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Nella discussione can everyone stop being noobs
Messaggio originale di Zombie:
Suuuuuuuure you do... Because people who own all the X games, who have easily spent over $200 on all 8 of them, would definitely post your original dumbass comment lamenting the current cost of $36
No need to cuss or insult someone's comment. Be respectful to Steam community.
Messaggio originale di Raz:
Do i have to buy Sonic mania plus or willl my current verion just update??
People who owned Mania will cost $4.99 to buy Mania Plus DLC.
14 lug, ore 11:50
Nella discussione Two questions about Sonic Mania Plus.
Messaggio originale di LowQualityMemer:
Sonic Mania Plus will be released in 3 days from now and i will absolutely buy it. but i still have two questions about it.

The first one is: Will we be able to play as Mighty and Ray on Mania Mode? or will they be exclusive to Encore Mode?

The other question is: Will we be able to save on Encore Mode? or will it be a one-sit playthrough?
I suggest you ask Aaron Webber on Twitter.
14 lug, ore 11:48
Nella discussione CoD PC statement
Messaggio originale di Vallex:
CoD4 dead
WaW dead
MW2 cheats + nolifes
Bo1 bad crouch noob servers + cheats + nolifes
MW3 cheats + nolifes
Bo2 GOOD but old.
Ghosts CRAP. + dead
AW CRAP. + dead
Bo3 good but unoptimised
IW ... just good optimised + dead

And don't forget: DO NOT BUY BLACK OPS 4. SAME SCAM AS WW2,MWR,IW etc The devs don't care about PC. ? Yes but don't proof the devs kick off cheaters on Bo4.
I'd wait until MW2R comes out.
14 lug, ore 11:48
Nella discussione Is anyone's screens freezing?
Nope. No screen freeze for me at all.
13 lug, ore 12:24
Nella discussione Japanese characters in its Steam Page title
Messaggio originale di markjmaltz:
Can anyone explain why there are Japanese characters at the end of the titles for the US pages of Mega Man Legacy 1 and 2, and X Legacy 1 and 2?
Because there are some Japanese folks whom doesn't understand English.
13 lug, ore 9:10
Nella discussione Demo?
Messaggio originale di Evil Dave:
I mean, come on. Console players has one already. But I guess PC must wait as usual
Stay tuned for more details.
12 lug, ore 22:52
Nella discussione Will this run?
Don't fret. Both AMD/NVIDIA cards will work fine. Besides, MMXLC is not too hardware demanding.
12 lug, ore 15:11
Nella discussione Sonic Mania Plus upgrade will not be free: What a shame!
Messaggio originale di YuGiOhJCJ:
Hello, I think that SEGA should offer Sonic Mania Plus to people who bought Sonic Mania. After all, they got our money and that's why they are now able to release a Sonic Mania upgrade. Without our money they would never released Sonic Mania Plus. They will get money from the same persons again whereas these persons already helped them. It's a shame! Be grateful SEGA, I can't believe what you are doing... By the way, you can always change your mind. Think about it SEGA! Respect us please.
Of course it's not going to be free! People who owned Sonic Mania get to buy DLC for $4.99 which is cheap whatsoever.
12 lug, ore 8:43
Nella discussione Actually a very decent single player campaign
Messaggio originale di Danny_G13:
Probably the best CoD solo campaign for quite a few years, I was really impressed by the story and plot, not to mention the genuinely oustanding characters and voice acting.

Sure, it was a bit cliched and heartstring obvious now and then, but what war stuff isn't?

First time I've really cared about the characters - Pierson was excellent and Zuss not far behind him, but the best character was Stiles who provided utterly brilliant comic relief on needed occasions.

Daniels was a bit one dimensional but hey ho, the character hero usually is in these games.

Gameplay the usual CoD stuff and the familiar CoD graphics didn't let us down as they never do, but it definitely felt like a solo campaign where a bit more work had gone into it.

Quite like this one for once!
It was indeed very good SP Campaign. It was inspired by Band of Brothers/Saving Private Ryan. Plus, it also reminded me when I first played WWII game called Medal of Honor: Allied Assault on PC!
12 lug, ore 8:42
Nella discussione Crashing
Messaggio originale di Pillow The Umbreon:
SO this is utterly rediculous. it crashes on the third mission with no error for no reason on the best settings in full screen mode. i have a fully up to date alienware r7 with a 1080 and i7 8700 and it crashes more then some games that i have that are in alphas. im getting a refund cause i was also forced to install multiplayer cause of the "common" error. This is the straw that broke the camels back, you shouldnt release and advocate a game that just crashes. especially if the game crashes on probably one of the better pre built pcs in the US market. 0/10 cant rate a game you cant play.
I have no problem with the game. You probably need to update latest chipset driver, video driver, firmware,flash latest BIOS, etc.
12 lug, ore 8:40
Nella discussione Random crashing?
11 lug, ore 16:11
Nella discussione no fixed camera angles
Messaggio originale di ☣ iTcHY TaStY ☣:
shame on you capcom for doing this a boring over the shoulder camera game its pure cancer
FCA may not appeal newer audience. Thus, OTS is preferred to make game feel more natural & immersive while delivering true zombie horror experience, regardless survival horror atmosphere elements.
11 lug, ore 16:08
Nella discussione Frame rate
Messaggio originale di FadeRemix:
Will this game on PC be 60fps or 30fps?
PC version will have several framerate options, thanks to its RE Engine: 30fps, 60fps, or Unlocked Framerate.
11 lug, ore 9:38
Nella discussione 9/10 on Gamespot
Messaggio originale di Jaypi3:
I don't see the actual review video from Gamespot.... yet.
10 lug, ore 11:33
Nella discussione IGN gave Sonic Mania Plus 7/10 Review Score....
This is absolutely pure BS! I don't understand why IGN gave Mania Plus 7/10. This makes no sense whatsoever! Mania Plus should've received 9/10 instead. Perhaps, IGN would've responded in this quote: "Sonic was never good!"

Aaron Webber: "To add to that: even if you may not like a review, please don't ever be mean to the reviewer personally.

I know we've heard things that really made us scratch our heads ("Sonic was never good!"), but when they go low, let's go high and be positive / playful instead. :)"
9 lug, ore 11:00
Nella discussione Resident Evil 2 Surprises Teased for..
Yup. Hopefully, we'll get a chance to see Claire Redfield Gameplay at Comic Con 2018 in San Diego, California!
9 lug, ore 8:08
Nella discussione System requirements for DX12
Messaggio originale di LightSoul:
Hey guys, I'm trying to play Rise of the Tomb Raider in Dx 12 mode with max details. Unfortunately, it jerks heavily, especially in cut scenes. What amazes me a little with my system:

I7-6700 K
MSI Z170A motherboard
"2" x MSI 980TI
1TB Samsung SSD
Windows 10 64bit
3440x1440 resolution

All other games like GTA V, Witcher 3, Elite Dangerous etc run on max details fluently only Tomb Raider does not. Does anyone have advice?
If DX12 causes game to lag, try switching to DX11 Renderer.
8 lug, ore 17:06
Nella discussione Will this game have 21:9 / ultrawide support support?
Messaggio originale di DaemonX_HUN:
Please, future-proof the game by making sure that arbitrary resolutions and aspect ratios are supported as well.
Let's hope so.
7 lug, ore 19:56
Nella discussione Pc Mania plus physical?
Messaggio originale di DryBonez212:
Are we getting a physical copy as well? or is that only for other consoles, while we get digital only? :(
No physical version for PC Mania Plus. Sorry mate.
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