Knotty by Nature   Eugene, Oregon, United States
If you're going to remove me, please tell me why you are first before you go.

MechWarrior Online players are welcome, and I'd like to team up in a lance with you sometime! I'm often very unresponsive regardless of status, and even more so when in game.

Online: I'll probably respond to you, if I'm not distracted by other people talking to me or surfing the internet.
Ingame: My responses will be extra slow, especially if I'm playing an online game or one that doesn't pause. Expect long delays.
Away: I'm away from the computer doing one thing or another, don't expect a reply until I get back.
Busy: I'm doing what I want and will ignore people as I please. Basically means no responses, no matter how much you post or how many times you poke.
Offline: I'm not logged onto Steam, kind of explains itself really.

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Great White Flame Jul 18 @ 12:18pm 
You're friends with a friend of mine and I like this friend :3~
Pilot #32833 Jul 2 @ 3:16am 
Thank you.
SnuggleBear Jul 1 @ 10:33pm 
Oh the army? That's quite the development! I've got a friend in the Navy, so major respect to you for that.
Pilot #32833 Jul 1 @ 10:31pm 
Hey buddy. Sorry you had to remove me, but I understand why you did. No harm, no foul. Anyways, I just wanted to quickly announce the fact that I've joined the Army. Anyways, have fun doing what you're doing and keep your head up. I'm always here if you need me.
Rin-kun Jun 10 @ 6:45am 
'kay bye.
wicked vurser of nightmare Jun 9 @ 6:39pm 
hello wounderful dude i am pleesed bye all your out turns wanna be my partner guild