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I will not accept private profiles or 0 level profiles.
Dont try to scam me, i know every scam in the book.
Be nice to me, and ill be nice to you.

And also, dont be this guy:


Knife history

Bayonet Stained (ft)
Karambit scorched (bs)
Flip knife forest-ddpat (mw)
Gut knife urban masked (ft)
★ StatTrak™ Flip knife case hardened (bs)
M9 Safari mesh (ft)
Buttefly knife forest-ddpat (mw)
★ StatTrak™ Karambit forest-ddpat(ft)
M9 bayonet boreal forest (ft)
Flip knife fade (fn)
Karambit stained (mw)
Bayonet blue steel (mw)
Karambit blue steel (bs)
M9 bayonet forest-ddpat (ft)
Flip knife case hardened (bs)
Huntsman knife stained (ft)
Bayonet safari mesh (bs)
Huntsman knife boreal forest (Ft)
Butterfly knife forest-ddpat (ft)
Flip knife fade (fn)
Original Karambit
Karambit urban masked (ft)
Huntsman knife stained (ft)
M9 Bayonet forest-ddpat (bs)
Huntsman knife fade (fn)
M9 Bayonet Slaughter (Ft)
Karambit Stained (Bs)
Flip knife Boreal forest (ft)
Karambit Boreal Forest (ft)
Butterfly knife case hardened (ww)
Karambit Slaughter (ft)
M9 Blue Steel (ww)
Karambit Night (ft)
Karambit Blue steel (bs)
M9 Blue Steel (ft)
Karambit Stained (ft)
M9 Blue Steel (ft)
Karambit Stained (ft)
Bayonet Slaughter (ft)
★ StatTrak™ Bayonet Stained (mw)
Butterfly knife Blue Steel(mw)
Bayonet Damascus steel(mw)
Karambit Stained(ft)
Flip knife Tiger tooth(fn)
Karambit (Vanilla)
★ StatTrak™ Karambit Case hardened(ww)
M9 Bayonet slaughter(mw)
Bayonet tiger tooth(fn)
Huntsman knife stained(ft)
Karambit (vanilla)
M9 tiger tooth(fn)
Falchion knife stained(bs)
Karambit tiger tooth(fn)
M9 bayonet slaughter(mw)
Karambit blue steel(ww)
Bayonet slaughter(mw)
M9 bayonet blue steel(ft)
Flip knife fade(fn)
Flip damascus steel(mw)
Bayonet crimson web(ft)
M9 Bayonet vanilla
Karambit vanilla
Karambit blue steel(mw)
Bayonet tiger tooth(fn)
Bayonet slaughter(fn)
Butterfly knife boreal forest(ft)
Huntsman knife stained(ft)
Karambit vanilla(mw)
Shadow daggers slaughter(fn)
M9 Bayonet doppler(fn)
Karambit slaughter(fn)
M9 vanilla
Karambit tiger tooth(fn)
Karambit fade(fn)
Falchion knife vanilla
Huntsman knife vanilla
Karambit vanilla
M9 Bayonet vanilla
Flip knife fade(fn)
Butterfly knife blue steel(mw)
Bayonet damascus steel(ft)
M9 Bayonet stained(ft)
Karambit stained(ft)
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☜Maybach'☞ Jan 3 @ 4:34am 
who is going to watch a movie of kid named Boxman lol
OLC Sep 30, 2016 @ 7:02pm 
boxman, you son of a bitch
OLC Sep 22, 2016 @ 11:45am 
yo Boxman, If you're not scripting can you give me bhop lessons? I'm kidding. It's obvious.
OLC Jul 8, 2016 @ 12:22pm 

Highlight the numbers
Press Ctrl + F
Then press 9
OLC Jun 11, 2016 @ 3:08pm