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Mar 11 @ 10:15am
In topic Pirates Not Attacking Bug
Thanks!!!! Its a whole new game!!!
Doing the same thing. 88hrs was just TOO peaceful!!!!:)
agree with you onehand, its a reason we got the game. I dont want EVERY red blip to attack
ME, they can spred the love alittle. But if I have alot of good cargo I have to plan that Im gonna be pretty high on the list..
Restarted, same effeckt. I dont see alot of people playing this.....
I've got 88hrs. Been scanned and shot in Galileo by the exploded mines, and once in cassious.
Since then NEVER. Did the "find my alien stuff" mission. Think there is a problem with the
event trigger. Never actually got to the cargo, just close. Had so much damage deceided to
go get rep. At arrival the script took off although I wasnt at the right station and had no alien stuff.
Feels REALLY empty. The pirate story is pretty cool. Human flesh?? tasty....
Dosnt crash very often, but like I said, have the feeling not much is going on.
Has anyone ever found somthing in the uninhabited systems????
Showing 1-5 of 5 entries