Heavy de profession depuis 1996.
BattleTag -> Woona#2527 (add if you want)
Bienvenue/Welcome sur le profil de l'unique Woona, I'm a french faggot lel <- but i also speak good english, so if you want to talk to me add meh and talk :D

[TF2] Soldier/scout 6v6 | Pyro/Heavy 9v9. Team:
Pourquoi pas 9v9 (UGC) [www.ugcleague.com]
[M&B Warband Napoleonic War] Ancien Fusilier au 23ème regiment d'infanterie
Got lvl 100.000.000 on monster summer game > Maximum lvl http://i.imgur.com/aFTNP3Y.png :angry_creep::blissful_creep::calm_creep::happy_creep::mean_creep::nonplussed_creep::sad_creep::wat_creep:
Got on NISLT one time lel: https://youtu.be/2dyAeQf9YCo?t=1m4s
Langue: Français (Native), Anglais(US/UK) Secondaire.

Hall of best friends:

PegAsi : Pro SFM

Team spécial batard ( Je connait tous IRL ici ) :

.Moe : Sale arabe, tu sais pas voler par contre j'ai voler ton vélo :D.
Wangler/Tifus : Sale Gitan, Fdp, arabe, noir, batard, juif, Roi de batard et des gitan, immonde batard, Pauvre batard, immense batard.
Woona : Fdp, batard.
Currently Online
I'm hacking k?
http://puu.sh/r0SLG/5a9d706211.jpg ( 18:16 - PegAsi: Hello I want to buy your unusual hat but I want to make sure it's clean first, do you happen to have a trusted friend? ) Lel.

