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Posted: Dec 24, 2017 @ 10:49am
Updated: Feb 12 @ 3:00pm

Early Access Review
This game showed promise, to be a interesting city survival management game with god elements. I had 250 hours into the game before the developer put elements into the game that break what I thought the game was advertised as and intended to be. The updates have destroyed all possibility of future fun in the game for me, thus I cannot recommend it to anyone.

The latest designs and apparently in future plans, the developer has made it clear he is uninterested in maintaining any sort of lore. Personally telling me that "I never cared much about the lore". Meanwhile without the lore holding it together, I find the game vastly lacking. It is a it is a weak city builder, a weak tower defense and a weak god game. I played it because I found the idea of surviving in an apocalyptic world where you are most likely to die to be an interesting premise.

From filling the game with knock off names, from popular culture (Star Trek, Game of Thrones, and Celebrities), even stealing Elder Scrolls 'Catjeet' (Khajiit). Having magical beings that can somehow manage to survive the hordes of zombies, while you 'god' fail to direct your village to survival.

In the end, I find that this is a amateur game from an amateur Designer. In some ways it shows promise, but the lack of direction or focus from the game developer has lead to a scattered game design, and concept.

To add to the unprofessionalism of this developer he purposly posted my review to his fourms in order to get his fans to spam trolling comments on my reveiw, of which I deleted them. Afterwhich he himself reviews saying how I am censoring my comments, while it is him and his fans who are trying to censor MY reveiw by harrasing me over leaving it up.

The truth is, yes I was active in his forums, yes there is more information on this topic there. However, my review stands alone without 'context' and I have a right to post a negative review without being attacked for writing a review stating that this is no longer the game I purchased or wanted.

Update 2/12/19- I have disabled comments because over a year later the fans of this game are still posting harassing comments and insisting that my removing of pure insults from my comment section is 'censoring' them... in their attempt to censor me. I have not had this game in my steam library nor been on their forums in that time and this game is but a distant memory I have no care to bring up again. Thank you for understanding. Update 2/13... Now the same person insulting me on this review, has looked up my other reviews to continue insulting me. Therefor, I will no longer allow comments on ANY of my reviews.

Do yourself a favor and do not get involved the toxic community this game has.
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Developer response:
Rayvolution  [developer] Posted: Jan 16, 2018 @ 4:39pm
I have received several reports this reviewer is trying to censor and control the narrative of this review, deleting replies that link to the thread that resulted in this review being written, as well as anything else that sheds light on the situation.

While I would normally let something like this go, I am not a fan of censorship. Here is the original thread and my replies to it, as well as the review as-written today and original thread saved for posterity.

I've somehow offended Kiyalynn, and I apologize. I've only replied in the most reasonable and professional way I could and corrected her when she seemed to misunderstood the overall development goals of the game. I do not know what I did wrong, but now everyone can see the whole story and form their own opinions. I have nothing to hide, I stand by what I said, and will continue forward in the same direction I always have. :)
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