Czech Republic
Cs 1.6/Cs:go Surfer

If you don't have a proper reason for adding me please don't do It. I'll delete you.

If you wanna teach surf I haven't got problem with it. But I will give you some advice only. Surf is about training.

No I'm not going to play matchmaking with you. I'm SOLO player.

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$ea Apr 29 @ 11:52am 
-Rep cheating on a 1v1 wow lol
✪Lyniz Apr 23 @ 4:21am 
Signed by Lyniz :steamhappy:
trololo xenon Apr 13 @ 1:15am 
turn on when loose
Indy Jan 25 @ 7:56am 
:D:D maybe you should learn to play if you think that Im cheater :D
☜☞|★|☜☞ Jan 25 @ 2:40am 
your fucking cheater learn to play you need cheats because you cant get a derank / loose mabay play hellokittyonline YOUR FUCKING CHEATER
sky†wTF?! Jan 15 @ 1:27pm 
tak co cock :P