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It is critical that you have some common sense before contacting me.

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No that is not me in the profile picture - no I don't handle SR related issues over my steam account unless I need something specific from you.
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I hardly use Steam anymore - don't waste your time adding me/messaging me here...really it will take me weeks to see it.
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Quorner 5meter rock beamer Feb 22 @ 2:34am 
i am trying to make a report and i cant messege you in any way and i want to report someone how do i do that? every time i load up steamrep i dont see notifications i used to see them in chat box thing but now i dont. why?
Link86 Feb 8 @ 10:16pm 
I had a question in regards to SR, not a ban or any kind of tangible issue, more like a question in regards to is it safe to trade someone who recently traded a marked scammer, but they themselves are not marked. also why are they not marked? hope this is nothing but these antlers just sold for cash(claims the buyer)
Sandrex Jan 2 @ 5:46am 
Happy new year , legend <3
Fortified Dec 11, 2022 @ 7:30pm 
+rep, thank you kind sir for your amazing work on steam rep
Basic information about choices to solve really expensive trade of my friend - im out of trading and bit lost so i though if i may steal few minutes of your time.. Sorry if im asking for help by bad way of you , peace , if u can and may then add me pls , ty .
Horse Dec 3, 2022 @ 11:41am