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Posted: Jul 5, 2018 @ 11:12am

Alright, this game is fun and its pretty good for a survival game, but it is incredibly buggy. When it isn't buggy, its getting bugs fixed with patches that break everything you own in game. Its to the point that its pointless to play the game right now because everything just breaks on a new patch (modded or unmodded). I've seen numbers of people on threads that have lost countless hours of work and materials because instead of getting rid of an exploit itself. They get rid of all of the items that could be exploited/duped. This includes items that WERE NOT DUPED AT ALL. While I do like that they are trying to fix the game. It gets to the point where patches are more of a nusiance than exciting or helpful. I would suggest not getting this game at all at this time. Its just too much of a hassle to keep getting reset or losing a ton of work after every patch.
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