Leave a detailed comment as to why you are adding me otherwise it may be ignored. I DO NOT HANDLE SR RELATED ISSUES OVER MY STEAM!!

I keep a tight amount of people on my list - If I remove you don't take it personally...I clean my friends list often.
I'm also NOT A BOT!!! -- I'm real as real can get..
It is critical that you have some common sense before contacting me.

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No that is not me in the profile picture - no I don't handle SR related issues over my steam account unless I need something specific from you.
If you do spam my comments section I will block you...pretty obvious that it will happen.
I do have Discord - comment as to why you want it..nothing stupid and nothing SR related!!

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Mr.Crowley Sep 11 @ 6:21pm 
a͏t͏a͏.e͏x͏e͏🎄 Aug 3 @ 6:26am 
hi mr horse
Horse Aug 2 @ 9:47am 
no thanks
r Aug 2 @ 9:15am 
Added to talk about something concerning me and no I'm not going to complain about my case.
Horse Aug 1 @ 11:41am 
you log into SteamRep forums, find my name and send PM. Works just like any other forum/site.
Horse Aug 1 @ 6:28am 
Sorry can't help you then