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Dec 6 @ 4:43am
In topic We want Season 2
If you wanna have Clans, then you can coffin your Mechwarriors before the Battle beginns. IS-Mechs and +, ++, +++ Weapons against Claner with much more modern Weapons as well as Mechs based on Lostech-Technology gives your Mechs and Warriors (Level 10 in all Categorys) a 10% Change to Survive, if it´s so high.

Personaly I give them a Chance of 2% to survive, if they can use Alpha-Strikes.

Dec 6 @ 3:24am
In topic DLC plans for after Heavy Metal?
Before Clan Invasion the Game or more Games needs to fill the Gaps from Beginning Star Leage up to the Battletech-Timeline. Therefore Clans are not needed.

There are enough Games with Clantech in the Francise:

1. Mechwarrior Series:
a) Mechwarrior 2 with Add-On = 2 with Clan-Tech
b) Mechwarrior 3 with Add-On = 2 with Clan-Tech
c) Mechwarrior 4 with Add-Ons = 3 with Clan-Tech
d) Mechwarrior 4 Mercenaries with Add-On = 2 with Clan-Tech
e) Mechwarrior Online = 1 with Clan-Tech

2. Mech Commander Series (the Battletech-Series only in Real-Time):
a) Mech Commander 1 = 1 with Clan Tech
b) Mech Commander 2 = 1 with Clan Tech

Now the Games which playing in the Inner Sphere:

1. Mechwarror Series:
a) Mechwarrior 1 = 1 without Add-On
b) Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries = 1 without Add-On
c) Mechwarrior 4 and Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries Add-On [Inner Sphere Pack] = 1
b) Mechwarrior 5 (new since this Year in the 3rd Succession War with a bit peacetime before and thereafter) without DLC´s = 1

2. Mech Commander Series (Battletech-Series Round Based):
a) Battletech: The Cresent Hawk´s Inception = 1 without Add-On
b) Battletech: The Cresent Hawk´s Revenge = 1 without Add-On

Now the Hybrid with Inner Sphere and Clan-Tech:

a) Battletech with DLC´s = 4 with Star Leage (older Clan-Tech)

And that´s only the PC-Games. The Games with newer or older Clan-Tech are more than annything else. So be quiet. The Story between the Clan-♥♥♥♥ and the Raise of the Star Leage are much more importand. That´s the Games the Franchise needs to get raised again.

I see the worst Case comming. You play BT and only 1 Clan-Mech is comming and destroy your full Lance in 5 Rounds. Over and Out!
Dec 6 @ 2:52am
In topic We want Season 2
Claners are not nessecary and make the game boring. There are enough old Games with them:

1. Strategic: Mech Commander und Mech Commander 2
2. Shooter: Mechwarrior 2, Mechwarrior 3 and Mechwarrior 4 incl. DLC´s

So it´s about time to get Games with the 3 Inner Sphere Wars (like Mechwarrior 5 with the 3rd Succession War), the Inner Periphery (like Battletech). From that Time only Mechwarrior 1 (the oldest Game from the Series showed the 1st Succession War.

That Timelines from growing up the Star Leage up to Battletech-Time is what the Franchise need asap!!!!!!
Dec 4 @ 12:10am
In topic Finding ECM
I don‘t know That too. In there such ECM‘s and you can‘t find them on Research, Production and Other such Planets, Theo there is a Last Chance: the Black Market!

If there isn‘t anything Go find only the Flashpoint Missions are your Last Hope.
Nov 25 @ 2:18am
In topic Purchased Mechs Not in Bay?
The Mech is in the Storage. You have to set it manually on the Mech-Bay, because he costs Money in the Mech-Bay.

If he is in the Storage-Room the Costs are Cheaper, because only your Battle-Ready Mechs are in the Bay. :steamhappy:
Nov 25 @ 2:15am
In topic Best way to kill a pilot?
Both Legs or Headshot. If nessecary you can destroy the Mech with an Torso Explosion.
In some Flashpoints you will get help from a second lance, which get brought from your Leopard. But you can only get 1 Lance atm in your controll.

The only way to get a second lance is following:

- Your Main Lance get damaged to hard or running out of Ammo and have to retreat; on that Pick Up-Point your Leopard with Sumire Meyer lands
- After Landing the Second Lance will get out and the Main Lance will get picked up

That´s the only Way I see atm. But that only works if you get the Argo as Main-Ship.
Nov 25 @ 2:06am
In topic Black Market Access
It´s an Event, which comes at the time. Let´s get surprised.
Maybe, maybe not. We know exactly the same as you.
Nov 21 @ 8:14am
In topic When is Heavy Metal Releasing
You can announce it on 18:00 or latest 19:00 hour for Download if all works correctly.
Nov 21 @ 8:11am
In topic Where is it?
In Europe it will come in 1 Hour if everything works correctly. Because Canada has a time Difference about 5 to 6 Hours. They are behind us (- 5 to 6 Hours), Australia is before (about 10 hours).

So if they announce something from that Timeline (America / Canada) you will get it in Europe in the Evening. If something announced from the Pacific Timeline (Japan / Australia) you can announce that it will come in the Morning or Midday.
Nov 21 @ 8:03am
In topic Start a new game to enable Heavy Metal?
Yes I will start a new Story-Campaign after Heavy Metal and Patch 1.8 installed. The Devs announced not only new Features, they announced on PDXCon changes to the Existing Game & DLC´s incl. Storyline.
Nov 21 @ 4:38am
In topic After Heavy Metal?
We don´t know what HBS new Project is. But they announced there will come more Battletech. what means the Game isn´t finished yet (DLC) or they are thinking to bring out Battletech 2.

