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En el tema we need chinese PLZ !!!
Publicado originalmente por Captain Cunnilingus:
First of all, I want to say I'm sorry, because my English is very poor! So I wrote this with translation software! I like this game series very much, but suffer from the lack of Chinese language support! I hope this new work can be added to the Chinese language! Hope the publisher and production team can see! Thank you very much!
Um... we need Korean language.
Publicado originalmente por Sceptr:
It's time for me to upgrade from a i7 2600k and two GTX 980's to either a Intel Core i9-9980XE socket 2066 or a i9-9900K socket 1151 with a new mobo ram 16 or 32gb and a GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, i have the other parts from my current PC apart from the OS which is currently an OEM W7 64 bit

I want the guts of my new PC to last for years but i can change the graphics card as that's an easy task to do so my queston is, which processor would you go for?
I recommend i9-9900k since it's cheaper and faster than i9-9980XE. Besides, delidding IHS may potentially break your CPU. Hence, i9-9900k is recommended for gaming and content creation.
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En el tema Asus PG27UQ Yes or no?
Publicado originalmente por Falcons Kåkberg:
Its on sale for 2,200 EURO (22 000 SEK) usually priced 26 000 SEK (2,600 euro)

Is it worth it? anyone who has it?
No, not worth it. 27" size is small for 4k resolution, running 4k 144hz limits chroma subsampling to 4:2:2 which results blurry text and color loss information, fan noise is very loud due to cheap built-in blower style fan, and bezel is thick, compared to ACER X27 that uses thin bezel. Therefore, I suggest you wait until next year. Hopefully, 32" 4k 144hz model will be announced at CES 2019.
17 NOV a las 18:05
En el tema Game/Windows 10 keeps crashing
Publicado originalmente por xnavigator:
Every 5-10min the game crashes and reboots the windows.
driver: 416.94 with gtx 950.

I have tried also other drivers, and tried both dx11&12, no luck !
Was your CPU/GPU overclocked?
17 NOV a las 10:55
En el tema Crash in game game freezzing
Publicado originalmente por Rombros SAN:
the game crash systematically since the update, if I pick up an object and I turn the camera right after my game freeze and crash
Was CPU/RAM/GPU overclocked?
Changing Audio Channels between Stereo, 5.1, 7.1, and Spatial Audio caused the game to momentarily freeze for about 2 minutes. Please fix it.
I hope I don't get a crash with DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG.
Publicado originalmente por Skerrick:
everytime i either press A or D to turn the wheel.... the wheel spinned very slowly and the rock/stone puzzle or whaterver it is ...Doesn't spin at all. It sucks :(
That's because your frame rate is too high which bypasses game physics. Hence, I suggest you try lowering down your frame rate between 60-120 fps via MSI Afterburner/RTSS.
Publicado originalmente por Chu4Lyfe:
The CPU recommended requirement is i7-3770/AMD FX-9590.
The GPU recommended requirement is GTX 1060/RX 480.

Are these requirements meant for Max graphics @ 60FPS/1080p gaming?

I'd like to know as I'd like to play the new RE2 remake will push my GPU to the limits probably.
Right now I have a i7-5820K/GTX 1080 and I have a GSync 1440p/165Hz monitor.

Does anyone know if those might be good enough for even 100+ fps lol . idk.

Thanks! ^^"
If your specs can handle well in Resident Evil 7, then there's no need to fret.
9 NOV a las 11:58
En el tema Fix game speed?
Publicado originalmente por Overheal:
This port of these games is unmistakably slow. I've tried their config workaround and it doesn't improve the game at all. X1 still runs like a bad joke, even the X challenge is sluggish.

Do I just need to get a refund?
You just need to upgrade your hardware.
Publicado originalmente por Julius_dman:
im playing on a rtx 2080TI card and every 2 hours of gameplay on 4K highest settings (i get about 60FPS constant) the game crashes to desktop saying that, get this, i might not have enough pc resorces to play on these settings. da ♥♥♥♥? anybody else has 2080ti and experiance these issues?
P.s im on the latest nvidia drivers 416.34
There's hotfix driver 416.64 available to download at GeForce which should improve game stability.
Publicado originalmente por Eve Knight:
Yes, that's it precisely. Turning on V sync solved this for me.
That's because turning on V-Sync limits your frame rate based on your monitor's refresh rate. For instance, if your monitor is running at 60Hz while V-Sync is on, then you're limiting your frame rate at 60 frames per second which avoids potential physics bug. I myself have tested it between 60-120fps via MSI Afterburner/RivaTuner Statistics Server Utility Software; as a result, it works just fine, even without Vertical-Sync enabled. Running above 120fps may cause the game to break physics, and thus this introduces progression blocker. In other words, you're pretty much stuck until you set frame rate between 60 - 120 fps via MSI Afterburner/RTSS.
3 NOV a las 12:48
En el tema Could we get a demo by any chance?
Publicado originalmente por vonVince:
Why not release the timed demo that people got to play at gaming conventions? I'm still going to buy this whatever the case, but a playable public demo would give the gave more attention :steamhappy:
Maybe around either December or January 2019. That way, people don't lose all that surprise.
3 NOV a las 12:46
En el tema DID I BUY BO4 ???
Publicado originalmente por Bacon Bullets:
Answer simple "yes" or "no".
Unnecessary post... This is WWII forum. I suggest you post new thread on forum.
2 NOV a las 0:02
En el tema Many RTX 2080ti founders editions are faulty
Publicado originalmente por ZedameX:
Just in case you haven't seen the news yet and are browsing forums here.

It seems a high percentage of founders 2080ti's are being returned for blue screening or texture issues in many games.
There have been reports on non founders editions, and 2080s too. But the majority seems to be as stated.

Food for thought for those who upgraded and are experiencing issues.

For more information, google is your friend.
This is SotTR forum... I suggest you post new thread on GeForce and/or Reddit forum.
31 OCT a las 14:26
En el tema refund your gtx 2080 (Ti)
Publicado originalmente por Jeruzalem:
appearently, the card is having some issues. it dies.
Apparently, you just got banned for enticing customers to return it and get refund which you didn't follow Steam rules and guidelines. By the way, your title is wrong and there's no such thing as GTX 2080 Ti. It's RTX 2080 Ti. Get your facts straight!
31 OCT a las 8:36
En el tema Resident Evil 2 - Classic Costumes
Nice, but it's missing sleeves and gloves, however.
Thanks, but when will Nixxes release next patch for RTX & DLSS? Also, please continue to improve DX11 and DX12 performance stability.
27 OCT a las 13:27
En el tema Sensitive to overclocked CPUs?
Publicado originalmente por Megalith:
Is this game particularly sensitive to CPUs that have been overclocked? I seem to be getting random freezes and crashes back to the desktop in cities.
That comes down to silicon lottery. I suggest you lower down clock speed and voltage to ensure overclocking stability.
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