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Thanks Rokaz, Quelana has appeared!
This is not topic of discussion, quit it. You make no sense
Wl5 can see WL10, there is also password summoning
I am doing SL1 WL5 challenge with all achievements and I got stuck with Quelanas quest. In order for her to appear I or anyone in my world should posses at least pyro flame +10. Looking for for anyone willing to just appear in my world.

If you want something in exchange for this then tell.
Can you ask them to fix broken ankles in rolling and sprinting animations as well? That would be delightful!
Тебя забанили. Была такая же проблема.
Nov 6, 2018 @ 5:45pm
In topic What was the update?

Anyone willing to infect me with Vampire Portrait Frame? Please add me on steam and we'll play at least one legend game together.
Oct 9, 2018 @ 11:10am
In topic Berserker Voice Call?
1.2.1 Beta has added berserkers callouts
Sep 29, 2018 @ 11:32pm
In topic How do I get gud at Dwarf Ranger?
I've ran RV on legend with following setup:
Melee: Axe: attack speed, crit chance, parry
Ranged: Grudge-raker: chaos, infantry, scrounger
Necklace: 2 stam, 20hp, boon
Charm: skaven, infantry
trinket: of your choice but +5 crit will help with scrounger

Talents: +attack, +movement, +potions, +kills, +cooldown or +20hp

Axe for elites and small packs, one-shots clanrats with bodyhits. Grudge raker for hyperdense hordes, just two shots of grudge-raker can delete almost whole wave of horde, depending on position, and for extremely quick dispatching of elites up close. Right-click with grudgeraker if out of ammo.
Patch fixed the issue
Originally posted by Sadistic Sam:
I'm unable to roll this on a crossbow either. It's always all the other combinations BUT this one. Wasted 120 dusts, not willing to waste more. (Not sure if this was possible on crossbows before, but I see no reason on why not)

It is impossible to have both power vs Skaven and vs Chaos on one weapon since Beta.
But it was on charm and that's the topic of this thread.
By the way, Fatshark made announcement about patching backend errors next week and I hope it will fix rerolling combinations.
I honestly think possible properties combinations are busted somewhat. I received red spear two days ago and no amount of rerolling netted me attack speed/crit chance combination. I do suspect that it might be relevant to current backend errors we all get while rerolling properties. Perhaps backend errors happen at these specific properties combinations?
Originally posted by Sarahhh<3:

Question is did you roll such combination after 1.1 update? Everyone who has both power vs Skaven/Chaos on a single charm has rolled it before 1.1 update so far.
Here is my orange that I got a very long time ago, along with red that I got yesterday
I may start now :dwarfsymbol:
Originally posted by =LeCassette=:
I have a red one with this combination, but i got it pre-1.1, not sure, I don't see why they would get rid of it though. If you want a single 1 combination of traits, it is always hard to roll it since its 1 out of so many X combinations.

Yeah, like I said I have this combo on orange pre-1.1 too and cannot roll for it now. Got so many same combos though. I understand that getting specific combo is hard due to how many possible outcomes there are but surely 500 rolls would have been suffice? I just really wanna be sure Fatshark has not removed such combo from charm so I won't continue wasting dust on rerolls.
Jun 2, 2018 @ 11:31am
In topic Don't take ILLUSIONS out of reds!
Swapped and returned illusions from red swiftbow and red hagbane today. Glow is still there.
I have old orange charm with such combination but, of course, low percents and finally got red charm. Wanted to have max percents Power vs Chaos/Skaven but unable to roll this combination so far and I have wasted more than 500 dust.
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