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yea there were quite a lot of mmo's but im not sure they were "clones", could be influenced by wow's success but nothing more. Rift as far as i remember was closest to be clone, guild wars was before wow, age of conan was nowhere near similar to wow, i mean their idea was awesome but the game was bad and anyway Funcom ( AoC devs ) had MMO way before wow aswell. WoW being successful doesn't mean all other companies making MMO's are copying it, especially since wow itself copied ALOT from others, funcoms AO aswell, whom you called "disciples" of blizzard.

I mean blizzard deserves a credit for making kinda cornerstone of mmo's, but looking at it release it really didn't have that many new ideas, it's only thanks to YEARS of further development that wow ended up with alot of features that was being copied by some companies, but it goes for all genres in industry, you can't very well create alot of exclusive stuff nowdays.
Jun 14 @ 3:41pm
In topic Retaliation/Reflect tweaks/items coming?
Originally posted by Same Bacon:
I was mostly hoping for more end game options, yeah. I sort of get why retaliation doesn't work on ranged attacks but it doesn't really put you into any danger, just hinders you a little. I heard there's a mod that just makes retaliation work on ranged attackers, so I'll look for that.

I guess it's also a bit of a surprise to me that Grim Dawn generally handles the other ARPG build tropes just fine, but decided to not really do too much with the thorns one.

That's the idea, have you tried to kill vaulbury council with pure retalation build? I had and i have to say it is not the most exciting expirience.
Originally posted by Matthew:
Originally posted by powbam:
To me GD picks up the ball left behind by D2 and TQ and carries it forward.

Yeah, I agree.

And speaking of people not remembering the past very well, it seems y'all forgot just how few games, especially with decent online support, there were back in the day. Yeah the atmosphere of D2 gave it worth, but it was also widely successful because it was more or less one of its kind.

I mean, the entire reason why Blizzard got so huge is because they were rather good at dominating certain genres early on. If Diablo 2 didn't exist, it is quite possible Blizzard wouldn't have been as successful overall. D2 heavily influenced WoW, another game which dominated its respective genre.

D2 is, objectively, a monumental game. It shaped the gaming market far more than pretty much any other game. The number of arpg and mmo clones Blizzard directly influenced is massive, and D2 is a big part of that.

I know it is "edgy" to disagree with the consensus that D2 was a great game, but deadlydan is exactly correct: hundreds of thousands of gamers all over the world are not somehow deluded and mistakened and it is just one random guy who truly understands D2's (lack) of worth. I suppose it is good for the ego, but it is denying reality. D2 existed, it was great, and had massive impact. Deal with it :tdealwithit:

I duno how D2 influenced wow, im pretty sure the only similar thing they've shared is skill-tree, i guess it got popular almost everywhere after. I agree that diablo is probably one of the most cloned games of all time, but definetely not wow, i mean there were few wow clones like star wars old republic but that's pretty much about it. Im pretty sure diablo didn't shape that much, considering this genre isn't all that popular, compared to warcraft or counter-strike its whatever.
Jun 14 @ 3:10pm
In topic Retaliation/Reflect tweaks/items coming?
Its just a mechanic which if you make retaliate ranged attacks it would be complete faceroll, impossible to wipe etc, so it's more like optional addition to some builds imo, it isnt THAT great by itself but can be good in something like DEE witchblade or smth.
king of what? There wasn't that many arpgs around to compete. Imo the only thing to be respected is blizzards effort to advance multiplayer, but that goes for all their games of that period. And it's not like it was some crazy developed story like planescape or arcanum, neither it was some technological advance, just solid all around arpg, basically one of the kind which has relied heavily on multiplayer as general feature.

I mean it WAS a good game but you kinda exaggarating it relevance.
aether ray warlock is pretty strong and you can mix him into ALOT of fun stuff, like medal from blood lord, that convert doom bolt vitality into fire, making it like chaos/fire/aether warlock with devastation plus things like albrechts duality and claivoyance set, i've played such warlock and it pretty strong. Don't see why warlock would need any pets, having doom bolt and blood of dreeg is enough from occultist branch, maybe possesion aswell, but that's either that or reckless power, what you like more.
MAYBE if it was nearly after release they could consider something like that, but now there is no way. Understandable so, because this was basically pilot project and risking with huge amount of work for advanced online system might've not paid off. I think they might do smth like that in future, but i kinda doubt, poe is making pretty good money as far as i know though, but again they worked on it for a LONG time and still working so duno.

Originally posted by DeadlyDanDaMan:
Originally posted by Mikaelion:
Whoever says that D2 is the best ARPG to date has a few screws loose.

I say that, and so do MILLIONS of other people around the world. Trust me, you don't want to stir up that hornets nest.