But for now we have Battletech with 3 big DLC´s and 1 small DLC with new and unseen surprises.
Nov 21 @ 4:33am
In topic Heavy Release hype
Happy Birthday. I had yesterday.

An better Birthday Present like to bring out the 3rd DLC for Battletech Paradox and HBS couldn´t do for us 2. :steamhappy:
Nov 21 @ 4:29am
In topic Jump Jets or Bust?
Jump Sets raise the mobility of your Mechs. So you have more Range for Walking and Running, esp. for Medium and higher.

I use them if it´s possible with the Management of Armor / Weapons and Specials. Therfore I use less Weapons and Ammo, but I have more Survivablility and Mobility.

It´s everytime a compromise, but a good light Mech and all Mediums + with no Jump Sets are Death Traps. Therfore I upgrade the Armor (Surviveability) and Mobility of my mechs. That has 3 Reasons:

1. You save Money (Repair / complete Buildup) for damaged or destroyed Mechparts. A Standard-Mech-Lance can get with full repairs your complete Contract Money.

2. You can use your Mechs better in the Contract (jump out of Danger or get to an safety / attackposition faster)

3. Your Pilots won´t get hurt so fast if you use the Advantages the Mechs have now.
Nov 21 @ 3:34am
In topic Heavy Metal 20€?????
Then make such a Game with high costs incl. Copyrights and sell it for a price where you can´t pay your People. That you do only 1 time, then you are out of Bussines.

Do you think HBS is getting that prices for the fun of it? No, they have to pay bills, Copyright-Pays etc. And Steam or other Platforms have to life too. With the Tax you have to exclude, the Price is more then fair.
Nov 6 @ 3:11am
In topic New DLC, Same AI
@ Profile1 and GoldenTalon:

You don´t know that with the AI. Paradox is working on every Patch and DLC on the AI. And with every new Gift the Devs give to the Game (64 Bit instead 32 Bit), they manging the AI to that and all other things much better as well as fixing, etc. all older things. But like the Devs said already it isn´t easy to find a balance.

If you have played other Real-Time-Stragegy Games (best Example is C&C-Series, Dune the Desert Planet) then the AI is Cheating and will overrun you after a while.

In the first Versions from Hoi 4 you had the same effect, but without cheating. If you played Germany, Japan or Italy then you get overrun from the AI before you could say Iwo Jima.

And with the old 32-Bit-System it was very very hard to manage the AI, fixing things etc. To much Programming-Lines which we cant see. Why do you think the Devs now use the new 64-Bit-Sytem to fix, upgrade and reprogramm the Game.

Ask the Modders like the one from Expert-AI, how hard is to make a ballance for the AI in all that things. Some Nations have to be agressive (like Germany, Japan, Italy), other defenisve (like France, Commonwealth, USA) and others Neutral (like Spain, South-America).

Make a balanced AI yourself and then we will talk again. I haven´t tried it because you have to watch many many lines in different Pages in differnt folders. In that case you can be happy that the Devs and Modders which have notion of that work on that.

@ Jimmy Beans: Yes atm I use the Mod too. The AI make better Devisions, use their units much better and get Generals in it. As well as the Research & Development is now correct. With the othter official Adjustmensts form Hoi 4 an historical Game can beginn. :steamhappy:
Oct 29 @ 10:20am
In topic Frage
Also wenn auf der Plattform "Comming Soon" steht, ist ein festes Releaselimit gesetzt, denn damit verpflichtet sich der Entwickler bzw. das Entwicklerstudio dieses einzuhalten. Soweit ich weiß beträgt es dann nur noch 5 bis 6 Monate, danach muss eine Early-Access oder andere spielbare Version erscheinen.

Noch strenger ist es, wenn ein festes Jahr angegeben ist. Aquanox Deep Escent z. B. muss dieses Jahr noch rauskommen (also innerhalb der nächsten 2 Monate). Was sonst passieren wird will keiner wissen.

Die Entwickler sind also nun verpflichtet Gas zu geben, egal ob sie das bei Steam, GoG oder sonst wo anbieten. Die Verträge sind nicht ohne (egal wo) und eine Releasangabe bzw. auch ein einfaches "Comming Soon" muss innerhalb dieser Zeit eingehalten werden. Man muss sich als Entwickler etc. also schon genau überlegen, ob man dies angibt oder nicht, denn wenn das Limit einmal läuft kann man nicht einfach so wie beim "Brexit" Aufschub verlangen. Dann muss geliefert werden.
Oct 29 @ 10:00am
In topic New DLC Thoughts?
This DLC won´t get much more new, because everything the Devs wanna bring in is already implemented. And if you go to the Shop for "La Ressitance" you can see: Comming Soon!

The next DLC for Patch 1.9 is very hard to say, because on PdxCon Podcat (the Main-Dev for Hoi 4) said that the other Mediteranen States aren´t done yet. On the other Hand they think to rework some Comintern-States and Skandinavia.

In that Case it´s hard to say what will come after "La Resistance". Belongs on what the Devs will rework first: the World-Map-Things for the Airforce or for the Army.
Oct 29 @ 9:51am
In topic Czechoslovakia split
Normaly Germany decides to make Slowakia and take 2 Parts (Böhmen / Mähren, don´t know who is it called in English), the small other things will go to Poland and Hungary.

But that belongs you play historically or not.
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