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Seemingly that isn't the case though.
You're on a 950, yeah, you need to upgrade and I would never recommend anything to anyone below X60 minimum, TI if it were feasible.
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Ursprungligen skrivet av Salamand3r:

Speaking as someone who tested Doom (2016) EXTENSIVELY on the 400 series, including hacked SLI on GTX 460s, I can say 100% without doubt, you will encounter out of memory crashes in certain sections of the game on <2gb cards. Always.

I'm not trying to start a fight either - just saying that everyone needs to moderate their expectations. Doom (2016) has been full of people whining about their ancient GPUs not running the game well for 3+ years now, and after making 10k+ posts in that forum, I'd like to head some of that off at the pass - not that I expect it will work.

As to optimization, where do you draw the line then? Have you seen Doom 3 hacked to work on 12/16mb Voodoo cards? It can be done, but looks like trash and is hardly Doom 3. Do you optimize for the broadest audience to the highest level you can, or do you divert more focus to a very distinct minority using very limited hardware?

Why stop at 2gb GPS then, why not go back generation or two and optimize for 768mb cards, or 512mb cards? Because it doesn't make sense to do so when even the consoles have access to more memory than that.

That's all I'm saying - expecting development time to focus on a niche that likely isn't going to have a great experience anyway is not rational, and not likely to be a priority. Be ready for it not to work, or at least not to work well.

I just find it reasonable as opposed to u that a game should work on 2 GB GPUs. I have yet to encounter any game that hasn't worked at all on my GTX 950 and as i said i very much doubt there are games that actually NEED 4 GB of VRAM in order for them to run even at bad performance. Btw since u mentioned Wolf Youngblood look it up on youtube and see how it runs on the 1050 - 2 GB version.

Tell me something, if you were a dev you would want your game to sell right ?

In order for a game to sell well, the fact that it will work on a wider variety of PCs greatly improves sales because will go to the store and look at the game's box and say "oh wow this game has a minimum GPU requirement of GTX 660 or 670, maybe my 970 will run it good" and proceed to buy said game.

Honestly i don't know why i have to explain this it's super simple to understand.

And yeah i'll be ready if need be, i'll be ready to get a 1060 or 1070 if i actually can't run the game. But I will NOT run out and buy the most expensive GPU just because that is most powerful GPU out there. Not because i can't afford it but because i just hate wasting money on something that is overkill for a game and i probably won't need.

You look at it wrong.
Firstly, expecting 2GB support for AAA games today is absurd.
Secondly, spending more money less often for adequacy is a better deal than upgrading on a yearly basis just to keep up with current standards
I don't think you're an idiot.
Bit sensitive and spiteful perhaps, not an idiot.
Just look at this, look at that.
All that is irrelevant.
Different engine, different handling of calls and data, you can't compare them.
Optimization is about how the engine handles what it's programmed to handle in the most efficient method possible. Not about making high end software run high end on low or mid tier machines.
My 4930K and 1080 is still way more than I ever need for anything and I don't see a reason to upgrade it for a good while. You could buy something budget today and it will become obsolete before mine does.
You get what you pay for.
Yeah so that doesn't mean if a game requires a set amount of hardware capacity to function that 'optimization' is going to 'fix' that.
If a game needs 4GB VRAM just to load the minimum required data to run then there is no 'optimization' that is going to change that.

The only 'optimization' in this regard is not using so many ultra highres textures that the most of you seem to keep wanting to increase as time goes on.

But we have 80GB+ games with 4K+ textures and spectacular lighting and don't make it load a bunch we want a seamless experience and be sure to make all that run smoothly on a decade old hardware configuration with limited memory and power or we are going to yell at you about how unoptimized your games are and our choice of limited, budget hardware has nothing to do with it. :duke:

