Sgt Todd Bromley
Tristan Blair   Washington, United States
Name: Todd Bromley
Age: 18 Years Old
Nickname: T-bone
Date of Birth: March 31st, 1924
Birthplace: Tacoma, WA
Nationality: US
Rank: Sergeant
Serial Number: 435334045
Crew Position: Right Waist Gunner
Aircraft: Boeing B-17F Flying Fortress
Squadron/Group: 252nd Bomber Squadron, 501st Bomber Group, 8th Air Force

Real Info:
Name: Tristan Blair
Age: 25
Nationality: US

Important things that have happened:
April 14th, 2015 at 10:45PM - Scored 10,000 robots killed with my Botkiller Minigun Sasha, WITH the assistance of my dear friend and Doctor, captainLagger
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