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Jun 1, 2018 @ 7:32am
In topic How to make more Heart lore
Originally posted by Feayr:
From there, you can use Contentment as an influence alongside your Heart 6 Lore to upgrade any believers you have into Disciples, and just your Heart 6 lore or a Heart 4 + Contentment to upgrade your Heart followers into disciples.

Could you give a slow, detailed explanation on the cultist upgrade thing? Nothing I've tried so far worked, so I'd be grateful for a heads-up.
Jun 1, 2018 @ 7:28am
In topic Expedition stuck in a continous loop
I assume you need a specific type of cultist to overcome the door (probably forge or lantern, the text usually gives a hint).
Sadly, I have absolutely no effing idea on how to train a cultist beyond the initial initiation. I know that different types exist, and there's achievements for maxing them out, but that's about it.
Jun 1, 2018 @ 7:22am
In topic [Solved]Resources/stats going missing
I went from 5 passion to 0 in about 5 minutes flat. (And before someone complains, GoG user here, so no mouse icon). It seems that some activities that are supposed to exhaust passion (like recruiting followers) simply eat the cards in question. Seeing that this hasn't happened before and seeing how awfully difficult it is to raise stats, I have to assume it's a bug and not intentional. Health loss gets a big fanfare and recovery option, while this just went quietly...
Jun 1, 2018 @ 7:15am
In topic Bug on Map
You are supposed to pick a card there (1 is visible, the other 2 are hidden until you select one, THEN drag and drop that card one the "gate" (there are several on that map) you came through. This will take you back to the main board.

Love the game to pieces, but the UI could do with a bit of explanation.
Jan 21, 2018 @ 1:44pm
In topic Cuddlefish immunity
I've lost two of them so far. So, no, they're squishy as hell. First one got killed by a biter, the second one disappeared when I remodeled my base. Funny thing, that, as the jellyray I released at the same time still hangs around my base.
It's a bit of a shame that you can only interact with them properly after releasing them into the wild, as they're rare and terribly prone to get lost or eaten.
Jun 4, 2017 @ 1:07pm
In topic Fatal Crash Bug on D3
The bug is also present in the GoG version. (I own both). Please do update the build there, too.
Originally posted by gentlemanintacta:
Originally posted by Squidcake:
Privilege of being the bad guys i'm afraid. Good guys don't build planet-destroying orbital lasers.

Drat, do you, or anyone else here know of a Sci-Fi game where you can create a superweapon capable of obliterating celestial bodies (such as planets).

Space Empires had that part down to an artform. There was a research branch dedicated to stellar dismemberment, and one of the first things in there was a planet buster torpedo. The crowning achievement was "kill the system, everything in it, all the planets and moons, the sun, and THEN turn the whole shebang into a nebula or black hole to screw with interstellar navigation". And then reverse the process for sh*t and giggles.

Mechanically, it's still a nice 4x game, but it looks awfully, awfully dated right now. SE IV was probably the best of the bunch, and doesn't make your eyes bleed like the early 3D-stuff in SE V.
May 29, 2017 @ 9:24am
In topic I'm obviously not playing this game right...
Originally posted by Captain_Brian:

"I would like your game a lot more if it was totally different from the existing product, included features as of yet unimplemented by any space game on the market, and I want that as a free content patch."

Seriously, there's "Let's improve what we have" and then there's "I want a Pony! NOW!"
Apr 16, 2017 @ 11:40pm
In topic How to do the Scan: A Foreign Agent in The Fault
There's a crack in the rocks to the east, leading into a cave with a stranded robot. The actual scannable thing is quite a bit off from the icon's position on the map.
Apr 14, 2017 @ 4:54pm
In topic How to get bots to follow you?
You need a certain kind of hacking module/gun for it, which needs to go into one of your 2 weapon slots (IIRC the first one is called "Phreaker" and unlocks pretty early). Then zap a friendly with it to get him to follow you, and hold RMB and leftclick to send your posse somewhere.

