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In Demon Hunter 4: Riddles of Light you travel back to Ancient Egypt to rescue your aunt who has been abducted by Seth, the most dangerous of all the Gods.

The Story

As a promising young demon hunter, you (Lily) follow your Aunt Dawn to Egypt to uncover a mystery when an ancient artifact shows up at your door (the Gauntlet of Horus) along with a cryptic message. While in Egypt your Aunt gets abducted and it is up to you to follow through a portal to Ancient Egypt to get her back and stop the evil Seth who took her.

Game-play & Features

Puzzles are your usual find in a hidden object game but given the Egyptian theme they involve scarabs and hieroglyphs. The puzzles are usually easy and lean towards hidden object scenes, and environmental interactions.

The graphics are dated but this game is from 2018 and given its age it holds up nicely in most parts.

In the menu for the Collector’s Edition you have your usual finds, a “More” tab that features settings, achievements, and credits. Extras you can unlock through playing the game include wallpapers, concept art, music, cutscenes, mini games and hidden object puzzles to replay. And as always a bonus chapter unlocks for you to play once the main story is completed. Difficulty settings are your usual; Casual, Advanced, Expert or Custom.

I found the collectables easy to find and the achievements not difficult to achieve.

Overall Experience

I adore the hogs published by Artifex Mundi more than any other for this genre, even if the games are dated and older. They always put the extras into their games that a lot of today's hogs are missing. Like a map you can fast travel from area to area, a glowing indicator in game that shows collectables are available to be found in each scene and the fact there are collectables to find to begin with.

They also have achievements and trading cards if you're one of those who enjoy those elements (like myself). It is just a shame that Artifex no longer puts their current games on Steam.

That being said, this game in the series is probably the weakest in terms of actual story and the puzzles were too easy. If you're a veteran of these games you might find it bland and just lackluster overall. I personally did not have any issues with crashing or misclicks as some other reviewers have mentioned. And for myself I had no glitches in-game or broken mini games.

My experience overall was pretty smooth and uneventful. I did play as well in windowed mode and not full screen as on wide screen the older games don’t hold up as well and look stretched or blurry at full size. I also use Windows 10.

I do recommend this game but on a steep sale. For a hidden object game it is not bad overall, just not as good as the previous games in the series. Thankfully Artifex Mundi games go on sale quite often and I would grab it at that point for some mindless fun or for the younger hog fans. ✨

Thank you to my wonderful friend for such a thoughtful gift, getting to this one a bit late trudging through my backlog.

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