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Messaggio originale di chinhmap12345:
Hi there everyone, I have an issue with playing megaman 11
At first, the game is stay at 40fps when I install to my pc, but after I install an vga gtx 1050ti and upgrade to win 10, the game go 60fps for about a week, but after that, it reverse back to 40fps, does anyone know how to fix this ?
I have already tried some methods:
+reinstall graphic driver,
+deleted game and reinstal it
+reset my pc
My pc Spec:
CPU @ 3.2GHz
system type: 64_bit Operating Sysyem
GPU: VGA GTX 1050ti

Please Help!!!
(Notice: This also happen to X Legacy 1&2)
(This is the first time I start a new discussion so please don't Judge me)
Was V-Sync On?
19 ore fa
Nella discussione Blops 4 which edition to buy?
Messaggio originale di Giggles:
Messaggio originale di Sammy:
None of the above... You will see more hackers on
Having it Battlenet makes NO difference, Blizzard didn't make this game. Activision did, Blizzard only published it, so it sill has its terrible anti cheat.
Doesn't matter. People on demanded refund. Over time, PC player base is going to decline swiftly, and thus PC version is defunct.
19 ore fa
Nella discussione Stop asking for BO4 on Steam!
Messaggio originale di Giggles:
Messaggio originale di Sammy:
Still, BO4 on is already ruined due to more hackers/cheaters.
Having it on Battlenet makes NO difference. Blizzard didn't make it, Activision did. Blizzard published it so it still has its terrible activision anti cheat.
Duh. It uses modified idTech engine. Poor netcode architecture, bad hit registration, atrocious anti-measure, etc. Hence, worst business decision ever!
19 ore fa
Nella discussione Stop asking for BO4 on Steam!
Messaggio originale di Giggles:
It WON'T come to Steam, its on the platform. If you want to play it, get a account or get it on console.

Still, BO4 on is already ruined due to more hackers/cheaters.
19 ore fa
Nella discussione Blops 4 which edition to buy?
Messaggio originale di Feared-HUN:
I'd like to get digital deluxe because it's 20 eur cheaper than to buy standard+season pass separately but i'm afraid the cod curse on pc continues namely that noone plays dlc content and it will be a waste of money. Which edition did you buy?
None of the above... You will see more hackers on
20 ore fa
Nella discussione changed my review to negative
Messaggio originale di DarkKnight:
sweet vengeance
Salty alert!
21 ott, ore 17:30
Nella discussione So what is this game? Like they rerelease the game
Messaggio originale di No hard feelings:
Resident evil 2 they remastered it or is it a new game of them
It's reimagining/remake, not a remastered.
Messaggio originale di Brookie:
Thanks for Hotfix, Game now works again on my 2080ti and the sound doesnt have the elecrical crackle to it anymore.
Waiting on RTX patch, Happy days.
Ya, I'm really glad Nixxes released hot fix. I could not get the game working with RTX 2080 Ti since the game kept crashing. But now, I hope the game doesn't crash again with hot fix.
19 ott, ore 13:10
Nella discussione NO AUDIO LOGITECH G430
Messaggio originale di ✪Bhallatelli:
Got a logitech headset and cant hear the audio for lara and in cutscenes. there is no option to change from 7.1 to 5.1 and have no stereo can someone help
Nixxes just released hot fix today. Make sure to restart your Steam client to download hot fix. So you should be able to hear audio while Nixxes is still investigating the root cause of Dolby Atmos algorithm.
Thank you so much! Finally, I'm happy! Now I can play with my MSI Gaming X Trio RTX 2080 Ti without game crash. And last but not least, please release more patch, regarding RTX and DLSS features.
Messaggio originale di angelo18lopez:
Messaggio originale di LFBCWarrior:
the game crash at start when use DX12 and ray tracing..... with msi 2080 TI Trio....impossible to play

They released ray tracing patch??
How does it looks?
No, they haven't released a patch yet, regarding DLSS and RTX
18 ott, ore 17:47
Nella discussione Black Ops 4 issue
Messaggio originale di Blaze Cummer:
Black Ops 4 is totally amazing! Trillion thanks to Treyarch!

There is, however, a slight issue that needs fixing - the Classified zombies map achievements are not listed for PC users. They need to be added in the game to be unlocked.

Pls, Treyarch, I've been posting on all possible forums about this problem - fix it so we can fully enjoy this spectacular game!

Black Ops 4 - best CoD in years!
I think you're being sarcastic. Besides, BO4 is already infested with filthy cheaters/hackers. I'm glad I didn't buy this spinoff game. Hence, it's completely waste of time and money for nothing!
18 ott, ore 11:52
Nella discussione DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG
Messaggio originale di ValentinElohimAran:
AI & Deep Learning Conference | GTC Israel 2018 | NVIDIA

In Israel the sellers want 1900 $-2100 $ for Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti Founders Edition.

We hope they'll find naive customers, Dreamers.

Obviously, you just got banned...
18 ott, ore 7:56
Nella discussione cpu or gpu bound?
Messaggio originale di Tediore47:
i have i7 4790, gtx 1080, 16gb ram ddr3 vram 8gb.

i follow geforce experience optimization, and get went into the game to run the game benchmark, i get the results of 51% gpu bound, average fps is above 60fps.
if I turn on the Vsync, i will get 68% gpu bound. Any of those numbers mean anything in this game?
You just need to upgrade with better CPU (i9-9900k), DDR4 RAM, and Z390 motherboard.
17 ott, ore 21:50
Nella discussione DX12 crash.... NEW PROBLEM
Messaggio originale di DrNewcenstein:
Windows 10 is the problem. WIndows 10 is not for people who want to use their computer, it's for people who want to update WIndows.
Where do you get that information from? It's not Windows 10 issue. It's the game optimization issue. Get your facts straight!
17 ott, ore 19:52
Nella discussione Will black ops 4 come to steam?
17 ott, ore 17:14
Nella discussione Will Black Ops IIII come out on steam??
17 ott, ore 10:32
Nella discussione DX12 crash.... NEW PROBLEM
Messaggio originale di ConspiracY:

Hi there. Not sure why or wtf is causing this but I was JUST PLAYING last night with the current drivers, and having no issues at all. Now, a DAY LATER, same drivers, same settings, same everything... I'm getting the display driver crash on main menu. Dx11 is working fine, but isn't an option. What gives/what changed?

Yes, I tried a clean driver install.
Yes, verified integrity.
Why would it randomly stop working the next day when absolutely nothing has changed?

Any help is much appreciated <3
That was due to poor PC port optimization. Hence, the game needs multiple patch to address performance stability issues.
17 ott, ore 8:28
Nella discussione @ Important message to the last 30 online player here
Messaggio originale di ElektroFCK:
Hi guys,

i just want to tell you, leave this crap game and come over to Blackops 4 on Battlenet, BO4 is a blast and the best cod games since years. No Wallrunning, very good maps, its like 20 times better than this mess of a sledehammer game.

See u on BO4!
Heck no! BO4 is already infested with cheaters/hackers, hence the game is unplayable, waste of time & money, and not fun whatsoever.
16 ott, ore 23:40
Nella discussione How to enable DLSS?
Messaggio originale di PARASNAKE:
Got 2080 then how ?
You'll need to wait until Nixxes release next patch.
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