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Jun 8 @ 7:44am
In topic Dark UI Theme?
im not a fan of the very white/light color theme the game uses in its UI and menus, its very hard on the eyes.

is there a way to mod or get a dark UI theme?
Apr 7 @ 6:02pm
In topic GalCiv 4?
so when can we expect galciv4?
Originally posted by DanteYoda:
I kinda like female characters that have huge boobs and wear lingerie as armor..

Now bare with me here male vampires would choose very sexually attractive females to turn that most likely have amazing bodies because they are prime examples of their gender.. and would definitely interest them and vice versa for females turning amazing men..

Just saying it makes sense imo.. Toreador are a thing remember..

im a fan of boobs myself, i just dont get a temper tantrum whenever a game wont have them.
Originally posted by Lord Foppington:
The only brainwashed tool in this thread is OP.

I'm not a bot, I don't get my talking points from anyone.

Making a game about "anti-misogyny", with focus on gender spectrum and homosexuality, is PC politics being shoved down our throats in a video game.

It's free speech, it's perfectly acceptable, no one is saying you CAN"T make a completely ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ uninteresting game. I just won't ♥♥♥♥ing buy it.

Get over it you libtard tool, as if you've ever had an original thought in your life that didn't come from the TV.

If we were stupid and/or bots, why wouldn't we just be parroting steven colbert and the plethora of other mainstream influences like you "Smart" people? Wouldn't that be easier for us? We didn't sit there and think "hmm, what stance can I adopt that will ♥♥♥♥ people off and cause me to suffer ostricization in life.... Oh I know I'll be alt-right, that oughta make me popular, and I wont get to enjoy most writing and entertainment in today's vapid PC society!"

as expected, the only thing you can do is ad-hominem.

cmon, just give me one original thought or comment, just one!
Originally posted by Lord Doom:
Summary form the SJW "lechuck1" : If you dislike left wing PC madness being pushed onto you, too bad, you just have to accept it or you're racist!

could you please give me some concrete examples of this "left wing PC madness" pushed onto us IN YOUR OWN WORDS, not by posting some talking point you found somewhere please?
no the game is not "too PC", yes theres still free speech in our societies (advocating hate and racism is not free speech its simply being racist), no its not the end of the world if a game contains female characters that dont have huge boobs or wear lingerie as armor.

take your damn right wing talking points back to breitbart you army of trolls and their useful idiots who repeat the BS they spam everywhere.
i would really like to play a game of civ where im the ruler of a single super city that can work more tiles than other cities..maybe instead of 3 tiles away 6 or 7... is it possible to mod this? i thinkk in prior civ games there were mods that did this.
Mar 11 @ 2:12pm
In topic is tech trading broken?
im playing a game with tech trading enabled (only broker) and im not quite sure but it seems like i get offered the same tech from different AIs even if i already traded for it before.
Mar 8 @ 6:31am
In topic auto end turn?
is there still no feature for auto end turn? you know like civ has, so you dont have to manually end every turn...
just picked the trait where you get a class 10 planet but no planet appeared anywhere
Mar 1 @ 5:02am
In topic how feature rich/ "long" is this game?
considering the low price, is this a shorter game or what can we expect play-time wise?
even on tiny maps the AI still spams 7 or more cities, but id really like to play a game with tall empires that wont pressure me into city spamming myself... are there any mods for this or anything else that can be done to make tall empires more viable and to reduce AI city spam without breaking the AI?
Feb 16 @ 1:41pm
In topic Weapon customization
yea its a huge letdown, i want my scoped silenced ak
Feb 15 @ 2:30pm
In topic cannot buy buildings with gold anymore?
im playing the new dlc and noticed that i cannot buy any buildings anymore? is that intended?
Civ BE has it right lower corner of the screen, can we get a auto end turn toggle in the UI in civ6 too pls?
so i reached the mushroom bunker 2nd lvl and have to fight the cultists stnading around the door with their leader.. only its impossible cause i get killed in the first turn all the time.

im lvl 16 and got armor that amounts to 45/27 dmg that too low?

i have already done most other large quests, ben to all locations...there does not seem to be much more left to do then getting to the 3rd floor...but how can i get stronger?
Jan 22 @ 6:57am
In topic Cheat console needed!!!!!
let me try.. ayou running 1.072 ?
Jan 22 @ 4:23am
In topic Cheat console needed!!!!!
yes thats what im sayin none of the codes work
Jan 21 @ 3:30pm
In topic Cheat console needed!!!!!
tired these, it always says command unknown.. tried youshallnotpass with and without "!" at the end too.. i read in another thread they might have disabled the cheat console? please i need it to debug this gme...
Jan 21 @ 2:18pm
In topic Cheat console needed!!!!!
so thaks to the terrible companion AI i am now in a situation where i will die 100% unless i kill the enemy with one attack, which is not possible. since i used quick save my last other save is quuite a while back and i HATE replaying parts of a gmae, I will much rather quit playing alltogether.

PLEASE tell me the cheat console still works? it says unknown comamnd for everythign i enter, but i need it to continue my game otherwise its over.. im not replaying all that ive gone trough just because the game cannot manage to control the companions in any usable way!
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