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does this use denuvo keylogger témakörben
I wouldn't be surprised to see it on Eternal.
At least they'll remove the pointless ♥♥♥♥ though so it doesn't matter too much I guess
szept. 14., 6:13
Is Doom dead for the real fans? témakörben
There's nothing wrong with consoles, at least not up until the 360 era when consoles in general became pointless and even detrimental
Console shooters should be the comparison, not games in general.
There's clearly a noticeable difference in a shooter designed for a PC and one designed for a console.
If you need me to elaborate on the why and the how of it all, we have no business having this conversation together.
szept. 13., 9:37
What dont you like about doom(eternal) témakörben
So let it be a bait thread, so what?
I be laughing my ♥♥♥ off at you guys who get so bent out of shape over what other people think or say, even if it is a troll thread, which I don't think it is at all, maybe laugh more and bleed less.
Just a thought though
szept. 13., 8:33
What dont you like about doom(eternal) témakörben
Sally never disappoints.
Those opinions that don't line up with your own must be so hard to deal with when you feel a need for solidarity but all you get are 'trolls' who refuse to be part of your circle jerk :duke:
szept. 12., 16:39
Is Doom dead for the real fans? témakörben
Mods are fine I don't care about alr fires and I kinda like them myself, I just don't like the whole way it's done.
I'd rather get a gun and be able to do whatever i wanted with it when I got it, the progression is just pointless and upgrades just screw with the game balance anyway so it would've been better to just tune the game around always having those things
szept. 12., 15:50
Is Doom dead for the real fans? témakörben
Too much complexity isn't necessarily a good thing.
Doom is so good because of how simple it is, it focuses on core gameplay elements and they shine for it.
Adding too much just for the sake of having it, like the whole padded out pointless upgrade system in 2016 100% sucked in my opinion and wasn't need at all.
szept. 12., 14:58
Is Doom dead for the real fans? témakörben
The unfortunate reality is that they Are looking to please their interests, which is making money from an established, popular IP for today's market.
I am at least happy id has enough leeway to mostly do what they want outside of the current norm because it could have turned out a lot worse.
All new iterations of Wolf are trash to me, Fallout has sucked since 3 besides NV, Elder Scrolls has been milked to death, so I do feel nuDoom is a happy medium... we all know we will never get another Classic Doom again
szept. 12., 10:57
What dont you like about doom(eternal) témakörben
rawWwRrr eredeti hozzászólása:

Sounds like you need to just get over it and worry about yourself what you like if you can't handle opposing views, which is a typical theme on a forum.
szept. 12., 9:58
Is Doom dead for the real fans? témakörben
Doktor Mandrake eredeti hozzászólása:

Yeah that's true, but a lot of great companies won't be running under same talent anymore

Thing is, great companies is made up of specific individuals with specific minds.
A company is not a name, it's who makes up the name.

The name can stay, just look at Blizzard for example. The people make all the difference.
Blizzard still has the name for branding purposes, people know the name, much easier to sell things to people when they can relate to it by an established reputation, but they are purely Activision now and everything they create shows in their products.

I'd say the same for id. id is dead, long dead, anyone who mattered to that brand is long gone.
They are rebranding themselves now for an entirely different generation but are still a subsidiary and will remain that way unless they shut down.
szept. 12., 9:40
What dont you like about doom(eternal) témakörben
Arcade mode would've been dope it it were just guns at their full potential and wasn't full of all that obnoxious 'arcadey' nonsense
szept. 12., 6:41
To - Look Up and Down - témakörben
It doesn't really matter if you use mouse look or not really, I don't find it breaks maps or anything unless you bypass a part of a map that was supposed to be intended by shooting a switch you were supposed to be level with in a particular part of a map.
Without opengl there's pretty bad screen warping when looking around but other than that no big deal.
I mouse look without autoaim when playing with a mouse and I lock the vert axis and use autoaim when I play with a controller just because it's more convenient that way.
szept. 12., 6:05
The Doom Slayer, isnt OG DOOMguy témakörben
Doktor Mandrake eredeti hozzászólása:
Gameo eredeti hozzászólása:
Doomguy was supposed to be you, the player, not anyone else

