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Sep 16 @ 9:55am
In topic Hotfix
Originally posted by Dynamyte:
I laugh when I see the same people whining from patch to patch about the file size that don't play. In most cases are not contributor's in any form on their discord channel, etc. @Abobo at least you are creating content (I did enjoy your most recent one regarding the inventory bug). :)

I played enough. Waiting on real content. 9gb patch gets me excited. Then I see that it's literally nothing.
I bought the game with my own money. It gives me the right to complain.
Sep 16 @ 8:59am
In topic Hotfix
Originally posted by ᛁᚢᚱᛃᛗᛖ:
i could be wrong but it's likely not that the update itself is that big but thats the room it needs to pack, unpack, and do its thing. Idk if yall play Cyberpunk but it needs 50gbs free no matter what the size of the update is. Also idk if yall remember payday but that game required a stupid amount of space to update even the smallest of updates plus you have steam to blame for part of this because their system with updates is janky af.

It's downloading 8.8gb. So it can't be that it only requires 8.9gb.
Pretty sure they messed up somewhere with the core game.
9gb goes fast enough for me but having this big download for a few hotfixes is beyond ridiculous.
Sep 10 @ 1:03am
In topic i think i kind of did everything?
If you dread building another zone, then this is not a game for you.
It's about designing new zones and making them more challenging for your players.
My suggestion is to explore screenshots made by other uses for inspiration.
Aug 14 @ 10:39am
In topic Worst Community I've Ever Seen
Just turn chat off, play for fun and let the toxic idiots talk to themselves.

You'll have fun, sleep sound and won't even know if someone is talking trash about you or not.
Sweet ignorance. ♥♥♥♥ the toxic players.
Aug 14 @ 10:36am
In topic Why this game's players is so toxic
Being blown up is part of the game and valid tactics.
It's the text chat which is very toxic. However I had it turned off for months now and just playing.
The game is much better now.
Aug 13 @ 4:05pm
In topic Game looks promising...but
Originally posted by Develin:
Good game is better than good graphics.

Yeah, but I wouldn't want to play a game with crappy graphics, regardless of how good it is.
For that reason I avoid pixel junk like cancer.
There are plenty of good games out there with good graphics, so indie devs might have to step up their game.
Aug 12 @ 3:10am
In topic Scenery Update
One of the best games on the store.
Originally posted by Powerinpink:
Why was it dumb? From what I understand, there is no restriction to buy a game again after refund?

Because I barely played the beta because of that. Now it's over and I have to wait for at least a month.
Originally posted by Kief:
You can't finish the main quest line without a group of at least 3 people, What are you even talking about

Originally posted by Nukyo:
leveled up to 10

Oh I see you didn't even get to the first wall, Nah this game isn't even for casuals.

I enjoyed the time I played but by the time I got to the second expedition the server I was on was basically dead and you can't complete it without at least a 3 person group. Then I got a 2 day ban for complaining about it. Good times would refund again.

I'm a casual. I do not need to complete the main quest line.
WoW has had end game cinematics locked to final bosses on mythic raids for expansions. I never got that far.
As long as the activities don't require you to be online 4 hours in a row, then the content is casual friendly.
There are a ton of complains about this game. And I will admin, I bought the game, leveled up to 10, read some comments then refunded.
Which was dumb AF from me.

I didn't hate the game. I liked the visuals. The combat. The world looked very intriguing. I wanted to explore the zones.
I caved in to all the comments that claimed they were bored after 20-30 hours in game. There was nothing to do, etc. etc.

Well, we live in a MMO period where players chew through new WoW content within days. Mythic raiders who kill the last boss before the reset. My guild is struggling on normal. People who level up to max level in WoW within 6-8 hours. Which is ridiculous. It takes me weeks to get to the max level.
Yes, people can tell me to "git gud", but I don't want to. I enjoy my slow pace.

There will always be players who will get to the end game in a week and then sit there doing nothing. I'm not one of them.
Therefore I think my time in New World wouldn't end up "after 20-30 hours". I think the game will last months for me, and by that time, new content should arrive.

Now just need to figure out a way to tell my guild that I'm changing games, lol.
Jul 31 @ 2:52pm
In topic So. No weather?
I would hate dynamic weather. Fine with some zones that have rain and stuff, I would do those once and avoid like cancer, but I wouldn't want rain crapping all over my gameplay.

So yeah, I'm more than fine with constantly sunny weather in a game.
Wow if you get banned in a game by an automated system based on the amount of reports, then I don't want to have anything to do with that game.

How did they even think this would be effective? You can get a guild to spam report one person and get him/her banned. WTF Amazon.

Also, too many today are ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ who get offended by just me saying that they are ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. I would be permanently banned in this game.
It's a very, very old guideline, dating back to the 90s, or probably even earlier (I started gaming in the 90s).

It just doesn't make any sense. Not even as a general guideline.
Say it says a certain game has GTX 1070 as a recommended card.
But for what? 720p? 1080p? 1440p? 2160p?
Performance on those resolutions are vastly different on a GTX 1070.

Back in the days, most people gamed at either 720p or 1080p. 1080p was the general example for many games.
But I have not gamed on 1080p for 10 years. I have been a 4k guy since cards could run 4k.

And to be honest. If you have a decent computer (but NOT top of the line that can run anything), do you even look at the recommended or minimum system?
This game is however borderless full screen, even though it just says "fullscreen".
As long as you can tab down without seeing screen blackout, then it's borderless.
Jul 27 @ 8:32am
In topic Ui scaling/customization
I don't need quest list to cover 1/4th of my screen. In fact, I'd love to be able to hide most of it.
I'm gaming on 4k and that's when you usually need to increase HUD size. But not in this game, the HUD is way too big.
Jul 20 @ 3:13pm
In topic Dev, take a vacation
I have 15 games installed, this is the only one that's being updated like, every second day (I'm on beta client). You need a vacation!
Jul 15 @ 2:41pm
In topic steam deck
No. I have a phone. And on top of that, I don't game on the go. I'm not 12.

Where the ♥♥♥♥ is Index 2?
Jul 10 @ 7:04am
I'm surprised people actually bought this.
It looks like one of those crappy Perfect World Entertainment F2P games, except this one has a €40-€99 sticker.
Originally posted by n3mes1s:
And thats the main problem. You are clueless about what an arpg is, because if you did, you would know that the main problem of Wolcen is not the lack of items or whatever, it is the problem with not-working builds, failed end-game mechanics and things like that.

You lack on arpg experience (diablo 1 and 2 cant be considered arpgs, just hack&slash games) and D3 as your alone arpg experience means NOTHING apparently because you still failed to understand the problems in Wolcen.

Sorry kid, we're done here.
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