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10. okt kl. 13:48
I tråden: Refund Request Denied unfairly
I think you can only refund when under 2 hours of play time.
It is worth a try, but I think it won´t happen...
Is there a list of games that can be played with contoller (either fully, or after initial setup in the options menu)
but which aren´t officially marked as being able to be played this way?

When in steam big picture mode, you can filter your games for "controller supported"...
But is there anywhere a list on the internet that shows the games which do so, but did not "check that box" on steam?

Thank you in advance,
Steam deactivates 'hot-linking' (direct links to the storepage) on games that are temporarily available for free. Afaik
Controllers are supported. I have played it in big picture mode on TV with my controller.
But it is just simulating the mouse, so the controls are really awkward and not enjoyable at all. :ChipStern:
So if you really want to enjoy it, you should play it with mouse.
9. okt kl. 4:15
I tråden: Suggestions for other games like this one?
Mini Ghost (on steam)
Momodora: Reverie under the Moonlight (steam)
Knytt Stories (free on the Internet)
8. okt kl. 6:55
I tråden: CAN WE TRADE GAMES ???
You coul buy games and add them to your Inventory as an item. They were called gift copies. This function was removed some year ago, probably because of people trying to make abusive trades. However, some people still have gift copies in their inventory that are still tradeable. But they are very few...
7. okt kl. 13:45
I tråden: Steam blinking when I open
I think this came with the latest chat+friend update.
Now you have to check your friends-tab after starting steam to make it 'unblink' (although there is no new message or anything...duh)
5. okt kl. 17:11
I tråden: Telltales Untergang
Bin mit The Walking Dead & Co. nicht wirklich warm geworden. Da gucke ich lieber gleich nen Film bzw. ne Serie.
Denn wirklich knobeln mußte man bei den Dingern nicht
und Quick Time Events ('drücke ganz schnell bzw. ganz oft einen bestimmten Knopf') finde ich in 95% der Fälle einfach nur dumm/nervig.
Das hat für mich nichts mit können zu tun und ist auch nicht immersiv, eher das Gegenteil.

Die beiden Puzzle Agent Spiele fand ich aber super.
26. sep kl. 7:48
I tråden: Scan mode bugged?
same problem:
win10, i3 2100 3,1 ghz, 8 GB RAM, geforce 1030 2GB
latest drivers

suddenly it´s working...
19. sep kl. 6:59
I tråden: How to filter my games for Linux?
that is really helpful when browsing the store!

but is there no way to filter my library to show only linux games?
19. sep kl. 6:54
I tråden: How to filter my games for Linux?
Is there a way to filter my games library to only show games that support Linux?
Thanks in advance
28. aug kl. 15:10
I tråden: Game crashes at 1-3
Try the 4GB patch. It stopped my game from crashing on door-transitions.

Good luck!
I would go with the dell with an i3 or i5 and the 1030.
Myself I am running an i3 2100 with an gtx 1030 and I am positively surprised of what I can run.
Whenyou have a steamlink or other means to stream onto your TV and a decent gamepad, then you are set up good.
And steam has so many games...
Enjoy Star Wars and Resident Evil.
I also had a strange feeling about this, but still bought it.
Crossing my fingers here that this purchase was not a mistake.
On the other hand, I had a lot of fun with the game the last few days. :mkb::sgbullet::9mm:
12. jul kl. 13:39
I tråden: Suche altes game ca1998-2003
Wow! Freut mich, dass du es endlich gefunden hast. :servant:
7. jul kl. 16:29
I tråden: Aktivierungscode defect
Freut mich, dass es dann doch noch geklappt hat. (Auch wenn erst nach dem summer sale)
Ich drücke mal die Daumen, dass du nie wieder eine Datei an den support schicken musst. :trolol:
3. jul kl. 15:38
I tråden: Aktivierungscode defect
Puh mist...
hast du es eigentlich schon direkt beim Händler verucht bei dem du die Karte gekauft hast?
Wenn du die darauf aufmerksam machen würdest, dass es sich um einen "Produktfehler" bzw. einen "Mangel" handelt, dann könnten sie vielleicht einem Umtausch zustimmen.

Das deutsche Verbraucherrecht ist da eigentlich sehr Kundenfreundlich.
Viel Glück!
3. jul kl. 12:49
I tråden: WOTS 1 & 2
We can always hope for a remaster.
I couldn´t get into the 2nd game somehow, it seemed to branched out for me, just not enough focus.
But I loved Way of the Samurai 1 on the Playstation.

I mean, developers/publishers have given us OKAMI HD and are going for Shenmue 1&2, so I hope that a remake of the old games is happening at some point. The series surely deserves it.
1. jul kl. 23:14
I tråden: ♥♥♥♥ barrels
+ you can try to "fight" the S.O.B.-problem with creativity.

By using mines/knockback, you can try to trap the S.O.B. This takes away the time-pressure or the annoying fight against him

On another note:
I hate those barrels too.
Nowadays I always shoot them from far away, because I know what they can do to my drunken self -.-
P.S. You could also try to find the best cocktail recipe for minimizing explosion damage.
1. jul kl. 4:39
I tråden: Steam-link without steam?
Wow. I didn't know about the SDK. Thanks for the link.
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