heroes of the same type turns out to be a big nothing burger. It would be interesting to try and see what comes of it. Some players might really like it.
Wouldn't that be cool. Random worlds to conquer just like civilization but in world war 2 style combat. All the nations random in size....would just be awsome. I'm just tired of world war 2 games....either in Europe or the East. It would be neat with some fresh worlds.
Shouldn't a game allow the player to choose their own strategy? If I wanted nothing but Wizard heroes shouldn't that be my prerogative? Don't forget just because you recruit a second hero of the same type doesn't mean you will keep the same promotion path when he is leveled up. So with all the crossovers what difference could it make? I can't see any balance issues by having more than one hero of the same type. In my opinion it just takes away another possible strategy to try when plying the game. So why the prohibitive expense put on a second hero of the same type? The second item I think is poorly balanced is the cost tearing for new heroes. The first one is 100 gold/10 gems. The next one is 500 gold/50 gems and so on. I think the cost tearing should be more gradual like maybe 200 gold/20 gems for the second hero, 400 gold, 40 gems for the third and so on. When I play economics determines whether it is worth while fielding another hero. In the early game it is rather expensive to try and have a second hero. The supporting cost of the army is over whelming. A level 0 hero is pretty useless without an army. The most he can do on his own is explore and will most likely be ambushed by bandits. I think both of these issues take from play and do not add anything to the game. To sum it up I think it would be better to allow players to determine the type and number of heroes they would like to field. Inevitably the economics of the game will come into play to address any balance issues. What's better to field in the short term: 1 Hero with good units or two heroes with cheaper units? It would be better from a players perspective to let their starting position dictate their strategy and decide how important it is to field additional heroes. Also as the game progresses to keep it from stagnating more heroes are needed. Perhaps there is a better way to address spamming of heroes. Limit the maximum amount of heroes to the size of the shard/empire.
Nov 7, 2017 @ 9:54am
In topic Other modern campaign based TBS?
Eador Masters of the Broken World and Eador Imperium. The best tactical fantasy games out there....My opinion but they both are real gems. Community response is overwhelmingly positive. They are on steam and really worth checking out.
Nov 7, 2017 @ 9:50am
In topic Avoiding warbanner for now!
@Jfoytek....I hear what your saying about games on rails....not my style either. Thanks for the info. I will keep an eye on this tittle and hopefully they see the wisdom in an open world map. I think Eador Imperium is probably a better buy.
@AndreanDW....OK here is a lot of what is missing:

Karma is not there.....

Developing your hero is not there.....

Alliances are not there......

Hiring another hero and developing his traits to where you want is not there......

Yes you can hire mercenaries....but it's cost prohibitive because you don't have a chance to develop the economy which is another thing that's not there....Also you are starting with level 0 or maybe level 1 troops if you hire the mercenaries.

So we can say about 75% of the game is not even considered in these scenarios. These were big parts of the game and to some if not most players some of the best parts of the game. Perhaps a better way of presenting this campaign could have been to start with the 2 heroes, a few tier 1 units each and some basic equipment and maybe just the 5 surrounding provinces with a smaller amount of gold and gems. At least all of the important concepts left out would be brought back in to the game. Let the player decide how they are going to accomplish this task. That's what game play is about.
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