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17 mai à 2h17
Dans le sujet Update 1.4 - Changer of the Ways
It's a quiet night...I don't like it.
17 mai à 2h14
Dans le sujet Are people playing it? And if so, how?
I now a new build! :D
11 mai à 5h12
Dans le sujet I wish "easy" was easy ...
Just had a freeze-up after losing a battle. Yeah, a lot of quick updates just today. One was waiting for me when I got out of game.
11 mai à 3h55
Dans le sujet I wish "easy" was easy ...
I just bought BB with all the DLC. After an hour into the game, I went to YouTube to watch some decent player guides. especially ones by FilthyRobot. Very instructive.
11 mai à 3h13
Dans le sujet Can we toned down violence against dogs?
Disclaimer: No dogs were injured or killed in the making of this GAME.
11 mai à 3h01
Dans le sujet Yugoslavia 1990
Totally agree.
Thanks for the detailed explication. I've really enjoyed FOG2 and can't wait to play a decisive battle that has strategic implications. Because of the time involved, I think I'll only export battles tactically when I'm in the mood for a rousing break from the strategic level of play of FOGE.
7 mai à 4h20
Dans le sujet To the people currently playing.
Better terrain and better visuals, mostly. Don't care much for the boxy alien craft. Kind of miss the old air combat system. Can't say anything about the overall strategic level because there is a cap on the number of turns. Of course, it's still a work in progress, but the tactical missions are good and the ambient music is great.
5 mai à 2h07
Dans le sujet Any updates for May ???
Just found out about this game. Looks promising, but no updates since February doesn't bode well. Guess I'll check it out next time there's an update.
4 mai à 4h30
Dans le sujet Scope bug
Thanks! I wondered what was going on.
3 mai à 4h29
Dans le sujet Lag
The world map and in particular the battle terrain is much, much detailed than previously. I had to scale back graphic quality a bit. Still looks much better than the old terrain.
30 avr. à 3h54
Dans le sujet Fighting Battles sound too complex
PocusFR a écrit :
New diary is up! And it's on battles! :)
Just read it. Thanks! I bypassed Imperator for this game. I've really enjoyed FoG2 and I know there will be some grand battles that I will want to play out in Empires. I can't imagine Constantine's reordering of the Roman empire around the eastern half without the pivotal Battle of Milvian Bridge. I certainly wouldn't play out every battle that way, no more I would in Rome TW. However, I like the option to do so when the stakes are high. Really looking forward to this.
I agree with Nats. FoG2 is a lot of fun and includes a lot of modded scenarios and campaigns.
26 avr. à 4h20
Dans le sujet Update 1.4 - Changer of the Ways
Thanks for the update. "We need more cordage!"
22 avr. à 3h34
Dans le sujet Epic Exclusive?
I don't blame Epic, I blame Phoenix Point dev Julian Gollop for lying to the his backers and saying PP would be on Steam and GOG.
20 avr. à 4h44
Dans le sujet Are people playing it? And if so, how?
Yggdrasil a écrit :
Hmm, I haven't had it crash yet.
i had during a fight where an small /medium ufo landed on ground at some turn it ctd. Each time when new version of game branch realised i had ctd every time during fight this one is no diferent so cant progress to far in game if i want to.
OK, on my third mission on the latest build I had the same problem. Always ctd on the first turn for the aliens. I reloaded three times and got the same crash. Guess I'll wait for the next build.
19 avr. à 2h24
Dans le sujet Are people playing it? And if so, how?
yeah its not ready for Early Access thats for sure game still crashes during fight with alliens
Hmm, I haven't had it crash yet.
17 avr. à 5h22
Dans le sujet Xenonauts-2 Release Date & Xsolla Pre-Orders
Thanks for the update. Also, thanks for the latest build. Great new terrain. Glad to have the UFO crash-landings for missions.
17 avr. à 3h52
Dans le sujet Please not the ant hill base set up
Iron Dice a écrit :
Jasina a écrit :
They already stated on the kickstarter that in Close Beta 3 they are going back to X1 base setup.

Good to hear. I really like the old-style defense of the base. Anthill for the "meh."
Ditto. I don't mind the ant-hill, but I also prefer the bird's eye set up. It gives me more feeling of looking at blueprints for further construction.
4 avr. à 3h10
Dans le sujet World War 1 ? or 2
For WW II, you might want to check out Radio General. The concept looks awfully similar to Radio Commander. I plan to get both, along with Burden of Command, which is board-game in style. They all look great to me :)
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