Dzwienk geluidtjes   Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
OwO who dis?

Look at you go, you actually cared enough to click the "View more info"-button!

If you are interested in adding me, then you've probably come here to find out a little bit more about myself:

I like:
- Games
I like a ton of different games across all genres!
My favorite franchise would be the Soulsseries, Dark Souls 1, 2 and 3.
And while I started with the first one and spent countless amounts of hours in it, the third one is going to take the spot for being the "best" ouf ot the series.

Some other amazing games include:
-Dota 2
-Borderlands 2
-Civ V
-Payday 2
-Tabletop Simulator
-For Honor
The list just goes on and on...

- Listening to all sorts of music
And by that I mean pretty much everything!
Be it Dubstep, Metal, Jazz, Swing and so on...
I enjoy the music for what it is and not what genre it belongs to.

- Being Creative
This includes:
-Sewing, as some of my artwork might suggest
-Sculpting or modeling
Though while I like reading, I am usually not actively reading a book.
I have yet to find one again, that is quite as captivating as Markus Heitz's The Dwarves.
And there are a lot more fun ways of being creative!

- Chatting
When I am not busy gaming, I am quite the chatty person and try to always respond to any messages as fast as I can.
I really enjoy getting asked questions and being asked about my opinion on things, as well as just generally talking.
However I am actually quite shy when it comes to engaging new people or talking via voicechat, but depending on how good our chemistry is I might just hit you up on it.
Generally speaking, voicechatting is something I keep to people I know for a longer time.
Basically everything goes back to how well I feel about our relationship!

Adding me:
When it comes to adding me, just go for it. The worst thing that can happen is I remove, block you and move on. The best thing that could happen is you turn out to be my soulmate and we turn into a big humanity devouring monstrosity... Or just good friends.
However, while I do accept (almost) all requests, stuff like VAC-bans, Game-bans, 100+ friends, and generally how your profile looks and what games you play will always leave a first impression.
The same goes for me too really, you have already seen that I enjoy Dark Souls, memes and pc-gaming... But yea, I would still give you the benefit of a doubt and try to get to know you a little more!

However, if I feel like you treat our growing relationship like dirt and not like fertile soil (If you dont really care to get to know me, or about me at all), then I will much likely talk to you about it; If you still dont seem to care, then I will just go ahead and unfriend you.

I would also appreciate it if you were 18+.

Messaging me:
Shoot me a message whenever you feel like it, I wont hate you for it. Am I offline? Am I in a game? Am I away, busy, looking for trade, snooze or online, just do it.
I will try to respond to every message as soon as I can; And expect pretty much the same from everybody else.
Now that doesnt mean that you have to answer immediately, however it would be nice to get a message when you have the time for it.
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