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7 iun. @ 2:45
În subiectul hurry up and...
Glad this is going straight to Steam.
7 iun. @ 2:35
În subiectul FINALLY!!!!
Yeah! Thought we might never see this.
6 iun. @ 0:24
În subiectul They changed release date?
Think of it as a natural progression: Coming soon--To Be Announced--To Be Delayed--When Hell Freezes over--Canceled
Yes, please take your time. Your perpetual blogs and once-a-year sneak-peek game-play vids will give my great, great grandchildren something to look forward to.
Yeah, I bought this a little over a week ago because I watched some review on the latest DLC, which allows a variety of new beginnings. Personally, I think the DLC are worth it. Been playing this all week and really can't get enough of it. Much more to it than I had thought when it first came out.
18 mai @ 3:58
În subiectul is there any chance of vehicles coming back?
Personally, I'm fine without vehicles.
17 mai @ 2:17
În subiectul Update 1.4 - Changer of the Ways
It's a quiet night...I don't like it.
17 mai @ 2:14
În subiectul Are people playing it? And if so, how?
I now a new build! :D
11 mai @ 5:12
În subiectul I wish "easy" was easy ...
Just had a freeze-up after losing a battle. Yeah, a lot of quick updates just today. One was waiting for me when I got out of game.
11 mai @ 3:55
În subiectul I wish "easy" was easy ...
I just bought BB with all the DLC. After an hour into the game, I went to YouTube to watch some decent player guides. especially ones by FilthyRobot. Very instructive.
11 mai @ 3:13
În subiectul Can we toned down violence against dogs?
Disclaimer: No dogs were injured or killed in the making of this GAME.
11 mai @ 3:01
În subiectul Yugoslavia 1990
Totally agree.
Thanks for the detailed explication. I've really enjoyed FOG2 and can't wait to play a decisive battle that has strategic implications. Because of the time involved, I think I'll only export battles tactically when I'm in the mood for a rousing break from the strategic level of play of FOGE.
7 mai @ 4:20
În subiectul To the people currently playing.
Better terrain and better visuals, mostly. Don't care much for the boxy alien craft. Kind of miss the old air combat system. Can't say anything about the overall strategic level because there is a cap on the number of turns. Of course, it's still a work in progress, but the tactical missions are good and the ambient music is great.
5 mai @ 2:07
În subiectul Any updates for May ???
Just found out about this game. Looks promising, but no updates since February doesn't bode well. Guess I'll check it out next time there's an update.
4 mai @ 4:30
În subiectul Scope bug
Thanks! I wondered what was going on.
3 mai @ 4:29
În subiectul Lag
The world map and in particular the battle terrain is much, much detailed than previously. I had to scale back graphic quality a bit. Still looks much better than the old terrain.
30 apr. @ 3:54
În subiectul Fighting Battles sound too complex
Postat inițial de PocusFR:
New diary is up! And it's on battles! :)
Just read it. Thanks! I bypassed Imperator for this game. I've really enjoyed FoG2 and I know there will be some grand battles that I will want to play out in Empires. I can't imagine Constantine's reordering of the Roman empire around the eastern half without the pivotal Battle of Milvian Bridge. I certainly wouldn't play out every battle that way, no more I would in Rome TW. However, I like the option to do so when the stakes are high. Really looking forward to this.
I agree with Nats. FoG2 is a lot of fun and includes a lot of modded scenarios and campaigns.
26 apr. @ 4:20
În subiectul Update 1.4 - Changer of the Ways
Thanks for the update. "We need more cordage!"
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