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:csgox: I am using a bot to sell my unusuals right now.

:csgox: You can see which unusuals I am currently selling at the link below.

:csgox: You can always add me to overpay in items/unusuals. If I like your offer, I'll withdraw the unusual you want from the bot's inventory and trade with you normally.

Thx for understanding. Happy Trades to everyone

My Unusual Bot and It's Backpack []
My Only Alt Account Which is Not a Bot
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Spicy Water 16 hours ago 
Can I add to discuss your Haunted Ghost Brigade Helm?
A comfortable chair 17 hours ago 
Added to talk about the scorching flames berliners bucket
myer Apr 21 @ 1:40pm 
Added to Overpay for your Burning Flames Defiant Spartan, paying with my 1 of 1 Strange Tyrant's Helm and Ye Olde Baker Boy (Both unusual of course)
[CMEN] Parakeet Apr 21 @ 5:58am 
added for ye olde baker boy miami nights
HalfDutchTiger Apr 17 @ 6:53pm 
Added to barter for Burning Flames Tippler's Tricorne owned by your bot debug's 24/7 unusuals.
zx Apr 17 @ 10:22am 
added to do trade