Go buy a console
15 sep @ 14:51
I ämnet does this use denuvo keylogger
I wouldn't be surprised to see it on Eternal.
At least they'll remove the pointless ♥♥♥♥ though so it doesn't matter too much I guess
14 sep @ 6:13
I ämnet Is Doom dead for the real fans?
There's nothing wrong with consoles, at least not up until the 360 era when consoles in general became pointless and even detrimental
Console shooters should be the comparison, not games in general.
There's clearly a noticeable difference in a shooter designed for a PC and one designed for a console.
If you need me to elaborate on the why and the how of it all, we have no business having this conversation together.
So let it be a bait thread, so what?
I be laughing my ♥♥♥ off at you guys who get so bent out of shape over what other people think or say, even if it is a troll thread, which I don't think it is at all, maybe laugh more and bleed less.
Just a thought though
Sally never disappoints.
Those opinions that don't line up with your own must be so hard to deal with when you feel a need for solidarity but all you get are 'trolls' who refuse to be part of your circle jerk :duke:
12 sep @ 16:39
I ämnet Is Doom dead for the real fans?
Mods are fine I don't care about alr fires and I kinda like them myself, I just don't like the whole way it's done.
I'd rather get a gun and be able to do whatever i wanted with it when I got it, the progression is just pointless and upgrades just screw with the game balance anyway so it would've been better to just tune the game around always having those things
12 sep @ 15:50
I ämnet Is Doom dead for the real fans?
Too much complexity isn't necessarily a good thing.
Doom is so good because of how simple it is, it focuses on core gameplay elements and they shine for it.
Adding too much just for the sake of having it, like the whole padded out pointless upgrade system in 2016 100% sucked in my opinion and wasn't need at all.
12 sep @ 14:58
I ämnet Is Doom dead for the real fans?
The unfortunate reality is that they Are looking to please their interests, which is making money from an established, popular IP for today's market.
I am at least happy id has enough leeway to mostly do what they want outside of the current norm because it could have turned out a lot worse.
All new iterations of Wolf are trash to me, Fallout has sucked since 3 besides NV, Elder Scrolls has been milked to death, so I do feel nuDoom is a happy medium... we all know we will never get another Classic Doom again
12 sep @ 10:57
I ämnet What dont you like about doom(eternal)
Ursprungligen skrivet av rawWwRrr:

Sounds like you need to just get over it and worry about yourself what you like if you can't handle opposing views, which is a typical theme on a forum.
12 sep @ 9:58
I ämnet Is Doom dead for the real fans?
Ursprungligen skrivet av Doktor Mandrake:

Yeah that's true, but a lot of great companies won't be running under same talent anymore

Thing is, great companies is made up of specific individuals with specific minds.
A company is not a name, it's who makes up the name.

The name can stay, just look at Blizzard for example. The people make all the difference.
Blizzard still has the name for branding purposes, people know the name, much easier to sell things to people when they can relate to it by an established reputation, but they are purely Activision now and everything they create shows in their products.

I'd say the same for id. id is dead, long dead, anyone who mattered to that brand is long gone.
They are rebranding themselves now for an entirely different generation but are still a subsidiary and will remain that way unless they shut down.
Arcade mode would've been dope it it were just guns at their full potential and wasn't full of all that obnoxious 'arcadey' nonsense
12 sep @ 6:41
I ämnet To - Look Up and Down -
It doesn't really matter if you use mouse look or not really, I don't find it breaks maps or anything unless you bypass a part of a map that was supposed to be intended by shooting a switch you were supposed to be level with in a particular part of a map.
Without opengl there's pretty bad screen warping when looking around but other than that no big deal.
I mouse look without autoaim when playing with a mouse and I lock the vert axis and use autoaim when I play with a controller just because it's more convenient that way.
12 sep @ 6:05
I ämnet The Doom Slayer, isnt OG DOOMguy
Ursprungligen skrivet av Doktor Mandrake:
Ursprungligen skrivet av Gameo:
Doomguy was supposed to be you, the player, not anyone else

Yeah but it's not like Doomslayer is cringey or anything, done rather well tbh

The lore isn't exactly force fed, well not too much, in nu-doom anyway
Nah he isn't. Which is fine.
Glad they kept him silent... tho trying a bit too hard to relay anger to the player, making me watch unskippable scenes of fist clenching and panel punching, and while I'm on a mini rant, making me sit inside a damn room for like 5 minutes listening to Sam run off at the mouth with no way to skip it almost feels like a bit of a troll, like, oh no you thought you were going to get a full game with no BS unskippable cutscenes? Well here's a big annoying one for ya just for the sake of it being there.
I don't want any of those moments in Eternal at all.
You guys whine about a little back tracking and resource management but you're fine with being stuck in a room with a yapping NPC for several minutes
But, I have classic, and I have redux.
What could they possibly do to sell me a game I already have and have had for ages and works just fine, another time?
10 sep @ 16:06
I ämnet The Doom Slayer, isnt OG DOOMguy
Doomguy was supposed to be you, the player, not anyone else
My ASUS Rampage IV Black Edition has a whole little dedicated menu for tuning RAM settings.
It's a nice mobo
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