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29th april 2016:

It snowed here 2 days ago. I think my country is sick. -L.K. 2016
your country is high on chicken feathers. -Luke -2016

Hello there fellow! If you just randomly found this and lookin at my profile STOP DAT SHIT YOU AINT GOT NO PREMISSION FO DA SHI! *ahem* sorry about that,AAANNNYYYways if you are here to add me then bettah have a reason or luck becouse i usually dont add ppl...and when i said i usually dont add ppl is by thier profile...soo yea... ANYWAYS ONWARD TO DA COMMENTS MATEY

Oh 1 more thing...Best top 7 friends list! (cuz why not)

1.Buttry biskit baes-dam quite smart and well do likes do be eh MLG..and rekts me BUT STILL GUD FRIEND

2.almie-keeps changing names but called almie alot of times.Awsome 1,always wants fun and sometimes quite easy to rage huehueh.

3.Dr.Pepper - now laddeh he might be british (i think) but dam likes to have some comedy time ands gud gaming times too!

4.Sexy dovakinn - not alot of times answering me but does know how to be a badass time to time.

5. Micky - new friend but dam he is quite nice and funny!

6. Greg - he used to be all laugh n kills n all but now he aint the same but still a friend

7. Warrior dawg - he might be a chicken (ok HE IS A CHICKEN) but hell he knows wat fun is.

(basiclly nearly all of them is fun........fun)

Fico: ar u amd m8? - Fico 2k16
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Signed by MiKapp1t, have a good one mate!
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+rep kind and easy to talk to
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+rep fast trader, recommended for efficiency :)
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Am Chicken!