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Jun 6 @ 9:59am
In topic Anyone actually getting into a game?
I had luck with EU some 90 minutes ago.
Probably too much going on at the moment. :happycyclops:
Ich glaube, dass die Leute, die sagen 'stelle deine Frage besser im jeweiligen Spiel-Forum' dies nicht sagen um klugzuscheissen, sondern weil sie selber nicht in der Lage sind dem Threaersteller bei seinem Problem zu helfen. Deswegen verweisen sie an einen Ort, an dem sich potentiell mehr Personen befinden, die bei diesem Problem helfen könnten. Es besteht in den Spielforen auch keine 'Englisch-Pflicht', man kann dort also auch auf deutsch posten.
Es wirkt halt manchmal unfreundlich, aber das liegt eben daran, dass ein 'kurz und knapp' gefasster Hilfe-Versuch nicht so freundlich wirkt wie ein länger geschriebener Text in dem man seine Intention nochmal extra ausformuliert.
Diesen Leuten jetzt Böswilligkeit/Garstigkeit zu unterstellen, halte ich größtenteils für anmaßend.

Schön, dass es hier trotzdem einen Lösungsvorschlag gab. Glück gehabt.
Jun 1 @ 7:05am
In topic Suche altes game ca1998-2003
Puuh. Ich hau mal n paar Titel raus. Vielleicht haben wir ja doch Glück.
-Severance (von Codemasters, glaube ich)
-Sacrifice (Shiny)

Aber vielleicht war es ja irgendein russisches RPG das kaum einer kennt oder so...
I found this text in the pinned thread "Information for players..."

Originally posted by Fattierob:
5 Achievements are directly related to storyline progression and are achieved when you view certain scenes during the story. If you skip over these you might not unlock them until you beat the story mode completely so make sure to read everything and skip nothing! Most Achievements are only unlocked when you save your game.. If you think you should have gotten an Achievement, save your game first! If it doesn't unlock after that, try viewing your combat records and then saving your game.

Maybe this helps.
May 18 @ 3:22pm
In topic Spill Your Salt HERE
Playing as Isaac and already having finished Mega Satan on a previous playthrough, trying to do a different finish (for completion and achievement) and then accidently walking into Mega Satan room...:rage:
Thank you!
I was looking for something like this but must have overlooked it.
P.S. Your games are amazing.
Thanks so much.
I think that is exactly what I was loking for.
Hello crybabies.
I am playing this game for some time now without using any guides or help.

But one thing I really want to know now is the description of all the different runs and how to accomplish them.
-> When selecting a character I see the card on upper left corner that shows all accomplished runs for that charakter.
However, I sometimes have breaks of several months not playing this game and just want to "complete" the runs for every character.

So any pointing out to a guide that describes the runs (and shows their symbol too) would be much appreciated.

Also I am asking myself if all character can do all the runs, or are some characters not able to do a specific run?

Thanks in advance.
What if I wanted to play the game in english with, say, russian voiceovers?
Sadly you cannot pick this from options.
So I asked myself, if maybe some renaming or interchanging of the gamefiles could do the trick.
Quickly searching through the gamefolders did not show me any obvious and easy solution.
Maybe someone can help?
Thanks in advance,

I really liked when I played the first The Witcher game with polish language voiceovers and german subs (my polish is not so good so this was a great experience for me)
damn....scene complexity requirement kills this for me. :ChipStern:
Apr 27 @ 8:37am
In topic Killer App Mod v1.2 Requests

(I just visited the Tron 2.0 forums yesterday with the same intention but did not post anything.)

Would love to see the "final" release.

Apr 26 @ 2:26pm
In topic Key not redeeming on GOG.
Yeah, I had no luck.
And the method i thought would work was crap. :ChipStern:
Apr 26 @ 1:13pm
In topic Key not redeeming on GOG.
You need to go to the multiplayer section of the game (from the main menu) there you can see your "CD-key" which is different from the "steam-key"
At least that´s how it was with registering the 1st game on gog.

editing myself: Does not work.
Apr 26 @ 4:39am
In topic suggest games for me
Mount & Blade: Warband
+the Napoleonic Wars DLC
Apr 26 @ 3:38am
In topic Suggest Easy to get "Badges"
I think there is one easy badge you can get by visiting a steam page/url. Check the forums or the internet for 'Red herring'-badge or something similar...:waveycyclops:
Edit: Sorry, seems it is not available anymore.
Apr 17 @ 5:27am
In topic Can someone recommend me Horror games?
You want 'not toooo scary' so I would also go with F.E.A.R. You can get the whole trilogy bundled for a real low price at 'Fanatical' (formerly known as 'bundlestars')
Edit: you having played kf2 (wich I consider rather splatter than horror) you may eventually enjoy the Dead Island games too.
Apr 15 @ 1:12pm
In topic Known issues
Limited gamepad controls!
(Slot not equippable)
This slot cannot be "reached" after selecting armor and trying to slot it in. :ChipStern:
Apr 10 @ 12:10pm
In topic Spiele wie Mount & Blade ?!

Definitiv die Inspiration für M&B.
(Steuerung stammt noch aus der Zeit als jeder n Joystick zuhause stehen hatte. Gamepad ist also empfehlenswert.)
Great changes/fixes!
OFP4Ever! :mkb::9mm:
If that doesn´t work, you can still just drop your instrument with "g"-button after starting a song.
Then, after switching to your weapon, hit the walk/run toggle button some times until you are running again.
However, when the song is finished, you cannot start to play another one.
Thank god the life expectancy of a napoleonic wars times musician playing this way is not long anyways. :F1time::warplate1::F1time:
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