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This mod allows NPC faction to interact with each other without any player input. These events operate on independent timer and do not affect frequency of other events. It is also possible to enable/disable any event added by this mod to better fit player'
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Created by - NilchEi
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--- 2016, 2017, 2018 Fall Sale Awards Nominee ---

Complex system that rewards those who plan in advance without significant randomness.
Leaders that have subtle, but distinct, characteristics in both playstyle and AI.
Well-balanced expansion costs where going tall and wide is both viable choice.
Extensive list of unique mods.

Civ4 is a amazing game that have innumerable reasons to be judged as masterpiece.
Being the last entry before the series underwent drastic transformation by adopting 1UPT (1 Unit Per Tile), Civilization 4 will always be worth revisiting regardless of quality of its successors.