Lee Dassin   Australia
I am a TF2 nut, though occassionally you will see me on Fallout :P Please don't add me just because I have two X Chromosomes (yes people do) add me if you think I am a decent player and want me as a friend.

While I am always happy to play Medic (infact I preffer to play Medic above all other classes) please do not expect me to pocket Medic you because you are a friend. NOTE TO SOME PLAYERS: There is never a need to constantly press "e" trust me Medics only need you to press it once or twice max. Spamming "e" will not get you help faster it just causes Medics to ignore you ;) That is my hint for the day :P

Avatar: http://cherry-chain.deviantart.com/art/Playing-Doctor-282644311 <3

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