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2. říj. v 10.33
V tématu „Where can I watch that new awful Doom movie
I don't think total disaster even sufficiently describes how pure ♥♥♥♥ it is.
2. říj. v 10.02
V tématu „DOOM: Annihilation
There in no hope for humanity.
1. říj. v 18.22
V tématu „Where can I watch that new awful Doom movie
ahahahahah wow
ok.. that's pretty atrocious.

But still, this is straight awful too, especially for being Doom, that makes it worse.
1. říj. v 18.11
V tématu „Where can I watch that new awful Doom movie
I have not. But it can be no worse. Nothing can be worse... on par with bad, maybe. Worse, no way in hell.
I'm not even being facetious, I want a refund and I didn't spend a dime
1. říj. v 18.03
V tématu „Where can I watch that new awful Doom movie
That doesn't make the abomination any less of an abomination.
It could be the single worst excuse for a film in the history of mankind.
Pure, unadulterated, absolute garbage in every sense of the word and I'll never get those minutes of my life back.
Sitting in the corner staring at the wall with my nuts in a vice is a more enjoyable experience.
1. říj. v 17.53
V tématu „Where can I watch that new awful Doom movie
KRON původně napsal:
It can't be worse than a 2005 movie. It's just not possible.

One would think that's the case. We have been proven very very VERY wrong, however.
30. zář. v 22.50
V tématu „No DM because "it's frustrating"
There's a perfectly logical reason though, they clearly don't have the in house resources to focus on it, and we sure as hell don't need them other guys who did the 2016 MP going anywhere near this one. Ever... for any reason... ever.
Either make a legit AFPS or don't make anything at all, but certainly don't make a half ♥♥♥♥♥ AFPS with weapon loadouts like last time.
30. zář. v 16.49
V tématu „Remove Glory Kills Petition
CrucialOnPC původně napsal:
Dont fall for this guys ♥♥♥♥ lol. He's got other petitions about this game. He's either a troll or just whiny ♥♥♥♥ing cry baby that wants literally everything his way or he'll whine.

Unless his objective is clearly working and you're just proof of it... Imma go with that one
30. zář. v 16.47
V tématu „No DM because "it's frustrating"
Unless it was created by the people who created the ♥♥♥♥♥how of a MP in 2016.
Then it doens't matter if it's not there, because it sucks anyway.

Throw a real AFPS in there and I'm all about it, otherwise, who cares.
I'll have more fun in 2v1 than 2016's crap
30. zář. v 6.43
V tématu „DOOM: Annihilation
Well I did warn you..
29. zář. v 10.53
V tématu „Will DOOM eternal have Denuvo?
HandsomeJack původně napsal:
but thats completly wrong that Denuvo has no effect versus piracy. It that was just slightly true, dont you think that the game companies would know by now? they spend a lof of money looking into this, and probably a lot more than you used to before writing that comment. .

I can't even
29. zář. v 10.51
V tématu „What's with all this Glory Kills Hatred?
Just that the game revolves around them for the most part.
29. zář. v 10.49
V tématu „I love Doom but...
It's not like we don't have a realistic idea about how things are going to play out...
If you think anything is going to be substantially different than 2016 then you will probably be sorely mistaken.
Only differences I've been able to make out is new design, dodging and that hookshot.
28. zář. v 11.25
V tématu „Will DOOM eternal have Denuvo?
28. zář. v 11.13
V tématu „Will DOOM eternal have Denuvo?
Your entire post was wrong.
Every word of it in fact.
28. zář. v 10.48
V tématu „Remove Glory Kills Petition
Not exactly a hard thing to predict around here lol
Let people yap about whatever they want, I don't understand why it bother some of you so much.
Not like there's any death threats or anything going on...
28. zář. v 10.43
V tématu „does this use denuvo keylogger
^ That's why I believe they buy a certain number in bulk for cheap and have to use X amount under contractual obligation.
They want it for some titles and just shoehorn it into others...
Makes sense anyway
28. zář. v 10.36
V tématu „Will DOOM eternal have Denuvo?
They did it for 2016 I don't see why it would be different for Eternal.
And as you said yourself, backlash got the bethy account requirement neutered for classic.
This really isn't a problem we should have to deal with in the first place though.
How many times does DRM have to be proven to fail before they just stop
28. zář. v 10.33
V tématu „Will DOOM eternal have Denuvo?
Steam should make a ruling, that if we buy games that have denuvo, they get cracked and don't remove it, we are all entitled to a refund no matter how long it took.
Refunds hurt their pocketbooks, lack of sales are just lack of sales.
That'll show em
28. zář. v 10.30
V tématu „Will DOOM eternal have Denuvo?
We know id will remove it though, or at least have reasonable belief that they will.
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