Yeah but it's not like Doomslayer is cringey or anything, done rather well tbh

The lore isn't exactly force fed, well not too much, in nu-doom anyway
Nah he isn't. Which is fine.
Glad they kept him silent... tho trying a bit too hard to relay anger to the player, making me watch unskippable scenes of fist clenching and panel punching, and while I'm on a mini rant, making me sit inside a damn room for like 5 minutes listening to Sam run off at the mouth with no way to skip it almost feels like a bit of a troll, like, oh no you thought you were going to get a full game with no BS unskippable cutscenes? Well here's a big annoying one for ya just for the sake of it being there.
I don't want any of those moments in Eternal at all.
You guys whine about a little back tracking and resource management but you're fine with being stuck in a room with a yapping NPC for several minutes
But, I have classic, and I have redux.
What could they possibly do to sell me a game I already have and have had for ages and works just fine, another time?
szept. 10., 16:06
The Doom Slayer, isnt OG DOOMguy témakörben
Doomguy was supposed to be you, the player, not anyone else
szept. 10., 10:53
Do you think these specs will run Doom Eternal? témakörben
My ASUS Rampage IV Black Edition has a whole little dedicated menu for tuning RAM settings.
It's a nice mobo
szept. 9., 17:43
Is Doom dead for the real fans? témakörben
Oh come on man they aren't going to do anything about that lol
Have you not seen how long it takes to stab the PE in the eye while it pops out in that goofy ♥♥♥ cartoonish animation?
I don't think Eternal is going to fix much besides the enemy and weapon design, which admittedly, is infinitely better this time around.
I look forward to invasions if that's still a thing and they didn't turn that into battlemode or whatever the asymmetrical 2v1 is, because I like the idea of random grief invasions in someone's solo game a whole lot more than matchups.
szept. 9., 17:35
Is Doom dead for the real fans? témakörben
There are times on NM that you are careful but need the HP and take the glory kill and get cheap shotted, this annoys me because you are locked into place and I'd rather you were not locked into place for any period of time, much less needing a rune to speed it up, as that should be the default speed rather than using all this filler and upgrade system to pad out the game in a completely unnecessary manner that adds nothing whatsoever to my experience beyond the feeling of even more constraints.
Make good maps, give me fun guns and demons to kill, but there is no reason to superficially put me on this journey for the gradual acquisition of power broken down into even multiple layers.
This is dumb because it ruins the overall balance of the game, making the beginning more of a nuisance than it should be while making max level feel a bit too powerful.

I've mentioned before it's not even the concepts that are irritating to me in nuDoom but rather how they are tuned, and the game as a whole for that matter.

Prankman eredeti hozzászólása:
Gameo eredeti hozzászólása:
Being hit with a single imp fireball at full hp and dying is overtuned for the sake of being harder.
It's lazy and badly design, though, but the easiest and quickest method I suppose

It’s literally impossible for an Imp fireball to one shot you. It deals a maximum of 78 damage, and your starting maximum is 100. Basic fireballs also can’t do this; it has to be the fully charged fireball that is highly telegraphed and can be prevented by staggering the Imp or stunning it or any other variety of things that kills the totally stationary Imp.

78 damage from an imp... that's what I'm saying, that's too high for an imp fireball it just makes the game have too much luck factor with the offscreen shinanigans, I feel like it's too damn high for one imp fireball anyway
This is on a non upgraded char btw, not a finished save file replay where you have everything maxed out
I know these studios have limitations, time constraints, higher ups to please and boundaries to work within and must make sacrifices and calls to fit in what they can how they can...
But since this is just discussion and we'd all like something a little different, don't you think Nightmare having about the same damage as UV does but with more demons in different places to create different threats and even the option to toggle fast monsters would be a much better experience than getting off screen one shot sniped?
See how one would be a little more fun and manageable while the other is just annoying?
Being hit with a single imp fireball at full hp and dying is overtuned for the sake of being harder.
It's lazy and badly design, though, but the easiest and quickest method I suppose
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