There's an upper limit to the number of bots that will follow you (2/3/4, depending on the hacking module level) and you need to outrank the bots, i.e. have a higher level than them.
Apr 13, 2017 @ 4:09pm
In topic what do you do with the rolling data things???
According to the lore booklet, they're rather simple exploration drones, dumped en-masse on planets and hooked up to the network. It's basically a bunch of sensors rolling around the planet. Game-wise, they're ambience, no deeper functions, similar to the Mantabirds.
Apr 13, 2017 @ 3:48pm
In topic Really Like the Idea however
There's 3 types of bots in the game, basically. The common, two-legged types, the flyers, and a four-legged type that guards some key installations as you progress through the game. 4, if you count the auto-turret pods that fall from orbit every once in a while, but they're immobile.

As for the slots, it's a tradeoff. You either get your posse of robo-buddies, or a second gun. Most of the time, I found the extra gun to be far more useful, but YMMV.
Apr 13, 2017 @ 3:38pm
In topic Addon? Sequel? DLC?
Hm, might be a bit of a problem, lore wise. I'd suggest finishing the game first.

Terribly spoily spoilers ahead:

Once you're done with the plot, either the planet's surface has been turned into molten slag, or the network you are riding on has been irredeemably corrupted by the signal. In both cases, it would require either a completely new setting (which is sequel territory), or a retcon of the entire story to keep going. I don't see the latter happen with all the effort they put into the worldbuilding.

The Zealots are robotic nutcases that spent FAR too many clock cycles contemplating their electronic navels and as such wouldn't make for a good story. They practically worship the planet in it's entirety and would probably make a shrine out of it. You could make a "get off my planet" campaign out of it, but that's basically "conquer all the bunkers and pick off the stragglers". Call of Tölva - Robotic Warfare anyone?

The bandits are opportunistic raiders. Not much plot potential, as Tölva contains nothing that would be really valuable. It's a curiosity in a backwater area, only interesting because the Zealots are so interested in it. You already cover that angle in the standard campaign.

You could probably expand the map and throw some extra bits of lore in there, but that's risking that the game will overstay it's welcome, mechanically. We had another thread going where some randomization and customization of starting positions and enemy strength/behaviour was suggested, but even that wouldn't really make for an amazing second or third playthrough.

It's a nice, self-contained experience, much akin to a decent novel. But it would require a sequel proper set in the same universe to make more of the background.
Fiddling with the base game beyond some quality of life stuff and bugfixing seems like a waste of time to me. It's a one-trick pony, even if the trick is pretty good, as you have noticed.

In a way, the game reminds me of Fran Bow. An awesome ride through an absolutely amazing setting, with rather unique visuals and highly entertaining while it lasts. But sadly, once you're through, the story is told and there's little reason to go through it again.
Not sure if vehicles would even make sense here. The map isn't that big, there's little reason to backtrack once you've cleared out a place, and it would get in the way of what little gunplay there is. You'd either need to make them destructible and armed (which seems like wasting a lot of resources to waste on what is basically a novelty item), or you don't and it's "Get bent, ya gormless zealot tincans! I'm outta here!"

The walking speed feels slow and pondering (might be related to being a stompy metal bot, not a graceful ballerina...), but then again, even WITH the slow pondering gait, the game is what, 6-8 hours tops? Speed this up and you cut the gametime down even further. IMHO, the slow tromping gives you time to take in the landscape, zipping around like a cheetah on speed might lead to missing half of the stuff.

Coop Multiplayer...well, besides the fact that the guns aren't balanced one iota (there's basically 3 "tiers" of guns, each outclassing the lower one. And there's not enough "money" without grinding robots to buy all of them, either), and the gunplay isn't that hot to begin with. It's adequately done, yeah, but seeing that one player can already wipe the floor with an entire zealot base with a bit of the old cover abuse, you'd prolly need an army to keep 4-5 players entertained at the same time. This would probably get old fast.

PVP...hahahaha...No. Just No. The map doesn't really lend itself to anything creative without a major gameplay redesign (basically, fighting over resources for upgrades or something similar, unless you want simple deathmatch, which is something about 2000 games out there already do and do better than this one...).
You'd need to redo the entire equipment section for PVP rebalance, and even then...why not go play something that was designed with proper open-world PVP in mind instead of shoehorning it into a game that was clearly NOT build around the idea?
I like the visuals and think the guns sound great. But that's nothing you can build a sensible PVP mode around.

