Please comment why you're adding me or it will be ignored. :chaos:
Being impersonated. If you have a comment on your profile, it's not from me.

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Fierceknight Nov 24 @ 9:06pm 
This is fierceknight from chat! :) want to add you my dude!
The Lone Thalassius Nov 12 @ 4:53pm 
If you are selling that Ethereal Essence Eyewear, what is your price?
MintyKev (Done with scammers) Nov 11 @ 10:00am 
Added for trade
King of XMas Jamal Nov 7 @ 12:45pm 
Added about a reservation I want to setup on your Wing Mann
TTV.Mete_GSL Nov 5 @ 8:56am 
Added becuase PeepoLove