Malaficus Shaikan
Bergen Op Zoom, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands
I am malaficus shaikan.
Servant of the most high.
I am a nice loyal manipulate arrogant selfrighous benevolent person.

And yes i know there contridications, that is the bloody point.

Like all humans i am both good and evil.
I try to do the right thing tho i have sadistic tendencies.
So dont be too offended when i say i want to cut your eye balls out and make you eat them.

I dont really want to do it it is just a fun thought.
Review Showcase
517 Hours played
Tropico 4 is the best city build game i have played.

The reason for this is the replayability.
You get even in base game alot of missions(20) and a skirmish mode.

You useally start out with a small group of people and need to keep your workplace around the amount of people you got(trust me it is very easy to overspent).
But here is where tropico 4 flat out crushes other city builders.
You accauly need to keep your people happy to avoid rebelions, militery coups, etc.
You also got to keep the usa and usser off your back.
You get several buildings to achieve the same goal.
Want to build a booze free island?
you can.
Want to build a island where everyone is always drunk you can.
Want to create a island of mindless minnions.
You can
Want to build a island of inteligent people again you can.
The strenght in the game is it way of thinking.
Here is a problem.
Go fix it.

You can make any kind socialty.
Comunist, capitast, religeus, militerist. etc etc
You can make your own cult island.
Or be a shiny example of free speech that makes the usa look like a dictatorship.

I highly advise this to anyone looking for a great city build game.
I highly disencourge this to anyone who has an eight second attention span.