I'd rather like to see some setup options like You, Sir, Are Being Hunted had, basically allowing to adjust gameplay like bunker attack frequency, general enemy behaviour, spawn rates and similar things. It's a shame that the map is fixed, but maybe you could shuffle starting positions and mission locations around a bit. I actually expected something of a 3-way-war from the description text of the game, but what I got was "low intensity skirmishing" in most places. And even IF some other faction bots decided to join an existing firefight, they would faultlessly do so from BEHIND me, shooting me in the back while I was preoccupied taking potshots at tincans.

(And before any of you chaps take offense at the lack of a mouse icon: GoG version here.)
Apr 12, 2017 @ 4:40am
In topic Story confusion (nothing but spoilers ahead)
The lore booklet that's been included with the game explains a lot.

Basically, this is a post-apocalypse universe, as far as humans are concerned, where humanity was first eclipsed by the machines they build, and then cut down to size, isolated and relegated to obsolescence. The machines who once had formed a network have splintered into factions, still connected through the net, but no longer acting in unison.

Humans are treated like pests...tolerated unless they get in the way, eradicated when the become a nuisance/capable of interstellar travel. Some machine factions treat them more benevolently than others. There's also the issue of a few human minds still trapped in the network (basically, they're infomorphs who lost their bodies during the purges).

From what I can muster, you're either one of those, or a human hooked up through a link. Doesn't matter that much. You can basically follow the clues, realize that the zealots are a lot more bonkers than you'd first think (and by jove, they're already nutcases as far as most machine factions are concerned), and then go blow up the planet to save the status quo...

...or you transmit the weird ancient signal to the network, basically screwing over all of the machine factions in one fell swoop.

(basically, either trigger the bomb on the top right corner of the map, or enter the bright chamber on the northern center. Both are shut off with a psionic zone you need to cross, and both get marked on the map.

The weird spaces are there just to show you that something is wrong™ on Tölva. It seems the signal itself is a corrupting influence to the network and the machines even in its "inert" state.
Apr 11, 2017 @ 1:04pm
In topic Tenko?
While we're at the subject of Tenkos...

Is there any recommended type of mitama to assign to them?

At first glance, they don't seem to use the specials at all. I've tried support and healing, with little success. Either I'm missing the visual cues (admittingly, I'm rather busy shoving melee implements into monster limbs, so I might have overseen them...) or they don't use them at all. Can't tell. Regale me with stories how the annoyingly cute little fuzzball saved your but, or verify that they're a waste of expensive foodstuffs. I'd like to hear some experiences.

For my part, I've seen them charging suicidally into the nearest oni several times, but their combat prowess in general leaves a lot to be desired. They're great at cleaning up piles of body parts, though.
Apr 10, 2017 @ 8:59am
In topic Sableblade & Nightblade gear
Nope. They're ruins only, and the drop rates for monster parts in those are indeed appalling.

There are easier ways to farm decent equipment, those seem to be a prestige thing, mostly.
Apr 9, 2017 @ 3:28pm
In topic how do i set up my xbox controller
Well, the game recognized my xbox-controller by default, no fiddling or drivers required.
Windows 10, bog-standard xbox controller connected via USB. *shrugs*

Funny enough, there are no controller options in-game or in the launcher. There's an option to remap the keyboard, and that's about it. If the game doesn't recognize the controller, I'd assume it might be a driver issue or something iffy with the operating system.
Apr 9, 2017 @ 3:20pm
In topic Need help on Platoon Armor
Reforges use the same parts as the original armor, but from "expert" difficulty oni and map drops instead. Check the original armor components, then find the expert version of the involved critters and/or collectibles.

While you could just make the high-level version from scratch, reforge uses far less materials. Since Multi-Purpose Stones can't be used to substitute materials on anything from tier 4+, it's usually the preferred way to go.
Apr 8, 2017 @ 4:20am
In topic Tenko customization
It's a bit iffy. You can have up to 7, and you pick up more of them by doing joint events, but not every event nets you a tenko. Also, they hang around your house, but I can't recall seeing more than 4 of them at once. Which four seems to be random upon returning to the village, and might prevent you from picking a specific tenko at times.

It's even more so annoying as you can "share" a mitama with them once the relationship hits 3 hearts, and then realizing that the bloody critter is nowhere to be found when you need it.

On an unrelated side note: Both Manazuru and Kamuna do emotes when you praise the Tenko. It's pretty hilarious to watch.
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