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Hi Friend! I like to play the Demonstration man in TF2 even though I'm terrible. I like to play Highlander as well as 6s. I've been on several teams and played quite a few seasons so far.

One day I'll put silly quotes here...but today is not that day.

I enjoy a lot of multiplayer games so if you need someone to play with just message me. If I say no, I'm sorry, real life and college eat up a lot of time ;_;

Pyrohamster is a fantastic artist! Made my profile pic! Check him out

My Life

Power, get more power! Adrenaline is flowing through my brain! Power, get more Power! With discipline and every hour that I've trained!
Hero! The tallest mountain started as a stone! I once was weak but now I've grown! Hero! I know, the weakness within is my greatest foe!
Push on! The mortal man I used to be has died! There's gods inside my fist tonight! Hero! I'll stay until I taste the dirt of defeat someday.
Unleash my fist! Hero!
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Come back Fastshot
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in a world full of lmao is brave enough to still XD to his fullest.
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when fastshot takes off the sparkle:
when fastshot puts them back on:
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