New South Wales, Australia
trading isn't a priority for me, don't expect an immediate response

PC specs:
Total Fat - 3.2g
Saturated Fat - 0.7g
Polyunsaturated Fat - 1.6g
Monounsaturated Fat - 0.6g
Trans Fat - 0g
Cholesterol - 0mg
Sodium - 491mg
Potassium - 115mg
Total Carbohydrate - 49g
Dietary Fiber - 2.7g
Sugar - 5g

Phat3756 : mann up lady

SQU1RRELLY : phat ur using the weakest minigun
Phat3756 : what
SQU1RRELLY : natascha is super weak
Phat3756 : change

Uncle Marine: Thanks for ruining the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ price of meet the medic which has better effect then the ♥♥♥♥♥♥ ghastly ghost which is more overpriced,hope you get abused

Rooby Persints : you treid

cabralouca123 : im buy crit potions
cabralouca123 : ?

cabralouca123 : i dont heave money ;(

Shock95 : also why is there a sniper on our team
Shock95 : this is mvm not casuak

Jarool : you gonna move that tele entrance to spawn or are we just gonna walk all the way
Shock95 : where do you want me to put it

deal: You ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ greedy people donkey head and freak poor nut
You don't even have human's heart u ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ idiot fat nerd society loser

guts: Not gonna lie dude, I wanted to buy it for 45 keys, but when I asked if you couldn't go lower and you said no, you know having a 2000$ inventory and mind having 10$ dollars is just too ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ jew, good luck selling it.

Salted Bread: You ruin the encomy

Kit Carson : ah man now I'm starvin
Booigi : same
Mokky : don't starve together

火車問題 : this ping makes me lag
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Currently being impersonated. This is my only account that I use for trading.
Please don't ask me to add you. Would be preferred if you add me (or just send an offer instead).

My classified listings [backpack.tf]

Everything that is for sale is listed here. This way you don't have to ask me what is for sale.
I don't do tradebacks. Please make sure you're happy with a trade before you offer.

Please don't ask if my price is negotiable if you're just gonna ask me to go lower regardless of my answer anyways, I'm just gonna block people that do that from now on.

VAC Ban:
VAC ban is from hosting modded lobbies in Modern Warfare 2. I do not use cheats, and I never will.

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Have a nice week! :mrprar1::mrprar2::mrprar3::mrprar4:
bird gaming Mar 21 @ 5:22pm 
i have an unusual now, lemme knwo if you want to trade
Simp for Alea Mar 5 @ 5:48am 
+rep. easy to work with and very chill dude.
Cuppy (SENTROS FAN) Feb 15 @ 6:47pm 
+rep. Friendly and nice trader
The Bastard Feb 5 @ 3:26pm 
+rep nice, fast trader
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+rep nice guy