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Posted: Jun 7 @ 10:34am

Playing this game is unreasonably frustrating. Often times you're put up against enemies that are way too strong, and kill you either in one or two hits. There's always the opportunity to do quests, take lives and level up, but the only way to level up is by sleeping which can have DEVASTATING consequences. An entire district, that I'd had almost all the hints unlocked for, completely vanished off the map, and with the autosave system there was NO way to undo this, and OFC it had to happen near the end of my playthrough, so I just wanted to finish the stupid game and be done.

The autosave system ruins anyone's day, because literally every time you lose a fight, if you used any consumables during that fight (consumables that require ingredients that are hard if not impossible to find) you lose all of them, and the game immediately autosaves so they're gone and you're screwed, this includes bullets.

The game should also absolutely be called "Everything is 10+ levels higher than you". Playthrough 2 (normal mode) I tried my hardest to balance killing people for xp and keeping the districts alive. seemed like every time I leveled up, I was constantly surrounded by stuff that was constantly above my level and getting harder, and OFC the more people you take out, the harder the game tries to take you down. Playthrough 3 (normal mode again) the one I finally finished, I was doing my best to keep all the districts at top health, only to find that the difficulty curve of the game gets insane way too quick. I did every quest I could find, finished every hint, and fought every enemy in my way, I was lv17 fighting a lv29 boss who's abilities either poisoned me which even at full health I couldn't survive so I had to avoid that, or would suckerpunch me from the other side of the room, and I'd die in two hits. Don't get me started on the fact that all but one boss can regen most of thier HP that you spent the last 3 hours whittling down by taking a bite out of you.

A big underlying problem is that the characters in the game kind of suck. They're all pretty two dimensional, and after going through the game trying to learn enough to get the XP it just gets boring, and terrible. I think that the idea, was that they didn't want to have people forming too much of an emotional attachment to feeling bad about butchering the townfolk, but that seems to me to be kind of the point of the game. The main character goes through so much guilt tripping, having to do the things he does, and it seems so fake and forced. Finally the romantic interest in the game feels about the same degree as fake and forced, and she has about as much emotional range as a towel rack.

In summation, payed full price for the game cuz I was interested when it first came out, took 3 attempts to finally get through, and I find myself wondering why I bothered.
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