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En el tema Speedrun Levitation [Glitch]
Not sure how'd this happen, but Lara was able to continue running while in mid-air...
Publicado originalmente por Nixxes_Official:
Thank you all, files have been forwarded to Development.
Please be aware that we are requesting multiple files ( per our troubleshooting guide: )

- DXDIAG ((Windows Start -> Run -> DXDIAG) for system configuration.
- Shadow of the Tomb Raider game log (..\Documents\Shadow of the Tomb Raider ) for fault logging if applicable.

- Crash dump files (..\Documents\Shadow of the Tomb Raider ) if a crash was encountered.

These files can be stored on any file storage service of choice, with the link to that location posted in your forum reply.
Here's my Dxdiag, crash dump, and log file.


Crash DMP:

SotTR Log file:
Publicado originalmente por camalin:
Anyone else having this issue? Error message: SHADOW OF TOMB RAIDER HAS STOPPED WORKING. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Wndows will close the program and notify you if a soluton is available.
You may have to switch to DirectX 11 since DirectX 12 API is not stable at this time. Hopefully, will be fixed on next patch.
Publicado originalmente por :
I'm completely stuck at this part. So what can be done?
Nothing other than waiting for patch or restart and hope it doesn't bug out?

That has something to do with physics bug. To fix that, you'll need MSI Afterburner/RTSS to change frame rate between 60-120fps, then it should work no problem finishing Path of the Living Puzzle.
17 SEP a las 15:05
En el tema Jaguars bugged?
Publicado originalmente por Stubborn:
I don't know if it's just me, but fighting the jaguars both times (on hard) they just sit there. I'll walk up next to them and they still just stay frozen, then randomly start moving and attack. The second fight, multiple times the jag froze in place and stared at me. I think it attacked me once, rest of the time it ran back and forth until I pumped enough arrows into it. Weird, didn't like these fights anyway
Yup. I've encountered same issue.
17 SEP a las 8:51
En el tema Out of Memory/Stuttering in DirectX 12 Error
This is preposterous! I have 32GB RAM and 11GB Video Memory. This game is not very stable in DirectX 12 and sometimes game and/or audio stutter too. Already verified game integrity files and using latest GeForce Driver too.

P.S. Running app as high priority didn't resolve performance issue. In addition, I am using Steam Beta version.

GTX 1080 Ti 11GB GDDR5X Video Card
Intel Core i7 8086k
G.Skill 32GB TridentZ RGB DDR4 RAM
Windows 10 64-bit Home Build Version 1803

GeForce Driver: 399.24

Here's my Dxdiag.txt file:
SotTR Crash Dump File:
16 SEP a las 21:59
En el tema Alt+Tab Problem
Publicado originalmente por HMetalmaster_EMS:
Everytime I load up the game and want to stream it through obs and I Alt+Tab out of the game it immediately crashes the game, its getting frustrating!
You may want to try Borderless Gaming Software to run in Windowed Borderless Fullscreeen Mode.
16 SEP a las 12:08
En el tema Game crashed when I run it in fullscreen
Publicado originalmente por ✪ Rayhal8:
Hi, (i'm french so sorry if my english level is bad :')

I can play Shadow Of The Tomb Raider in windowed mode without lag but I can't play in full screen. My game crash instantly when i put the game in fullsceen :/
So I would like to know if anyone has a solution so that I can play in full screen without problem ?
Switch to DirectX 11, enable Full Screen, restart application, and then switch back to DirectX 12.
16 SEP a las 12:07
En el tema Lara Killed Mexican Kids
Publicado originalmente por mattsernesto64:
It's unnecessary to spoil the game...
16 SEP a las 11:58
En el tema Please Add TAA Sharpening & SSAA
Downside is that it impacts GPU performance. Thus, DLSS will not only deliver much better image quality, but also doubles the amount of performance, though only works on RTX 20 Series GPU.
16 SEP a las 8:02
En el tema CAPCOM PLZ...
Publicado originalmente por IkoN Clan Les legi 102 community:
WHY DOES EVERY HORROR GAME HAVE TO HAVE fff♥♥♥♥♥♥ ders >__ NO ONE CARES about that...remove them
How about you fix your grammar? Your sentence doesn't make any sense at all...
15 SEP a las 21:47
En el tema Out of Memory requested, game keeps crashing
After rigorous testing, 399.24 GeForce Driver may lead to stability issue which results out of memory exception issue. Thus, rolling back to 399.07 GeForce Driver seems to work fine with no crash, though may or may not work for everyone, but it's worth a shot to avoid potential crash or memory leaks.
15 SEP a las 21:41
En el tema path of the living temple open the gate glitch
Publicado originalmente por MegaBroosted:
when you will have to interact with the cranks and try to rotate left and right blocks on top don't move at all what should i do?
I've encountered same issue. To fix that, you'll need RivaTuner Statistics Server to change frame rate between 60-120 fps. It should work fine, though it has something to do with physics programming-wise. Hopefully will be fixed on next patch.

MSI Afterburner/RTSS:
15 SEP a las 20:44
En el tema Memory leak?
Yup. Sometimes, I get out of memory exception error, though I have 32GB RAM. Hopefully, will be fixed on next patch.
15 SEP a las 16:35
En el tema One Scene, Two Jonah's
Publicado originalmente por SnowWalker:
This is a first for me. I have two Jonah's in my game right now, lol. One sitting at a table getting to know whatshername, and the other one standing. When one talks, they both say the same thing together. So weird!! XDDD
That must be duplicate glitch.
15 SEP a las 8:45
En el tema Puzzle bugged?
Publicado originalmente por Mhill2029:
Path of the living:- Find a way to open the door.

You simply have to match the symbols from both doors, but for some reason the left pillar mechanism doesn't rotate when you interact with it to match the 3rd symbol. Or am i doing something wrong?
That has something to do with physics programming-wise. Running at high frame rate causes the object to be stuck while turning the crank. Thus, you may have to lower down frame rate between 60-120fps to solve tPath of the Living Puzzle via MSI Afterburner/RivaTuner Statistics Server. Yes, you can solve the puzzle on DirectX 12 at lower frame rate.
15 SEP a las 8:11
En el tema Where can I use the gold exclusive weapons?
Publicado originalmente por librious:
I unlocked all 5 weapons from the TR website and got the message for every single one of them after opening the game, but they're not available on the inventory whatsoever. Is there anything else I'm missing or do I have to finish the game first to use them?
You'll be able to see exclusive gold weapons in your inventory via base camp.
14 SEP a las 20:31
En el tema Why does this game look worse than Rise?
Publicado originalmente por Dennis:
*ultra settings*
Graphics looks good. Maybe you should go see your optometrist.
14 SEP a las 16:13
En el tema RTX features for 1070 or 1080 card
Publicado originalmente por Quadumpling:
if i enable the rtx features like rtx shadow should i able to run this game in 60fps ULTRA? im still using 1070 btw...
RTX and DLSS were not included until next patch.
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