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Personal Achievements

Because Good Is Dumb

Complete the Evil path

Good Lord!

Complete the Good path

Policy Wonk

Complete the Sim Campaign


Complete the Conquest Trail

Architect of the Year Award

Place at least one of every building type in the game

Role Call

Recruit all Barracks troops in a game

Band of Others

Recruit all Mercenary Camp troops in a game

Computer Tamer

Win 10 Skirmish Games vs. A.I.
0 / 10

No Country for Old A.I.

Win 50 Skirmish Games vs. A.I.
11 / 50

Lord Conquerer

Win 10 Multiplayer Games
0 / 10

I Had This On CD-ROM!!

Win 50 Multiplayer Games
6 / 50

Party Like It's 999

Hold the Largest Feast Size

Do the crime, do the time.

Use Every Punishment Building in a Game

Death From Over There

Win a Skirmish or Multiplayer Game, Recruiting only Ranged Troops

Just Charge It

Win a Skirmish or Multiplayer Game, Recruiting only Melee Troops

Guess Who's On Our Side?

Win a Skirmish or Multiplayer Game, Recruiting only Monks


Recruit all Siege Equipment in a game

Rat Kablooie

Kill 10,000 Rats
9,900 / 10,000

Dung Battle

Collect 1000 Gong
950 / 1,000

Saturday Knight

Attend 100 Jousting Tournaments
90 / 100

Meat and Greet

Hold 100 Feasts
90 / 100

Overstudious Understudy

Attend 100 Plays
90 / 100

Golden Rule

Accumulate 10,000 Gold in one game

Larder Lover

Accumulate 1,000 Granary Food in one game

Elite Meat

Accumulate 250 Royal Food in one game

Locally Grown

Build 50 staple food Farm Buildings in one game

Let Us Eat Cake

Build 25 Royal Food Buildings in one game

My Kingdom Makes Me Hoarse

Your Lord Dies

Lupus Minimus

Kill 50 Wolves in one game

Heirs Apparent

The Lord Gets Married!

For Your Health!

Consume 1,000 Ale in one game. (It's cleaner than the water)

A.I. Is No Match for I

Win 200 Skirmish Games Vs. A.I.
51 / 200

I Have No Equals and Don't Play the Sequels

Win 200 Multiplayer Games!
51 / 200