Well diablo as arpg was nothing that special, but it was like one of the firsts massive online games even before most MMO's tnx to battlenet, from what i remember most of the love for it came from online part, especially those hardcore pvp's.
Jun 11 @ 12:46am
In topic Animal watch set question
yea i've opened that shop. but merging watches is free, you just need all 3 smaller ones.
Jun 10 @ 1:34pm
In topic Animal watch set question
there is so much stuff that require materials... so you're saying you can like upgrade those watches into something with materials later? I mean i can combine them without any loss in future?
Jun 10 @ 12:58pm
In topic Animal watch set question
Based on first game i figure you can trade "set" items for zemurian ore or smth else later in game. I've got all 3 watches, which are parts of set, but combined watch isnt marked as set item and you only get one of the watches from quest. So my question is, if i combine them now for decent accessory, would i be able to trade combined item for ore or whatever or do i need to keep them divided to trade 3 smaller ones?
Jun 10 @ 12:39pm
In topic What should I do once I'm level 100?
well every popular diablo like game using ladder/season systems to keep interest in game. I also in favor of refreshing characters every now and then, because having everything would be boring. But again those systems only really works with random maps, levels and other "random" activities with random rewards, i can't see devs bother with that in GD, if you want "competetive" diablolike game, poe imo provides the most activities.
Jun 10 @ 12:29pm
In topic pet builds and viability.
yea i don't like pet builds either, they don't provide anything special and only have more downsides the further you advance in game, they also doesn't excel in any department a.k.a. damage, defense etc, could be fun? to play for a while but nothing else. ( i don't find them fun either, but i don't like any kind of pet classes in games so it might be me ).

IMO the best use of pets its something like arcanist/necromancer with aether ray or other powerfull ability covered with pets, and revenant devotion for extra frontline meat, but focusing on pets isn't that strong.

As the person above said, they don't do anything usefull where it counts ( bosses ) and everyone else can run around kill common minions...usually much better.
Jun 8 @ 11:34am
In topic Is Ashes of malmouth worth getting?
Well if you don't mind getting it, than its definetely worth. The size of the expansion is pretty significant, more items, more factions, new classes, pretty much what you want in such games.
Jun 6 @ 12:14pm
In topic Set Skills on Keyboard dont work
you can remap them to anything though, i have most skills on letters and some even on mousewheel. This may have something to do with default energy potion bind, try to rebind that first and than reasign E to whatever you want.
Jun 5 @ 8:25am
In topic Some help with classes
well both dual wield and two-handed have both garbage builds and good builds, though im not sure if there's still solid dual-wield soldier builds. 2H forcewave should be crazy good still.
Jun 4 @ 5:05am
In topic Grind Dawn
Wow surprise... diablo like game where your goal is to grind items, who would've guessed.
May 29 @ 1:33pm
In topic Am I playing the game wrong?
honestly HP doesnt REALLY mean anything in terms of defense where it matters, i saw warlocks with like 5k hp facetanking ultimate nemesises etc. You want get required defense, damage reduction where possible, all or physical ( most enemies do phys damage, at least partially ), armor, high HP helps, but only if your main defensive stats are good enough.

Granted you are warlock... get 1 point in flash freeze, it's best 1 point CC in game really can save you alot, i'd max aspect of the guardian if you having problems with survival, you also happen to not have mirror of eroectes, which is STRANGE at the very least, since its also one of the best 1 point abilities in game.

Nulification is really great too, if you can afford press extra button sometimes, it dispels everything from you as well as from the enemies, like regeneration auras and other nasty stuff. And what do you know, it is also enough to get 1 point in it.
May 27 @ 2:55pm
In topic Clairvoyance set
yea tnx for detailed answer, so that's why this set makes little sense to me in terms of "duality" between chaos and aether, because only doom bolt can be really dual, aether ray is impossible to make mixed as far as i got this. Main reason because i wanted to know is the dying god devotion, since i have it now i want to know whether i need to remove it or not if i want to play with aether ray.

Oh right there is also sigil spell with some kind of chaos in it, but i don't really like that spell.
May 27 @ 2:16pm
In topic Clairvoyance set
Originally posted by KG:
The set only converts ~40% chaos to aether. It isn't a bad thing that it boosts the less-favored damage types; most good sets do that. Sure it is better to convert it all but a set isn't meant to railroad you into one possibility nor should they only support builds with perfect gear.

Why would 50/50 or full conversion make the set useless? It has more Aether bonuses than Chaos and All Damage on each set piece to boot. Clairvoyant has been for a while and continues to be a powerful set. Even without the set the hat is one of the best items in game for anything that needs CDR.

Yea, but the thing i dont understand - this set is basically meant for warlock, but only 2 really "Chaos" spells are aether ray and doom bolt, as people above said, modified aether ray doesnt recieve any +chaos damage bonuses...or does it if it's 50/50? Basically what i want to know is there any reason to have +chaos damage modifier with 40-50% convert? Would it affect chaotic aether ray or not?
May 27 @ 1:29pm
In topic Clairvoyance set
so basically this set is useless? Even if i go 50/50 aether ray would only scale from +aether and only part where i can get any bonus on chaos modifier would be doom bolt?
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