Superboss : Woona is to good
ThE MEXecutioner : woona big boss
Crypt Guard : kicm woona or me idc
Граф [Graffin] : why?
♥ Dark Woona ♥ : Well ccya
Crypt Guard : i aint playing with a gay ass hacker
♥ Dark Woona ♥ : gay ass hacker?
♥ Dark Woona ♥ : what
♥ Dark Woona ♥ : sure
Crypt Guard : i am not lame enough to rely on an aimbot to win
♥ Dark Woona ♥ : That just because my sniper name is http://LMAOBox.com or?
Crypt Guard : after speccing you
Crypt Guard : and seeing obvious aimbot
♥ Dark Woona ♥ : Okay
♥ Dark Woona ♥ : If you say so
ツ kulik1 [⇌] : nice aimbot wonna
lucas.horve : hacks
lucas.horve : loser
servant of Azrael : who is hacking?
Woona : THX
lucas.horve : Woona!
Regina yo! : bravoo hack team
Regina yo! : hack
Mosquito : is woona aimbotting?
gough1980 : HACK
Regina yo! : ..
servant of Azrael : are you using aimbot?
Woona : No
Jason28161 : also i think its unlikelly 3 bullets can kill someone...
Jason28161 : in a tf2 sense
servant of Azrael : true
Jason28161 : so its reverted to on off switch for the heavy aimbot or whatever the hell hes using to spawn camp
Jason28161 : causing this cheap win
Jason28161 : also.. bruno.. no one can understand you
*SPEC* QuantumBanana : cheap win? yes. aimbot? no
QuantumBanana : suck that dick, fag
Le joueur QuantumBanana a quitté la partie (Disconnect by user.)
kevindulaney77 : woona f u
RARE PEPE DO NOT STEAL : now he runs because he doeant have a medi beam up his ass
kevindulaney77 : ofc you fuck you fuck you moona
03:17 - Woona ♥Memories♥: watch you want faggot lel
03:17 - ғ̲ᴇ̲ʟ̲ɪ̲x̲9̲6̲6̲: report for greifeng with video proof. allso bad language thank you i can add that
03:17 - Woona ♥Memories♥: LEL
03:17 - Woona ♥Memories♥: Ok ty
03:17 - Woona ♥Memories♥: Report me
03:17 - Woona ♥Memories♥: I'm wwaiting my VACaction
03:17 - Woona ♥Memories♥: zz
03:18 - ғ̲ᴇ̲ʟ̲ɪ̲x̲9̲6̲6̲: you dont get a vac ban for that
03:18 - ғ̲ᴇ̲ʟ̲ɪ̲x̲9̲6̲6̲: be realistic
03:18 - ғ̲ᴇ̲ʟ̲ɪ̲x̲9̲6̲6̲: atlest once in your life
03:18 - ғ̲ᴇ̲ʟ̲ɪ̲x̲9̲6̲6̲: a grown man hidding behind a child avatar female pony ...
03:18 - ғ̲ᴇ̲ʟ̲ɪ̲x̲9̲6̲6̲: report is out to steam Gm service
03:19 - ғ̲ᴇ̲ʟ̲ɪ̲x̲9̲6̲6̲ Is now Offline.
Double ragequit :D
Woona ♥Memories♥ killed Le pingouin.L'impact! with loose_cannon.
Woona ♥Memories♥ killed STEEEEVE with loose_cannon. (crit)
Player Le pingouin.L'impact! Leave the game (Disconnect by user.)
Player STEEEEVE Leave the game (Disconnect by user.)
Felix Reto (Reapy) : or do i have to ddos.
car : whos the hacker
Felix Reto (Reapy) : woona
car : i dont think hes hacking
Felix Reto (Reapy) : the
Blizzard the Cat : I doubt it
Mackrel Milk Gregg : a woona is a woona
Woona : ofc
Felix Reto (Reapy) : ew
Felix Reto (Reapy) : good job walker
Felix Reto (Reapy) : u got the hacker
Woona : gonna go well on my profil ty
*MORT* Demo_Spam : ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Woona : Or you can also take a video of me and send it to Max box spot the hacker lel
HackOsorusRex™ : Lool woona isnt hacking
HackOsorusRex™ : hes missed plenty of shots
Felix Reto (Reapy) : he prob turn it off?
Felix Reto (Reapy) : i would
HackOsorusRex™ : Dude
HackOsorusRex™ : He wasnt ever hacking
mountain_drew_ : Wow ender
HackOsorusRex™ : xd
mountain_drew_ : That was pathetic
Felix Reto (Reapy) : i like the name of his sniper
HackOsorusRex™ : Everyone blames people for hacking just because of names
Woona killed Felix Reto (Reapy) with sniperrifle. (crit)
Le joueur Felix Reto (Reapy) a quitté la partie (Disconnect by user.)

*MORT* Ningeril : wonna nice hack man
+$3250 : récompense d'équipe pour avoir éliminé l'équipe adverse.
● (Terroriste) Woona @ Départ T : MEH
● ★.◤BluSteR◢.★ : bien jouer la rage
● Woona : Thx
+$300 : récompense pour avoir neutralisé un ennemi.
*MORT* Grejuva : Nice hack bro
MrTasY™ : woona hack spotted
● Woona : what
MrTasY™ : fait pas genre
● Woona : ;-;
MrTasY™ : lel
*MORT* MrTasY™ : Vac Ban incomming
(Terroriste) patr0l #ez10 Euro @ Départ T : woona you 50h and :/ plsss
(Terroriste) patr0l #ez10 Euro @ Départ T : off !
*MORT* Woona : Well VACaction!
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Nn j'ai rien delete wlh mais cv c'est bien comme up un truc sur l'islam
.moe Feb 28 @ 10:58pm 
https://m.imgur.com/MuWTjae je cherchais un truc à mettre sur ton profil donc voilà héhé
.moe Feb 28 @ 10:47pm 
Il y a pas eu de commentaire depuis un an ou t’en as delete fdp?
everything all black on me Jun 16, 2018 @ 8:34am 
hola Max
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cheater !
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you have been hit by

dat means ur one of us now

repost this to 5 of ur fav ♥♥♥♥♥s or u'll be banished