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Sep 10 @ 10:31am
In topic Sales executive
If you put a # of impressions in the 1st field, when you go to the 2nd field to put in a higher # for the higher limit of impressions, it deletes the # in the 1st field.
Sep 10 @ 10:11am
In topic Bankrupt
My game suddenly stopped and I was bankrupt and that I had no loan options available, yet i had not taken out any loans at all. When i reloaded from the last autosave, (which was a really long time ago so please change it to autosave more often) it had multiple loan options available to me.
So can you please have it do what other games do and force us to choose one of the available loan options instead of forcing us to reload an autosave from a long time ago?
Sep 10 @ 9:53am
In topic Insight
This still doesn't help me figure out how to do it. Can you please lay it out in a step by step process? like:
step one: start a campaign
step 2: wait until reach 10%
step 3: do something else

I can't understand what i'm supposed to do in what order.
Also, why does the game not explain it?
Sep 10 @ 9:49am
In topic Insight?
When I try to start a campaign, it says insight is not available to use the segmenting. So how do i select those options? I already tried waiting until i had completed 10% of the campaign, that didn't do anything.
Sep 10 @ 9:31am
In topic beginning marketing kit
beginning marketing kit shows that i spent 500 points to get it, but i did not. it should be listed at the top
Aug 30 @ 1:46pm
In topic Acquiring Companies
The help window says that Acquiring Companies is more efficient, however my # of users per second (for a week) is going from 245 to 333 which is about 1/3 more per second. I am spending $2.1 million per month on marketing which means that those users are worth $700,000. However, the company cost me $10,000,000 to buy. So it is not more efficient.
In addition to that, I just had a ddos attack, and i can pause my marketing campaign, but i can't pause the merge of the company. So it is wasting all of the people coming in from the company that i bought.
Aug 30 @ 1:32pm
In topic Suggestions Thread
Upgrading efficiency
It's really really hard to tell how much in dollars it costs to upgrade efficiency for the various features. It does tell us the # of units per item, but it would be really helpful if it would tell us how many total employee hours of work it would cost us for the upgrade. Then, we would still need to at that point multiply that by the employee hourly rate. Then, even if we did that, we would need to calculate the total cost savings of the improved efficiency, so we'd need to calculate the required cu per user decrease multiplied by the $ cost per cu, which is in of itself a complex calculation. All of this is required to actually see if it makes sense for us to upgrade.
Can you make this whole process easier somehow?
Aug 30 @ 1:28pm
In topic Suggestions Thread
Can we get a larger window so that we can see the employee's entire list of demands instead of having to scroll down for each employee? It takes way too long when scrolling through many employees to see what we've missed.
Or, can we have the unmet demands sorted to the top
Or, can we have a report that shows all of the employees and all of their unmet demands?
Aug 30 @ 1:25pm
In topic Egg chair
I noticed that egg chair showed a blank % of increase. it didn't have a #
Aug 23 @ 7:43pm
In topic Larger buildings
We are having to put people so close together all the time to get anywhere near the # of workers that we are given per building. Since are limiting the # of desks for each building, can we get bigger buildings so that our workers aren't so crowded?
Aug 22 @ 12:10pm
In topic Hr in charge of CEO
My ceo is not being able to be added as a manager by an HR manager which is the 1st problem. However, 1 of the HR managers does show my ceo in the list of people that he's in charge of below, where you see the % happiness. But he isn't showing up in the list above, as managers.
Then, i figured out that when i remove one of the managers for that HR manager, it removes my ceo, so he's assigned to that regular mgr somehow. But when i go to that manager, my ceo is not being managed by that manager.
Aug 22 @ 12:07pm
In topic Manager speed affecting training
I'm saying if you have a stopwatch and you count the speed at which their training points are going up when they don't have a manager assigned, and then you assign the manager and then count how fast their training points go up, they go up at the same # of points per minute, instead of going up faster w/ the manager.
Aug 18 @ 9:35pm
In topic Manager speed affecting training
I assigned a manager to train someone faster and they had 600% speed, but then i removed the manager and they went back to 200% and their training #'s went up at the same speed not 3 times slower.
Aug 16 @ 2:44pm
In topic Speed 1 % behind training
On my guy's info tab, it says 202/332 training but when i click on the training tab, it says 201/332. I let him train for a while longer and it didn't catch up very fast so it's not a small delay.
Apr 5 @ 11:54am
In topic Registered users
I think it would be cool to see more timeframes on registered users rather than 14 days. Like how about for the last year or 5 years etc.
Apr 5 @ 11:37am
In topic Frameworks
Frameworks don't make sense where you have to max out all features before I can upgrade. So here i am being bombarded with DDos attacks and I can't add the ddos protection feature because my features are maxed out and I have a long way to go until max everything, and I only have cute framework 2 which maxes at 500. Imagine if i had to get up to 1000 before I could add another feature!
At this point my plan is go to cute framework 3 to get the extra 3 features instead of nitrosoft (which i could easily afford) since i don't want to have to get to 5000 on all my features before I get the fusion framework.
Apr 5 @ 8:48am
In topic Instant hire
The instant hire button hires people for about $1000-$2000 more than they are wanting, so I don't use that feature.
Apr 5 @ 8:41am
In topic Buildings
The # of employees per building is too high, and the buildings aren't big enough. Long story short my employees are packed in like sardines just to get the total employees that I can have, into the building. Please make the building space twice as much so we can spread them out so it looks better.

Also, it would be nice to have a larger # of buildings to choose from especially at the beginning as it's expensive to upgrade.
Apr 4 @ 8:11pm
In topic Marketing cost
Radio says 14.2CPM and 40% conversion, whereas video ads is 8.1 CPM with 34% conversion.
So the video ads should get a better overall cost per conversion 42 vs 28 (see below). But when i put $150,000 per day into each of them, the growth from radio was much faster. I purposely put off radio advertising for a long time expecting that the value would not be as good.
Dollars CPM Visitors Conversion Converted
1000 8.1 123.5 34.00% 42.0
1000 14.2 70.4 40.00% 28.2
Apr 4 @ 7:45pm
In topic Marketing segmentation
I can't figure out how to segment & spend more marketing on different segments even after spending a lot of marketing. So either the feature is broken, or the tutorial doesn't work. I have yet to see a "create report" button for me to press to get results.
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