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A story of disaster lesbians told in metaphors layered so thick it gets incredibly dense, even "supermassive enough to warp local spacetime".

It takes some time to piece together what's really happening, how the politics of this world actually work, and who the characters really are. What you can't miss though, is the flirt between the three main characters - sometimes cute, sometimes badass, most of the time utterly broken (and thus very relatable).
Posted July 30, 2018.
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A surprisingly fresh take on the survival, crafting and zombie mashup.

Cooperation is at the heart of the experience and clearly shaped the design of the game from the very beginning. What looks like a generic, grind-and-craft kind of game with cutesy visuals, turned out to be a deeper and definitely more "meta" and social-oriented experience after a few hours. With cutesy visuals.
I played during the closed beta, and the game had... flaws. With the amount of items, weapons and crafting ingredients in the game, there were always a thing or two that were out of balance or totally overpowered for a while - but the meta quickly evolved to catch up with that.
The resulting experience is one that took place as much inside of the game as outside of it, with the player community (on Discord, on the forums, etc...) being at the heart of the game, more so than some of the in-game features.

You're not just cooperating because someone is sharing their lunch with you at a campfire. You're not just cooperating with a group of 4 in an instance. You're cooperating - in and outside of the game - to make the battle of the remaining humans against the zombie hordes a meaningful experience. I can't help but think that this was done on purpose.

TL;DR: You should really keep an eye on Dead Maze.

Actually, you should play it right now, but hear me out: Atelier 801 has kept their previous games running, entertaining and fresh for YEARS, and I'm pretty sure that's going to happen with Dead Maze as well. If there's a team that's capable of transforming a run-of-the-mill "bash zombies; get monies" experience into a strong community-driven success, it's this one.

If it's not your thing yet, give it time; it will become your thing in no time.
Posted February 14, 2018.
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